Popunderzone Review: CPM, CTR, CPV and Requiments

Popunderzone is a dedicated network of pop-under ads. It provides publishers with high-quality monetization solutions and advertisers with highly effective publicity solutions.

During popunderzone review we find popunderzone offers publishers high eCPM. They mainly offer eCPM for publishers between $ 1 and $ 15 based on the quality of their website. This network offers high quality content controlled ads in addition to the high eCPM, which enhances CTR on publishers ‘ websites, leading to increased earnings for them.

Popunderzone Requiments:


The best part is that POPUNDERZONE network has no minimum traffic requirements for publishers, so it is possible for even small publishers to join this network. They also accept all niche websites including websites for adults and therefore publishers can use any niche website.

All publisher websites are quickly reviewed and most of the websites approved. The only requirement for publishers is to comply with their terms and conditions on your website. During their working days, all websites can be reviewed within 1 hour and up to 12 hours during the weekends. In general, POPUNDEEZONE quickly review all websites of publishers, so that publishers can begin to use their services quickly without losing traffic.


POPUNDERZONE For Advertisers:

Popunderzone offers advertisers a great platform for their campaigns all over the world. This network is designed to produce great results for advertisers so that they can generate maximum ROI from their network by offering every kind of tool. Popunderzone can provide the most traffic for your campaigns to a large number of worldwide publishers. They only provide verified traffic to campaigns by advertisers which convert advertisers into better results. Since this network is a global publicity network, you can encourage your campaign anywhere in the world.

POPUNDERZONE have no very tough and quick rules and so with them you can promote any type of campaign. This network allows you to promote both your adult and non-adult campaigns. Your campaign must comply with the terms and conditions of advertisers. They also quickly examine campaigns of advertisers so that you are able to quickly set up and promote your campaigns. POPUNDERZONE review all campaigns of advertisers on weekdays within 1 hour and at weekends up to 12 hours. This network requires a minimal deposit of $ 100. PayPal allows you to add funds to your account.

Popunderzone offers advertisers a great status reporting system, where they can generate various kinds of reports based on countries, operating systems, browsers, etc. Their statistical reporting system shows all the details necessary to understand and optimize the performance of your campaigns. Popunderzone offers an excellent support to advertisers in terms of its support. They offer various support choices so that advertisers can answer all their queries quickly. They offer support on the basis of tickets, email and Skype.

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How to signup And get approved in popunderzone ads network:

During Popunderzone Review we find, the pounderzone network has no minimum traffic requirements and accepts all niche websites, so any level publisher with all niche websites can apply to join this network. You just have to fill out and submit your simple registration form to register on this network. You can then login to your account immediately, where you need to submit to review your website. You can now show their announcements on your website to earn money once they review and approve your website.

Ads Format Popunderzone Network

Popunderzone provides publishers with different ad formats that they can display on their websites in order to earn money. Pop-up ads, pop-up ads, mobile redirects and the direct link code are the ad formats provided by this network.

Popunderzone stats reporting system:

The Popunderzone provides publishers with an advanced statistics reporting system where various types of reports can be generated. You can produce reports on a country, OS, day, browser and ID as a publisher in your network. Your system of reports shows all the information you are looking for as a publisher. It shows day and feel, unparalleled feelings, earned amount and eCPM. Their reporting system also offers different filters.

Minimum Payout:

On that network the minimum payout is only $ 10, so small publishers can even reach and withdraw their income.

Payment frequency:

Popunderzone doesn’t like to wait for payment from its publishers, so they are quick to pay for it. They pay Net 7 for their publishers.

Payment Options:

Only PayPal is payable to Popunderzone publishers.

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Ecpm Offered By popunderzone:

During popunderzone review we find that popunderzone has very low as .0002$ for every 1000 ads Impression.

Payment Proof Popunderzone:

We find that popunderzone has this payment proof.

Payment Proof Popunderzone

Conclusion of popundeezone Review:

A network for publishers and advertisers

  •  No minimum requirements
  • Popunderzone accept all advertisers and publishers that meet popunderzone terms and conditions. 
  • Reporting System: Generate great reports based on countries, operating systems, browsers and more.. 
  • Deposit & Withdraw: Minimum Deposit is $10 and minimum withdraw for publishers is $1 payable via Paypal. 
  • Earn money with referralsWe are offering 5% lifetime share for each user that you bring to us and use our services.
  • Fast Approvals: advertisers campaign or website will be approve within 1 hour in our business days and up to 12h on weekends. 
  • Quality Assured: We assure great quality to all of our advertisers and high eCPM between $1 – $15 for our publishers

Yllix media review 2020 : Introduction to Yllix media

Introduction to Yllix Media :

yX Media - Monetize your website traffic with us

Yllix or Yllix media is ads Network which provides Publisher as well as Advertiser a platform to run there campaign with world’s best tools and to earn Publisher some bunch of penny for Advertiser survival hoods.

