Link Building Strategy: White Hat V/S BLack Hat SEO

Link Building Strategy: White Hat V/S BLack Hat SEO
Link Building Strategy: White Hat V/S BLack Hat SEO

Link Building is nothing but Building Dofollw or Nofollow hyperlink from another Website pointing to your website.

what is link Building?

I have Written a good and awesome Content, but I am not getting any traffic on the page. I have done work a lot I have done Keyword research, Link Building and many more but I can’t get get any good traffic. I have used best SEO TOOLS, Plugin’s, Themes and many more but I can’t able to rank my Website for high traffic.

To increase your Links or Backlinks, we are here with Best Link Building Strategy Popularly Known as Link Building Strategy.

Types of Link Building Strategy are WHITE HAT SEO and BLACK HAT SEO. Let’s start one by one.

White Hat Seo: Rank the Web with Rules

White Hat Seo is the technique which uses to be loved by Search Engine and the Search Crawler. These are like Increase in Page Speed, Organic Link Building, Quality Content and Many More.

what is White Hat SEO?

These technique mainly on the awesome Rule, Regulation and Terms and Conditions (Guidelines) made by the marvelous search engine to Rank in Top Page or at Position #0, #1, #2 and #3. Every one this world who work for the content on the Internet want to Learn about the events and incident occours to the Internet that affect the Ranking of the Website.

Every Search Engine uses to say that Creating a Great content is the Best Method to Rank on the top.

Basic Methods of White Hat SEO:

Some of the Basic Methods of White Hat Seo are Listed below:

  • Always focus on quality content and services not on Quantity
  • Fast site loading times and mobile-friendliness (2016 Google Algorithm Update)
  • Using descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags (
  • Making your site easy to navigate (No Abusive ads or Content).

Why to use White Hat SEO?

WEBMASTER must use WHITE HAT SEO to boost your website for a long term. In the other word, we must say White Hat SEO is for Long Term Vision. If you are thinking about traffic after 2 year, then, you must Go with White Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO: Easiest Way To Rank on Web

Black Hat SEO is the technique which uses to be done against the Guidelines of the Search Engine. The Black Hat SEO mainly focus on Link Building by wrong means. These technique are usually keyword stuffing, cloaking, and using private Blogging networks(PBN).

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is the strategy to bring Search volumes through SEO done through illegal means. Black hat SEO is nothing but against the Guidelines. These unethical tactics leds to the penality (un-indexing of Websites).

Some of the Methods of Black Hat SEO:

There are too many technique of Black Hat SEO. Some of the technique are listed below:

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Cloaking (Different content between Search Engine and User)
  • Sneaky Redirects (Regular Redirect)
  • Poor Quality Content
  • Paid Links (Buy Links from other Website)
  • Abusing Structured Data/Rich Snippets
  • Blog Comment Spam
  • Link Farms
  • Private Blog Networks

How GOOGLE BERT Algorithm Update Changed SEO? [Review]

Google has update algorithm recently which is popularly known as BERT. In its blog, Google Proclaim that Now Google Understand the language better Than Before.

In today’s post, we will try to conclude how BERT changed the SEO technique. What has happened after this BERT Algorithm change till now and Upcoming future.



Before we go ahead We try to discuss, what is BERT ALGORITHM UPDATED?

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers is a technique for NLP pre-training developed by Google. BERT was created and published in 2018 by Jacob Devlin and his colleagues from Google. Google is leveraging BERT to better understand user searches. (According to WIKIPEDIA)

What is BERT?

After the penguin algorithm update in 2012, many of the spammy has gone out of the search. These Algorithm update help Google to get better Search result that will help visitors to get right result on their queries. In 2012, after the penguin update SEO method have changed dramaticaly.

As like penguin update, BERT Algorithm update will also change Website ranking dramaticaly. After BERT Algorithm update Google can feel the feelings of the queries asked by the visitors on the Google. Many webpage will get better position in search queries (Google) whereas Before BERT Algorithm update all result on Google are displayed on the basis of keyword density.


Keyword density is nothing but the number of focus Keywords used in the article is in the ratio of total number of words comparising the whole article.

what is the Keyword density?

Understanding the feelings of the queries asked to the Google by the Google


Though this update will change the concepts of the TAGS into the article and it will revamp content marketing strategy crisis between the WEBMASTER’s.

Top 15 Plugin to Optimize for WordPress: Re-explored for 2020 (SEO Focused)

If your website is hosted or you thinks to start a website powered by the mighty PHP based platform wordpress. A question arises to Every WEBMASTER on how their websites should be Optimized.

Website Optimization is nothing but to take care of websites or Blogs in such a way, they WILL gain the ranks of website on Search Engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckgo and Many More) by increasing SERP(SEARCH ENGINE PAGE Ranking).

What is Websites Optimization?

