Popads/PopAds.net Review: Tricks And Technics to Earn More

PopAds Review

PopAds is tab-under, tab-up, pop-under, Pop-up ads network. PopAds serve General as well as Adult content. Popads is A Master or Supreme in These type of Ads Technology.

What’s SPECIAL in PopAds:-

Under our review of PopAds we find different and Unique silent feature for Advertiser as well as publisher. Let’s see where PopAds/popads.net is Unique.

Publisher of PopAds:-

Under our review of PopAds we find these special features for publisher of PopAds:-

  1. Offer Liberal Terms:- under our PopAds review, we find PopAds does not require any traffic to get inrolled.
  2. Super Fast Payment:- Get paid within 24 hour, by the PayPaL, AlertPay or wire transfer.
  3. Real time reporting:- Under PopAds review we find that PopAds reporting is up to 6 hour delay.
  4. Offer Ads Rate control to the Publisher’s
  5. Offer how many Ads shown per 24 hour.
  6. Offer daily, NET30, NET60 payment terms
  7. Offer Support under 24hours.

Advertiser of PopAds:-

Under PopAds review, we find these special terms for PopAds:-

  1. No Risk:- Advertiser can offer any time payment. Thus, you have any risk on advertiser.
  2. Advertiser has its own control to the Ads rate.
  3. Ads are safe, Ads are serve under HTTPS.
  4. Advertiser have control on quality and quality, over Ads.
  5. Payment to PopAds are done By PayPaL, AlertPay, Wire Transfer.

How to Use PopAds

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Under our PopAds review we find three method to use the the PopAds. The Method are different for all three works as like 

  • Advertising on PopAds
  • Publishing on PopAds

SO, LET START THE METHOD to enhance our viewers to whether get admited to PopAds network or not..

How to Advertise from PopAds

Under Our PopAds review we find that PopAds we find under PopAds console or Advertiser Panel we find Dashboard, Ongoing campaigns, New Campaign, Reports, Inventory, Token Details and knowledge Base.

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Under PopAds review, we find that DashBoard of PopAds contains Ads spending, total balance remain and active campaigns available to the website.

Ongoing Campaign of The PopAds

Under Our PopAds review Your Campaign section contains the Ongoing campaigns section Run By the Advertiser.


From PopAds review, we find Under Campaigns section of PopAds we find how user can run A new Campaigns.

Report section of Popads

From PopAds review, we find Under Report section, the report of Ads run by The user.

Inventory section of PopAds

From PopAds review, we find Under inventory section we find how many Ads slot are available to each country, average bids, maximmum bids and minimum bids of the advertiser.

PopAds for publisher :-

Under PopAds review, User have a look for Dashboard, Report, Websites, New Website code generator, Troubleshooter,Report Abuse, Knowledge Base, DMCA.

How to get Register to PopAds network:-


Under our PopAds network we find this method to get register to PopAds network by following methods:-

  • Get sign up To http://www.popads.net 
  • Go to New Website section.
  • You will get approved with in 24hour.
  • After getting approved to PopAds, you will go to code generator.
  • Generate code and get admited to Generate code

CPC/CPM offer by popads:-

Actually Popads/popads.net works only on CPM methodology. These CPM vary on tier of country on which we are sending to the Popads. These are actually irrelevant or unpredictable for new users to tell what the Cpm they offers to the WEBMASTER.

You Will Get A Better disclosure in the Above Link.

Alternative of Popads/Popads.net:-

There are many type of alternative of POPADS/POPADS.net Network. Some of the alternative Ads Network are listed Below:-

  1. Popcash
  2. Popunderzone
  3. Adcash
  4. Bidvertiser
  5. HillTop Ads

Introduction to Popcash:-

PopCash Review
PopCash Review

PopCash is a advertising network that enables publishers to make money from popcash publisher ads network. Useful features such as a 10-minute registration procedure and a payment program make it easy to earn on the platform on sites of any size. PopCash also provides 24/7 support via email and Skype as well as an easy-to-use self-service interface. In addition, a referral program of Popcash is available to provide the site that referred to them with 10% of the revenues of a new publisher.

Introduction to Popunderzone:-

Popunderzone Review
Popunderzone Review

Popunderzone is a dedicated network of pop-under ads. It provides publishers with high-quality monetization solutions and advertisers with highly effective publicity solutions.

Introduction to Adcash:-

ADCASH review
Adcash review

With over 10 years in the matter of serving advertisements to adapt sites, Adcash has been refining their calculations and putting resources into R&D for a long time. Situated in Estonia and working far and wide, they are outfitted to a great extent towards diversion and gaming content.

Adcash’s in-house improvement innovation coordinates your traffic with top notch request. Subsequently, you can be certain that they will demonstrate the most important promotions to your group of spectators and keep them locked in.

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Introduction to Bidvertiser:-

Bidvertiser logo

Bidvertiser is a Israel based ads network that focus on self serve platform That connect Publisher as well as Advertiser. Bidvertiser serves Approx 78522 website, 459188236 ads serves on the 196+ countries with 1599922 ads conversation.