Yllix Review

Yllix is a publicity network founded in 2012. The Yllix Media is a very very new , but one of the fastest-growing ad networks in the world. Yllix or Yllix Media supports a combination of CPM / CPC / CPA that gives publishers a good rate of penny when they click on a conversion.

Yllix media: Scam or not

Don’t be listed here if yllix media a scam or not, you know, an ad network. Because I want the friendly readers to be satisfied. Yllix media are therefore not a scam network and since 2012 have been completely a real (legit) and a paying ad network.

How to Sign up and approval in Yllix media:-

Register is very simple, just fill in the form and check your e-mail. In Yllix or Yllix media, they are very best that is that they never ask any website publisher to add when webmaster is signup into the website.

You just have to receive the ad code and put it on your blog. They will automatically identify and approve your blog and put advertisment on your blog. In Yllix media, Before I got approve, they reviewed all websites, but I believe they are genuine blogs that get auto-approved.

Some requirements to participate in yllix are as follows:

  1. There is no need for minimum traffic requiments to participate To Yllix.
  2. Yllix also approve all adult and gambling niches. As long as it’s lawful, Yllix approves blogs. It is not approved of illegal blogs as like drugs or Guns dealings.
  3. The editor must tell Yllix that its blog is a blog for adults or not for adults. It would like to cross their limitations if you place an adult in a non-adult blog.

Yllix media is paying to its publishers using CPM / CPC / CPA. There are many ad formats available as well in the Yllix Platforms. The ad format you want, you can be used. There are a few ad formats here, namely

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Banner ads of YLLIX MEDIA:

these are just ordinary banner ads, such as adsense, for example. S

Safe HTTPS Banner ads:

These are safe ads and contain no publicity that is unsafe for visitors. This prevents malware or virus ads from being displayed.

Slider ads:

These ads get more clicks because of the size of the ads. They are like a big vertical panel on the right or left of the blog.

Mobile redirects:

Yliix media offers mobile redirects, I suggest not to use Because Google hates redirects. That’s why I won’t use them. All your traffic is redirected to the sponsor’s website and you lose all your traffic.

Layer ads:

Layer ads are ads that are displayed as a page (layer) on the page and the visitor has the option to close it if he didn’t like it. It like this type of media ads as offered by Layer ads.

Payment Method offers By Yllix Media:

Yllix media is one of the best advertising networks with a minimal payout. Because you just need $ 1 to withdraw payments from your account with Paypal and Payza. Payments are also available via wire transfer and cheque.

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Name: Yllix media

Ad types: CPM/CPC/CPA

Ad formats: Slider, Banner, Layer, and Popup

Min. Payout: $1

Payment methods: Paypal, Payza, Wire, Cheque.

What Yllix media offers:

While on the topic media review we find yllix media offers two solutions one for Publisher and other for advertiser:

Yllix media review for publisher:

While I watching or doing yllix media review. We find that these are basic key points of Yllix media:

  • Fair rates
  • Detailed reports
  • Daily payments
  • 100% fill rate
  • Instant account approval

Yllix review for advertiser:

While I watching or doing yllix media review. We find that these are basic key points of Yllix media:

  • Precise campaign targeting
  • No long-term contracts
  • Self-serve platform


Cpm Rate offers by Yllix Media is too low as Yllix Media offers me .001$ for 200 impression and 5 ads click from my Websites.


Payment Proof Yllix Media:-

During Yllix Media review, we find the following payment proof of Yllix.

Yllix Payment Proof

Conclusion on topic media Review:

We find that yllix media is reputed ads network prescribed for term of Usage.

Note: for any inclusion please contact us at affilatemarket523@gmail.com

Adgebra Review: Introduction to Indian’s regional ads Network

Logo Of Adgebra

Adgebra is a Pune, India Based Ad network runed by Inuxu digital media technologies. Adgebra has been Launched in 2013 by inuxu digital media technologies to insure a Indian ads Network in India’s its own Local language, Adgebra supports almost each and every popular language (multi-lingual language) spoken in India.

