Adsense Review: Detail Analysis [2020]

Hello dude, this is Ankur Patel and i am here to breakdown adsense ads network and its Cons and Pros. Historical Background: Adsense Google has acquired semantics (A Software Company for the online advertising, domain name and enterprise information) in 2003 to launch Google Adsense. Types of Ads Supported by Adsense: During my Adsense Review, we find Google Adsense Offers the following ads format. Some … Continue reading Adsense Review: Detail Analysis [2020]

Etology REVIEWS: Premium converting Ads

Under Etology Review, We find Etology is unique in relation to other traffic suppliers since we comprehend the genuine estimation of traffic. Rather than social event trash and tossing billions of pointless snaps at your join page, we have some expertise in helping Media Buyers or Advertisers who need pre-screened potential clients from each and every snap in the arrangement of their needs. What new … Continue reading Etology REVIEWS: Premium converting Ads

Octotracker Review: Russia Based Ads Monetization technology

Octotracker is a Russia based tech solution for the ads network’s. Many of the ads network uses the technology to track a event of campign. If we talk about Octotracker in a simple word, we must say it is a ads solution tool that can be used by ads Network as well as Publisher who runs in house ads can use this solution to run … Continue reading Octotracker Review: Russia Based Ads Monetization technology

Universal Media Solutions: A Dream Technology

Introduction To Universal Media Solutions: Universal Media Solutions is being managed By Henrik Blase as the founder and managing director. Features Of Universal Media Solutions: The most Important Features of the Universal Media Solutions are as follows: Innovative tracking technology with cookie separating filter, de-duplication and single tagging. Comprehensive analytical methods through customer journey analysis Cockpit for control of a I campaigns, programs, countries or … Continue reading Universal Media Solutions: A Dream Technology