Tips – How to set up Internet without Coaxial Cable?

Want to set up the internet in your house or office without coaxial cables?

If yes, then, you are in the best place, in this article, we are going to discuss the procedure to connect to the internet without a coaxial cable.

In our past articles, we discussed “how we set up ethernet in the next room?”, and some articles on “how to improve internet speed.

Wi-Fi Router Without a Cable!

This often happens to me when I shift from my old flat to the new flat. Many Flats that have been built 5 to 10 years before don’t have inbuilt co-axial cable installations.

One more case may happen to you “You bought an Internet package from AT&T, Spectrum, Xfinity Internet, or any other that doesn’t offer co-axial cable for ethernet set up inside your home”. This case is the most probable cause that let you read this article in front of you guys.

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So, let’s start the detailed discussion:

Methods to setup Internet Without co-axial cable:

How to set up Internet without Coaxial Cable?

During our detailed analysis, we find lots of methods that can help people to install the Internet Without co-axial cable. Some of these methods are discussed below in a very elaborated fore:

Wi-Fi Routers With SIM Card Integration:

This is the best solution for you guys while searching for a solution on “How to set up Internet without Coaxial Cable?”.

Why do I say this? – Question might arise in front of you guys.

In India, When Jio launched – They use to sell JIFI(In-pocket Modem) to expand its footprint in INDIA.This low-cost device lets faster adaptation of 5g in India.

So, in America, you should try a wifi router or in-pocket modem that works on Sim cards. Due to the sim card, wifi will get connected to your device without any wire.

This also helps you to decrease the installation charge and data-connectivity issue you use face when you change your room or when you go upstairs.

How does it Work?

Your modem or router simply talks to your ISP provider (internet company) through wireless signals in place of coaxial cables.

However, this method will increase your latency – From 20ms to 80 to 100ms.

Connecting a Wi-Fi Router via Another Wi-Fi Router:

This case is for those who wanted to install a wifi-router in a house where there is an active installation of a modem is already available.

For Example:

You have an ethernet connection with the router available in a room and you want to same internet in another room without any extra internet connection. Then, you can connect one router to another router through wifi.

This router to a router internet connection will let you decrease your internet speed by 35%.

Moca: MoCA (Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance)

MOCA is also a coaxial cable that was widely used to deliver d2h service to the user’s home.

In place of a new coaxial cable, you can use a MOCA cable. The function of both cables is almost the same and can transfer 100mbps of data connection.

However, the internet transfer speed you get is somewhat slow. As the maximum speed of data transfer is 100mbps.

Fibre optic: My Best Method

If you want more reliable connectivity at a higher speed of internet in comparison to the coaxial cable. Then, it is the best solution for you. The internet transfer speed of fibre can go up to 100gbps.

This high speed will let you sustain your internet connectivity at any bandwidth.

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