Introduction to Adgebra

Inuxu’s adgebra, founded in the city of Pune in 2013, is India’s only multi-lingual native ads platform that delivers high-impact native ads to the WEBMASTER. Native ads unit provides non-intrusive content and mixes well with the website as a internal part of the website. Adgebra is the only native ad platform that supports in addition to English, that is its supports 10 + Indian languages.

The powerful targeted features of Adgebra ensure accurate reach for advertisers and better payouts for publishers. Adgebra’s serves 10bn+ ads impressions over 3000+ partner publishers, reaching 75mn+ unique users every month.

It is Better to Say Adgebra is a Multi-lingual native ads network for Indian Origin Launched By Rohit Bagad (founder and SEO Inuxu digital media technologies) for the indian Nationals.

How To Contact With Adgebra:


Publisher or Advertiser can contact adgebra by two ways, These are as follow

  • Inuxu Digital Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Plot No 10, Survey No 123/1, Opposite Regency Cosmos,Baner Road, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045
  • Adgebra call or email contact Information : (General Inquiries / New Advertisers Related) +91 727 620 2255 | Email: info@inuxu.media
  • (Publisher Related Inquiries) +91 727 621 2255 | Email: pub@inuxu.media

Services offered By inuix’s Adgebra ads Network:-

Inuix’s Adgebra offers two solutions. Adgebra’s two solutions are for Publisher as well as Advertiser. These solutions states that in Adgebra, we can monetize our Content with adgebra’s native ads as well as we Can advertise Our content in the impresive Adgebra platform.

Inuix’s Adgebra For Advertiser:-

Adgebra collects data from its partner i.e publishers and generates various segments of audiences such as (sports enthusiast, travel juncers, film buffers and many more). Adgebra’s image is a slide on the relevant with the photo on the advertisement platform of the India. It is the only platform that delivers high-performance advertising units programmatically.

Adgebra has played an important role in Indian advertisers ‘ cooperation and sales. Apparently they have worked on a number of Indian customers such as Axis Bank, Cadbury, Aditya Birla, Candere, Citi Bank, Chevrolet, DBS, Flipkart and many of India’s top brands. Adgebra offers an unparalleled commitment to advertisers through its high-impact ad formats that are 100 percent visible.

The platform of Adgebra has a higher reminder of their advertising campaigns as well as ensuring maximum returns for advertisers on advertisement.

How Adgebra is different from other Ad platforms as Like AdSense, infolinks and So on:

  1. Most ads platforms only allow native ads, but Adgebra allows rich media and native ads (more interactive banners).
  2. Adgebra allows publicity on regional language such as Hindi, English, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil

Important Features Of Adgebra:-

These are Important Features Of Adgebra for The Advertiser and The Publisher:-

  • Adgebra Offers reach Digital audience of 75 million and over 3000 regional language websites including English.
  • Adgebra has 10B+ monthly Impressions.
  • Adgebra has 75+ million monthly Unique Reach
  • Adgebra has been connected with more than 3000+ Publisher.
  • Adgebra Has more than 500 advertiser.
  • Adgebra offers 10+ Regional Language.
  • Adgebra offers Self-Serve Platform for Publisher.
  • Adgebra offer Regional content, i.e 10+ Indian regional language.
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  • Adgebra Offers Precise Targeting (Location, site, Location, keywords, Os).
  • Adgebra Offers Global Reach that is 75m+ Indian ethnic.
  • Adgebra offer Regional Language ads as well as Genuine Advertisers.
  • Adgebra Offers multiple Template or Format and Real-time Reports.

How To signup in Adgebra:-

While filling form of Adgebra, Adgebra Requires Company Name, nature of company, contact person number, contact person’s email address, Registered Office address and many more. Adgebra will send messages to verify email address as well as phone number.

How To Setup Ads in Adgebra:-

  • Place the footer code of Adgebra on all domain(s) pages Preferably at the end of the body or in the footer section of the website.
  • Choose ad code of the respective domain’s preferred size(s) and place it in your CMS (WordPress / HTML / Joomla, etc.). Set the ad code to the exact ad slot provided By Adgebra.

Ads Size or Format Offered by Adgebra:

Adgebra offers 300*250, 728*90, 160*600, 400*216, 580*216, 750*216, 400*432, 580*432, 750*432 ads Format for the Publisher.

