Adclerks Review: Target Via web Space

In Ads network review series we have done review of PopcashCpaleadspoutableyllixspeedyadspopcash, Adbuff and many more in this series.

In this series we are going to do Adclerks review, we will examine different situation and diffrent units of the Adclerks. We are going to examine diffrent situation of Adclerks as like, “what is CPC of Adclerks?”, “what is CPM of Adclerks?”, “Does Adclerks is legit?” And the requirements to join Adclerks publisher Network.

Introduction Of Adclerks:

Adclerk has been founded by James Hakiens 2012, since then it becomes so impressive as now a day Adclerk use to manage more than 10,000 WebSites. The DSP network of Adclerk serves more than 10B+ million impression per month which makes Adclerk a rapidly growing ads network in the world.

CPC/CPM offered by Adclerk:

CPC or CPM offered by Adclerk vary on the Quality of the the website you have. The level of CPM may migrate between .8$ to 3$.

Requirements of Adclerk:

During Adclerk Review, We find following Requirements of Adclerk. Some of them are listed below:

  • Publisher website must contains only English language.
  • Adclerk requires more than 100k page view per month or 3k page views per day.
  • Website must not contains thin Content, i.e WebSites only for ads.
  • WEBMASTER must host website on their own not on other, that we must say blogger, wix, or many more.

Adclerk Review: Conclusion

During Adclerk Review, We find Adclerk is a DSP self-serve Network, made for high Earning.

Adservme Review: Unique RTB based Redirect and Native

Adservme is owned by Bright Mountain Media. Adservme is real time Self served automatic ads platform. During Adservme Review, We find one thing interesting to this Ads Network is that people people often search for how to remove Adservme serves approx 2 billion impression on daily Basis.

Advertisers Benifits: Adservme Review

AdservME is a self-serve platform that Ables to run and control campaigns in ma profitable manner. The abusive experience of XML/RTB and advanced technology which pretends extensive supply partners, serves a pre-filtered and whitelist traffic sources, and provide exactly the traffic you need for your offers in real-time and with the least effort. 

Optimization Tool of Adservme is worst . Crawler of Adservme routinely scrolls the onrolling campaigns regularly and blacklists the sources which are underperforming with respect to the parameters set by Advertiser’s.

The self-serve DSP of Adservme Ads Network supports and enhance the verticles of ads Network to enhance the revenue. Adservme guarantee ad relevance and create a space where ads reach visiors in a more diverse way to earn as much as possible.

Seo tools

With domains, referrals and keywords, Adservme optimize Advertisers campaigns to maximize your return on investment.

Adservme: Ads Format Supported

During Adservme review, we find Adservme me offers push notifications, Banners, Pop-ads, Redirect ads.

Requirements to Join Adservme:

During Adservme Review, We find requires 250$ intial investment to join them. They offers CPC and CPM Ads.


During Adservme Review, we find Adservme supports abusive ads. abusive Ads has been banned by Google. So, don’t use this Ads Network as this can hurt your website.

Etology REVIEWS: Premium converting Ads


Under Etology Review, We find Etology is unique in relation to other traffic suppliers since we comprehend the genuine estimation of traffic. Rather than social event trash and tossing billions of pointless snaps at your join page, we have some expertise in helping Media Buyers or Advertisers who need pre-screened potential clients from each and every snap in the arrangement of their needs. What new website proprietors (owners) need to know is that an inappropriate traffic vs sponsorship cost to promote the .

Billions of impressions require critical assets regarding transfer speed, bolster time, following and advertisement capital. That is the reason we center the entirety of our endeavors around recognizing the traffic that truly changes over and holds, hence the traffic you buy from Etology converts into the absolute best conceivable profit for your underlying speculation. Etology Publishers are high volume destinations with selective substance, dependable advertising rehearses and a posting of paying Members Area clients looking for other explicit offers. We coordinate your promotions with their traffic and thusly the outcomes appear as expanded income for Etology Advertisers and Publishers, these are what we find during Etology Review.

Does your website’s creates genuine leads for products by giving helpful and engaging substance that buyers appreciate? These are is the basic essential inquiry that we poses to each unique Publisher that communicates mortality for having their traffic deals oversaw by the Etology group of specialists. To be qualified to sell your traffic through our honor winning stage we cautiously investigate your website, that comes with dissect significant measurements to decide shopper trust and the genuine potential of your snapshot’s that have as potential clients for Etology Advertisers.

CPC/CPM offered by Etology:

CPC/CPM offered by Etology is just moderate. CPC of Etology is approx .01$ where as CPM of Etology is .04$.

Requirements to join Etology:

During Etology Review, we find following Requirements to join Etology.

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The advertiser’s websites must not

  • Support any objectionable content like pornography, spam, warez, malware, adware and spyware.
  • Have made Content for the sponsorship purpose.

The publishers must not

  • Offer money for gifts to visitors for clicking or viewing ads. (Self click).
  • Use bots, traffic exchanges, proxies, PTC sites and auto refreshing sites to send fake traffic.

Best features of Etology ad network

These are the best features of Etology that we find During the Etology Review. These best features are listed below:

  • Global coverage
  • 100% fill rate
  • Competitive rates
  • Timely payments : The publishers would receive their earnings on time.
  • Dedicated support
Seo tools

Etology: Payment Proof

we are working with Etology, so when we will update when get paid from Etology.

