What is protection against internet hoaxes?

In this digital world, we are facing exponential growth of the incidents caused by internet hoaxes around the Globe. Whether you live in the USA, INDIA, JAPAN, or Australia, we all need protection against internet hoaxes.

So, in this article, we are going to learn the methods through which we can protect ourselves against internet hoaxes?

What are internet hoaxes?

Internet hoaxes are false news, Virus attack, malware attacks, adware, phishing attacks and many more. This also includes fake news spread across social media, Whatsapp like massaging tools, or geopolitical propaganda videos.

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Internet hoaxes can cause communal violence, loss of sensitive data, Blackmailing, and many more. The primary reason behind the internet hoaxes is the bigger Geo-political game played between countries.

For Example:-

  1. When Joe Biden become president of USA after Donald Trump. There was massive violence in the capital of USA. The primary reason for this violence was Internet Hoaxes.
  2. When Donald Trump arrived in my beloving country India. There was massive violence in the capital of INDIA. The primary reason for this was internet hoaxes.

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What do Internet Hoaxes include?

In this section of this article, we are going to try to learn “what do internet hoaxes include?”. So, some of the internet hoaxes are listed below in a very detailed manner:

False News:

According to me, false news is most dangerous in respect of other internet hoaxes. As false news can break a country, spread war, create communal violence, and many more. It is well-known to all of us it is the biggest and most capable weapon through which a country can win against other countries.

IT’s a part of 5-gen warfare. Countries like China, and Pakistan widely use false news to propagate propaganda against us.

Virus Attack:

A computer virus is nothing but a program to corrupt the computer of the receiver, ask for money, show ads, spy, and many more.

How to stay protected against internet hoaxes?

In this section, we will try to learn the technique to stay protected against internet Hoaxes. Some of these techniques are listed below:

Security Update

The root cause for every internet Hoaxes on our computer is a bug present in the codes of the software or app you are using on your computer.

For Example:

Window 7 has more than 500+ publically known issues in its root code.

Many of using pirated software on our computers. This pirated software is the primary source of internet hoaxes on our computers.

Use Hard to Guess Password

Do you know that more than 80% of the password used across websites are vulnerable respect to internet Hoaxes? These passwords are like (Name)[email protected], (Name)123, 123456789, and many others.

The basic cause of the security issues on our devices is password Breach.

So, always 2AF apps to generate and login into your account including mail, social media websites, or any other.

Don’t Share Administrator Account

Don’t trust anyone. We often give our computers to family, friends or any other. There might be a chance he/ she downloaded a duplicate software that can cause harm to your computer or he/she intentionally installed spyware into the computer.

How to solve these issues—

To save yourself from this type of internet hoaxes, you should give him a guest user account from your account. Thus, you saved yourself from potential internet hoaxes.

Enable Firewall

This turns out important if you have a regular internet connection. This comes into play “When an intruder tries to enter into your computer.” The firewall of your desktop will reject the bad type of connection coming to your computer.

Use Antivirus

If you download files a lot on your computer or you use your Pendrive a lot on your computer. Then, this comes into play as before saving or processing files the Antivirus is used to scan the file. If there is a Virus or anything thing harmful present in your drive. The anti-virus will alert you. Thus, you are safe from potential internet Hoaxes attacks.


Almost every government and Big tech company across the world use to track its citizens in the name of security and personalization. To stay safe from the government, we should always stay relaxed from these types of issues you always need to stay connected to the VPN.

I personally use Surfshark as a VPN for all of my devices.

Update Your Web Browser

In JAN 2022, an Alert from the cyber security team across said users to update the chrome as they found a back door in Google chrome.

Almost every type of software, you use has this type of issue. So, to keep safe away digital assets from internet Hoaxes attacks. You need to use an updated browser.

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