If we think about WebSites optimization based on WordPress. We needs to put some steps to optimize. Some steps are as Backlinks, Deep Research on Target Market and Best Plugins available to use to enhance ranking SERPs.

Backlinks: Long Trail Process

Backlink data flow

The term Backlink exit’s in SEO world which means Creating a Hyperlink from another website to your own Web page to increase Authority of Website and webpage.

what is Backlink?
High to low Backlinks.
Strong Backlink

Every WEBMASTER have to create a backlink which is long Trail Process. Everyone has to create backlink for it’s Websites. Backlink from high authorative WebSites will get your More authority instantly. You can get These Backlink research from these Free SEO TOOLS.

Best Plugin’s for Optimization: WordPress Based

A piece of software added to any website based on wordpress to add special functionality on website based of wordpress. These plugin are usually written in PHP.

What is wordpress plugin?

There are too many of Plugin to be used to optimize WordPress platform. Some of the top level SEO PLUGIN are listed below:

SEMRUSH: Best Keyword Based Seo Writting Tools


SEMRUSH is one of based plugin to write Keyword rich article based on Enhancement of SERPs. WEBMASTER has to signup for free or Premium account of SEMRUSH.

Search your Traffic analytics

Semrush will get related Keywords through api from SEMRUSH. Through SEMRUSH Plugin, WEBMASTER of Websites will get easy to rank keyword and its Affiliate for which website can be ranked easily.

Google SITE KIT:-

Google SiteKit
Google SiteKit

Google Kit is most advanced plugin focused and streamline the basic Raw data from SEARCH CONSOLE, ANALYTICS AND ADSENSE into a Single Interface hosted on your wordpress based website to get a rich snippet and get insight of basic Data.

Yoast SEO: Most Popular SEO Tools

Yoast SEO
Yoast Seo

Yoast Seo Plugin is the most famous plugin for SEO optimization based on wordpress. Yoast seeks approx 5M+ (50 Lakh) plugin download Every month.

Alternetive to Yoast Seo:

There are too Plugin for your WordPress website as a alternetive to the Yoast SEO. Some of them are listed below:

  • SEOPRESS: Seopress is best alternetive Plugin of Yoast Seo. WEBMASTER get Every required feature to optimize SEO OF your WORDPRESS based Website. These free feature came for PAID in the Yoast Seo.
  • RankMath: Rank math is the light weight wordpress Plugin, contains approx 450 statical files. This mean WEBMASTER will get rid of more than 700 surplus statistical plugin’s.
  • All in Seo Pack: This is said to be best labeled Seo Plugin alternative of Yoast Seo. This WordPress Plugin came with Best and least required techi for your Website.

Elementor: A Page customizer or Builder

Elementor Page Builder
Elementor Page Builder

Eleementor can let you customize your Page’s look. This WordPress Plugin help you you to built Pop-up for leads generation, conversation and awesome look to increase the traffic from social media.

Alternetive Page Builder(Elementor):-

Since Elementor is a Great Page Builder But Its must have some defects. So, We here with some alternative’s of Elementor, they are listed below:

  • SiteOrigin
  • Live Composer
  • DiVi Builder
  • Cloud Composer

Updraft: Plugin to Backup for WordPress

Updraft a Plugin to Backup
Updraft a Plugin to Backup

Updraft or UpdraftPlus is the most Popular WordPress plugin to Backup, Restore or Clone your WordPress Based Website. Updraft can you to migrate your Website from one server to the other server.

Contact Form 7:

Contact form 7
Contact form 7

PHP based WordPress Plugin Contact Form 7 is the leading Plugin to grab leads for sales, Sign-up many more. Contact form 7 offers a lot of coustmization to the Publisher or WEBMASTER. Such that other plugin does not offers.

JetPack: Must to go WordPress Plugin

Jetpack is cloud based services backed by JetPack Provides every solution as like Performance, Security, Traffic Stats, SEO, centralized INSIGHTS and Many more. Most important JETPACK Provides CDN services to your Website.

Wordfence: A Security Plugin for WordPress

wordfence Security
wordfence Security

Wordfence is a Security Plugin for wordpress. Wordfence supports end point Security such as Malware scan, Security scan and Many more.

MonsterInsights: A Intelligent way for Matrix of Data

Interface of Monsterinsights
Interface of Monsterinsights

A WordPress Plugin that delivers best and Easy to understandable data output in simple user interface for Google Analytics. Monsterinsights come with paid and free version. WEBMASTER can get usefull insight from Monsterinsights.

Livechat: A Bot to Chat with Consumer

Livechat Bot
Livechat Bot

Livechat Bot is Must to have WordPress Plugin for wordpress. Through this WordPress Plugin wishmaster can chat with Consumer and get your product seller faster.

W3supercache:- A Cache plugin

W3supercache plugin
W3supercache plugin

W3super cache is also must to have Plugin for your WordPress Website. User should have this plugin to run your Website faster and increase your INSIGHTS ranking.