Introduction to Hilltop ads:-

HillTop Ads
HillTop Ads

HilltopAds is a world one of the most popular advertising network that helps to facilitate a reciprocally profitable and satisfying relationship between advertisers and publishers by serving ads to legitimate websites victimisation leading edge good technical school solutions on their advertising platform.

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Popunderzone Review: CPM, CTR, CPV and Requiments

Popunderzone is a dedicated network of pop-under ads. It provides publishers with high-quality monetization solutions and advertisers with highly effective publicity solutions.

During popunderzone review we find popunderzone offers publishers high eCPM. They mainly offer eCPM for publishers between $ 1 and $ 15 based on the quality of their website. This network offers high quality content controlled ads in addition to the high eCPM, which enhances CTR on publishers ‘ websites, leading to increased earnings for them.

Popunderzone Requiments:


The best part is that POPUNDERZONE network has no minimum traffic requirements for publishers, so it is possible for even small publishers to join this network. They also accept all niche websites including websites for adults and therefore publishers can use any niche website.

All publisher websites are quickly reviewed and most of the websites approved. The only requirement for publishers is to comply with their terms and conditions on your website. During their working days, all websites can be reviewed within 1 hour and up to 12 hours during the weekends. In general, POPUNDEEZONE quickly review all websites of publishers, so that publishers can begin to use their services quickly without losing traffic.


POPUNDERZONE For Advertisers:

Popunderzone offers advertisers a great platform for their campaigns all over the world. This network is designed to produce great results for advertisers so that they can generate maximum ROI from their network by offering every kind of tool. Popunderzone can provide the most traffic for your campaigns to a large number of worldwide publishers. They only provide verified traffic to campaigns by advertisers which convert advertisers into better results. Since this network is a global publicity network, you can encourage your campaign anywhere in the world.

POPUNDERZONE have no very tough and quick rules and so with them you can promote any type of campaign. This network allows you to promote both your adult and non-adult campaigns. Your campaign must comply with the terms and conditions of advertisers. They also quickly examine campaigns of advertisers so that you are able to quickly set up and promote your campaigns. POPUNDERZONE review all campaigns of advertisers on weekdays within 1 hour and at weekends up to 12 hours. This network requires a minimal deposit of $ 100. PayPal allows you to add funds to your account.

Popunderzone offers advertisers a great status reporting system, where they can generate various kinds of reports based on countries, operating systems, browsers, etc. Their statistical reporting system shows all the details necessary to understand and optimize the performance of your campaigns. Popunderzone offers an excellent support to advertisers in terms of its support. They offer various support choices so that advertisers can answer all their queries quickly. They offer support on the basis of tickets, email and Skype.

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How to signup And get approved in popunderzone ads network:

During Popunderzone Review we find, the pounderzone network has no minimum traffic requirements and accepts all niche websites, so any level publisher with all niche websites can apply to join this network. You just have to fill out and submit your simple registration form to register on this network. You can then login to your account immediately, where you need to submit to review your website. You can now show their announcements on your website to earn money once they review and approve your website.

Ads Format Popunderzone Network

Popunderzone provides publishers with different ad formats that they can display on their websites in order to earn money. Pop-up ads, pop-up ads, mobile redirects and the direct link code are the ad formats provided by this network.

Popunderzone stats reporting system:

The Popunderzone provides publishers with an advanced statistics reporting system where various types of reports can be generated. You can produce reports on a country, OS, day, browser and ID as a publisher in your network. Your system of reports shows all the information you are looking for as a publisher. It shows day and feel, unparalleled feelings, earned amount and eCPM. Their reporting system also offers different filters.

Minimum Payout:

On that network the minimum payout is only $ 10, so small publishers can even reach and withdraw their income.

Payment frequency:

Popunderzone doesn’t like to wait for payment from its publishers, so they are quick to pay for it. They pay Net 7 for their publishers.

Payment Options:

Only PayPal is payable to Popunderzone publishers.

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Ecpm Offered By popunderzone:

During popunderzone review we find that popunderzone has very low as .0002$ for every 1000 ads Impression.

Payment Proof Popunderzone:

We find that popunderzone has this payment proof.

Payment Proof Popunderzone

Conclusion of popundeezone Review:

A network for publishers and advertisers

  •  No minimum requirements
  • Popunderzone accept all advertisers and publishers that meet popunderzone terms and conditions. 
  • Reporting System: Generate great reports based on countries, operating systems, browsers and more.. 
  • Deposit & Withdraw: Minimum Deposit is $10 and minimum withdraw for publishers is $1 payable via Paypal. 
  • Earn money with referralsWe are offering 5% lifetime share for each user that you bring to us and use our services.
  • Fast Approvals: advertisers campaign or website will be approve within 1 hour in our business days and up to 12h on weekends. 
  • Quality Assured: We assure great quality to all of our advertisers and high eCPM between $1 – $15 for our publishers