Adgebra Payment Proof:

Adgebra is legit based in India native ads network. Adgebra has Paid my first payout this month. The amount is 5000. Payout method on Adgebra is hard. We have to email invoice on sales department of Adgebra.


Adgebra offers .3 rupee to 3 rupee per click ( .004$ to .5$ per click). For better view check in picture

CPC and cpm by Adgebra.

Requirements to join Adgebra as Publisher:

While doing review of Adgebra, we find that there is no official announcement of traffic requirements by Adgebra, but you should have 100 + unique visits before using adgebra. Your website should be good for its user interface and navigation link structure. It’s not supposed to produce bots traffic on your website.

Conclusion On Adgebra Review:

I am using adgebra for my website I find that Adgebra is legit and offers Multi-lingual ads solutions for advertiser as well as Publisher. Adgebra is a best alternative to AdSense if you have large traffic share from India. Adgebra is a new ads network that is growing on Day by Day.

For any Information contact at

  • Contact@bodhivriksh.org
  • Whatsapp
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SpeedyAds Review: A Incetive By Entireweb

SpeedyAds Publisher program is a program that pays you for every click the visitors click on your ads displayed by the speedyads. Simply add a small HTML code snippet to WEBMASTER page and Speedyads system will automatically display relevant ads Based on keywords targeting. Publisher will get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ads sourced by speedyads.

During Speedyads review we find Speedyads goal is to enable publisher to make money as much as possible from publishers advertising space, by letting advertisers bid on publishers ad space. WEBMASTER may choose from many different ad formats, including banners, towers, squares, transparent ads and more. They may also select the color scheme and appearance to fit WEBMASTER site’s design completely. 

Speedyads will always display the most appropriate ads on WEBMASTER site, assuring her maximum CTR and revenue. The relevance is to determined by advanced proprietary technology that matches the ads to the content of Publisher page on the basis of keyword density.

During Speedyads review, we find Publisher have the free advertising option – they can use your SpeedyAds Publisher’s earnings as financing for your own promotional campaigns with a few simple clicks. Try ads today for SpeedyAds! Start creating text ads and only pay by clicking on a customer’s site. Display and receive highly targeted traffic on your ads within the Entireweb search engine and partner sites.

Success! You're on the list.

You get paid only when someone clicks on the ads displayed on your websites, and you get started to receive money as low as $0.01 for every ads clicked by the visitors. Easily create and edit your ads and get targeted ads Based on the keyword density.

The speedyads ads will start appearing on your network or website within few minutes. Monitor the performance of your ads with the online report system, such as the number of page impressions, clicks, click-through rate and the total amount you’ve spent.

SpeedyAds: A fraud or Legit ads network

While my Speedyads review, i have concluded that Speedyads ad system is not a fraud, publisher are going to be paid for. The Speedyads in previous years are said to be the system of fraud ads network, but in 2019 it’s not a bad for small publisher to monetize Your website by Speedyads ads network.


Difficulty for SpeedyAds Publisher and Advertiser

Sometimes offensive content was shown. Alongside various SpeedyAds “money – making” ads, nude webcam model ads appeared. Although posing as a webcam model is a way of making money from home online, this site is not interested in encouraging this type of activity.

Low per click ridiculously. Click values or WEBMASTER earns between $ 0.006 and $ 0.096 and most click values are between $ .007. Subpenny clicks are less than Adsense, particularly as CTR seems not to be above than Adsense. On the surface, SpeedyAds advertising can be a very affordable PPC alternative to Adsense.

Speedyads As being very unpouplar in the market, you have a limited penetration into the ads market. During SpeedyAds review we find that being very unpopular on the web, so SpeedyAds does not provide fantastic market coverage through a range of websites. Adsense also shows a significant distribution advantage in conjunction with Google Search results. The reader is not familiar with speed ads, which could be good or not good.

Benifits of Using SpeedyAds

Cheap Adsense alternative. SpeedyAds can be an excellent cheaper alternative to Adsense for advertisers. They are actually promoting PayPal as a service. SpeedyAds enables payment by Paypal to your Paypal account.

Speedyads, payment proof:

Speedyads review, let me add Speedyads at efasand.com website’s ads space, speedyads review let me determine what is the payout paied per click. Minimum amount publisher pay to speedyads is .01$per click, Speedyads payment to publisher is about at 80% paid by speedyads to the publisher. According to speedyads payment done to efasand, speedyads cpm is around 2$. Website will .008$ per click for indian region. Speedyads payment proof is good and speedyads is legit.