Broken Link Checker: Increase your SEO FAST

Broken Link Checks
Broken Link Checks

Broken Link Checker plugin Checks the Broken internal as well as external links of your Website. This will increase your SEO.

LazyLoad By WpRocket: Speedup Your website


LazyLoad will dramaticaly Increase your website loading speed and let your website Run more faster and Google will index your Website more and More faster.

Free Seo Tools For Ranking Your Webage: #1website search Engine Optimization

Content marketing on different types of niche’s, it’s becoming difficult to WEBMASTER especially New Publisher to rank their webpage at #1. Old or well established Webmaster have knowledge on how a webpage can be ranked well but in case of new webmaster they don’t have tools or experience on “How a webpage or Websites can Perform well?”

In the era of Content marketing on different types of niche’s, it’s becoming difficult to WEBMASTER especially New Publisher to rank their webpage at #1. Old or well established Webmaster have knowledge on how a webpage can be ranked well but in case of new webmaster they don’t have tools or experience on “How a webpage or Websites can Perform well?”

Search your Traffic analytics

This article is all about Justice to new and upcoming Webmaster who will work on Content marketing. This article is all about how a new Webmaster can establish a well informed, structured and search engine ranked website at low or little cost.

In the era of huge competition, it is obvious for every business to get their product sales. Almost every Business offers some free, discounted and trial products to their customer. So, we are here to present some mutually free Seo Tools for Publisher or Webmaster which help them to rank their website in rapid form.

There are too many Free search engine optimization tool for Webmaster to optimize their blog or Websites.

Free Seo Tools: Optimize your SERP

There are too many seo tools to optimize the SERP. So, we are come with the Free SEO tools according to the it’s Features as website Speed Insight, Backlinks Checkers, Readiblity Checkers, Outdated content Checkers, Keyword Research, slug Formation helper, Find The trends and Many More. Some of them are listed below:-

Website Speed Insight: Most Important for #1factor Rank in Search Engine

According to me, Loading Speed of any website is important for indexing into the Search engine. These tools help you enough to determine how much fast is your website, comparable to the industry and give suggestions to WEBMASTER on how you can optimize your website to become more faster and Get a Better rank onto the Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Duck Duck Go and many more. Top Performance Insight Tools for free are listed Below:

Search your Traffic analytics


  • The 2018 Google “speed update” introduced page speed as a ranking factor.
  • Page speed has a major and most important impact on user experience and indexing.
  • 1-second page performance delay decreases 7% of conversion.
  • On a Survey conducted by Amazon, Delay of load time of 1 second led to loss of 1.2B dollors.

1 – GOOGLE page insight: Most popular and Helpfull

As we all know Total search done by user’s all over the world, More than 70% of these search are done on Google.

Thumbnail of Google webpage Insight
Google webpage Insight

Google Page insight uses open-source Lighthouse technology to discover and analyze loading speed of webpage or website. Google Page insight give Rank to any webpage on a range of 0-100 points. These points are in the Basis of First Contentful Paint, Speed Index, Time to Interactive, First Meaningful Paint, First CPU Idle and Max Potential First Input Delay.

google webpage Insight result
google webpage Insight result

The Open-source Lighthouse technology is a special in itself and one of most trusted technology as it is developed my Mighty Google. The Webpage come come with 100 is most optimize, 50-90 is moderate optimized and 0-50 is least optimized.

2- THINK With Google: Think with Phone

Think with Google
Think with Google

Think with Google is a website development and Seo Tools for Webmaster by Google for enhancing the speed and credibility for Smartphone and Tablets.

Think with Google check Webpage insight at your device with your’s(the person who tests) Location. Google just email all improvement or optimize needed and optimized webpage to the WEBMASTER.

3- GOOGLE Chrome DevTools: Most accessed Tool By Developer

Google Chrome DevTools
Google Chrome DevTools

Google Chrome DevTools is a Tool develop with Google Chrome by Mighty Google. It is being powered by open-source Light House technology. It can be accessed by clicking more Tool option in the Google Chrome.

Google Chrome DevTools will analyze the performance of your webpage where you can view page responsiveness on different mobile devices, test page load speed, check and control issues with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

4- DOTCOM-TOOLS: Analyze from Multizones

Dotcom Tools
Dotcom Tools

Dotcom-tools, Let you help to Analyze your webpage or website from more than 24 diffrent and autonoms time Zones.

Dotcom-tools will ping your website 24+ time Zones let Analyze your webpage and Analyze your website across 5 different ques on five different parts: Detailed Summary, Performance, Host, Errors, Fast/ Slow Elements, Waterfall Chart.

5- PINGDOM Tools: Easy Interface

 Interface of Pingdom Tools
Pingdom Tools

PingDom Tools is known for its Interface and Let analyze your whole website and Make quick checks of

  • Performance grade
  • Page size
  • Website load time
  • Requests

Pingdom tools show result on a grade of 0 -100 Points and website or Blog with 100 Points come at top.

6- WEBPAGETEST:- Total Website performance

Web-Page test
Web-Page test

WebPageTest is one of the most rated, trusted and well performed website tracking tool to check the speed of your site. WebpageTest tool provides accurate results to give you specific action points to consider.

WebpageTest tool provides custom settings to the WEBMASTER every time while they run a site speed test.

  1. There are real browser options you can choose from (Firefox, Chrome, IE 11).
  2. Choose location option will let you conduct the test from different locations (North/South America, Asia, Europe).
  3. Choose mobile devices that will show you how your website performs on different mobile platforms.

7- YSLOW: Oldest Webpage Testing Platforms

Yslow speed insight 

Yslow is said to be one of the oldest blog or Websites testing website. Yslow has been established in 2010.

Yslow offers 23 factors that can be used to run the website performance test.

Website keyword Ranking: Most Important #2factor Rank in Search Engine

According to me, SERP(Website Keyword Research) is most crucial for any Webmaster. A Webmaster have to research it’s keywords for well devloped post or under-developed post.

Website Keyword ranking come with two utilities. Track a Keyword of posted post and research a new relivent keywords for Blog or Websites. So, we come here with two parts of Websites keywords Ranking – these are respectively keywords research and Keywords tracking tools.

Free Keywords Research Tools:-

Almost each and every newbie or developed webmaster think more than once on which keywords should be it’s new article focused.

Google Keywords Planner:
Google keyboard Planner
Google keyboard planner

Google keyboard planner is hosted by Google for Keyword research for Adword. Publisher or Webmaster can use keyword planner for there keyword research to write post or article.

Google Trends:
Google trend
Google trend

Google Trends is easy to access Keyword Planner tools For any content writer. Publisher or Webmaster can check the trend of any Keyword in the worldwide or specific Zones.

Keyword Shitter:
Keywords Shitter Tools
Keywords Shitter Tools

Keyword Shitter Tool is a keyword generation tools. Publisher or Webmaster uses to Keyword shitter to generate keywords from Search Engine as Google, Bing and Yahoo as well. The Keyword suggestion of Search engine reflect at Box. Keyword shitter just Mine keywords form Google Autocomplete.

Alternatives of Keywords Shitter tools are, Infinite Suggest, google auto suggest tool are auto keywords miner form Google Autocomplete.

Answer the Public:
Answer The Public

Answer the Public is a question phrasing tools for the blogger as well as Content writer. It is use to generation long trail Keyword.

Google Search Console:

Google search console is the most important tool for keyboard ranking research. Keywords on which your website gets impression are useful and easy for your website to get ranked.


UberSuggest is a online SEO tool developed by the NIEL PATEL. Through this SEO tool WEBMASTER can enjoy there keyword (SEO) research very quickly.

Keyword Tool Dominator:-
Keyword Tool Dominator
Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is a Long trail Keyword Research tool. Long keywords are important to get your website ranked faster as long trail Keyword has low difficulty level as compared to one word or 2 word Keyword.

Free Keywords Ranking Tracking (SERP) Tools:-

Getting your website ranked is easy in respect of maintaining your website to be ranked. Ya, it is true. Maintaining your at top is too difficult. As day by day new competitor come for your Keyword and your Keyword difficulty increase day by day. Also, approx 3200 algorithm is being changed by Google on yearly basis.

In this world of SEO, no free plan is available to monitor SERP. Google provide these Keyword ranking tracking by only API’s. These tools are available through Free trails and paid plans.

Some API based SERP tools are as follows:- Webmaster get limited resources
What’s My SERP:-
What's My Serp
What’s My Serp

Webmaster get 25 free SERP for free everyday by creating a account to What’s my SERP website while without having a account on What’s My SERP website Publisher can track upto 10 SERP checks daily.

What’s My SERP is in under – development phase. In upcoming you can expect more features from What’s My SERP.


Serpbook is Free of cost for 14 days while you can hire a robot after 14 days. SERPbook is free is effective tool for SERP checks.

Features: SERPbook
  • Check your SERP Results unlimited times for free.
  • Get accurate information from real-time search engines.
  • Measure your competition with this effective SERP Checker tool.

SerpSurf is a free SERP checker tool. Webmaster have to enter there keywords Everytime they want to track.

Some alike Alternetive of SERPsurf are SMALLSEOTOOLS, Seo Review Tools and many more.


According to almost every Search engine optimisation tool, backlink is the most crucial part of Search engine optimisation. There are too many backlink checker in this world that can be used by WEBMASTER to work during their website’s SEO Optimization. So, we are here to describe the best website Backlinks checking tools that can be used free.