PopAds Review
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Adreactor Review: Self Optimized Ads Network


Adreactor is uk based Ads Network in 2003 with a Moto to serve Ads worldwide. AdReactor is accomplished and gifted group is constantly accessible to support sponsors and distributers with direction and recommendations on the most proficient method to upgrade their ROI and income. Joined with both outsider and in-house created publicizing stages, we can offer all arrangements you may require. Regardless of whether it is supply or request you are after, we got you secured by having direct association with a considerable lot of the biggest DSPs, SSPs and Exchanges available. Exactness, individual touch and keen advertisement serving arrangements set us apart from the challenge.

Requirements : Adreactor ad network

During Adsreactor review, we find following must be and must not be, these are listed below:

The advertiser’s websites must not

  • Support any objectionable content like pornography, spam, warez, malware, adware and spyware.
  • Have made Content for the sponsorship purpose.

The publishers must not

  • Offer money for gifts to visitors for clicking or viewing ads. (Self click).
  • Use bots, traffic exchanges, proxies, PTC sites and auto refreshing sites to send fake traffic.
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This ad network accepts only

  • WebSites having minimum traffic of 100k Impressions Per Month.
  • WebSites having custom domains like .com, .net, .org etc (Having High Quality TDL).
  • High quality sites( High Da and Pa website’s).

Ad Formats or verticles allowed:

During Adreactor’s review, we find that The publishers have access to the these ad formats :

  • 160×600 Banner
  • 300×250 Banner
  • 320×50 Banner
  • 468×60 Banner
  • 728×90 Banner
  • 720×300 PopUp / PopUnder
  • 800×600 PopUp / PopUnder
  • Dynamic Ad Unit
  • Text Ad Unit

Adreactor Review: Payment Terms

We find that The publishers will get paid on Net 30 basis. The payment options are PayPal and Wire Transfer. The minimum payout is $50 and if publishers get paid via PayPal and for Wire transfer it is $500.

Best features of Adreactor ad network

These are the best features of Adreactor that we find During the Adreactor Review. These best features are listed below:

  • Global coverage
  • 100% fill rate
  • Competitive rates
  • Timely payments : The publishers would receive their earnings on time.
  • Dedicated support

Adreactor: Payment Proof

Adreactor Payment Proof
Adreactor Payment Proof

Adsreactor review: Conclusion

We are working right now with Adreactor, we will post detail review in future.

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Adcash Review: A DSP Network (Advertiser and Publisher Oriented)

Adcash Logo

While Our Ads Review Series, In this series we are going to do Adcash Review, we will examine different situation and diffrent units of the Adcash. We are going to examine diffrent situation of Adcash as like, “what is CPC of Adcash?”, “what is CPM of Adcash?”, “Does Adcash is legit?” And the requirements to join Adcash publisher Network.

Introduction To Adcash:

Adcash is a publicity ads Network that works for more than 12 year on the ads tech technology. ADCASH is Estonia based ads network that works all over the world to enhance the capability of Advertiser as well as Publisher.

Adcash for Advertiser:

During Adcash review, we find that Adcash is very eleget ads network for Advertiser. Adcash provides Approx 2B+ Impression on daily basis that’s too large. These Data also shows that Adcash is legitimate ads network.

Features of Adcash Ads Network:-

There are too good good features, we find During Adcash ads review. These features are below:

  • Advanced Targeting
  • Anti-Fraud Technology
  • Automated ROI optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Exclusive Publishers & RTB supply
  • Fast Campaign Creation
  • Self-Serve Platform
  • Real-Time Reporting

Adcash for Publisher:

There are too many Features are being referred by the marvelous Adcash Ads network. These are as follows:

  • Anti Adblock Technology
  • Clean Ads
  • Easy Integration
  • Fast Payments
  • High Fill Rate & eCPMs
  • Live Statistics
  • Multiple Ad Formats
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Ad Unit Sizes Available: Banner (120×600, 160×600, 250×250, 300×250, 336×280, 468×60, 728×90) Popads, Native Ads, Push Notifications and Interstitials Web & Web Mobile.
Adcash Ads Type
Adcash Ads Type

Adcash Support & Contact Information

Address: Kentmanni 4, 10116, Tallinn, Estonia (allinn, Barcelona, Sophia) Email:

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Publisher Requirements

  • Publisher Terms and Rules and Regulations:
  • Traffic Requiments: None.
  • Language Requirement: None
  • Ad Formats available: Pop-Under, Native Ads, Push Notifications, Banner Ads, Interstitials
  • Publisher’s Prohibited Content website: Adult or mature content (pornography), violent content, hate speech, harassment, bullying, excessive profanity, hacking/cracking content, content that promotes sale or advertises products from endangered or threatened species, sales of any illegal items, content regarding programs which compensate users for clicking ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites, or reading emails

Advertisers and their Offers

  • Advertising Types: Content focused
  • Offer Types: CPM, CPC, CPA,
  • Ad Formats available: Pop-Under Ads, Native Ads,Push Notifications, Banner Ads, Interstitials
  • Catogery available: All (Primarily Entertainment, Gaming, Dating)
Seo tools

Payment Terms: Adcash

During my Adcash review, i found These payments terms for the payment by Adcash. These terms are as follows:

  • Payment Methods Available from Adcash: PayPal, Skrill, Web money, Payoneer, Wire transfer, Credit Card, BitCoin
  • Payment Terms offered by Adcash: Flexible payment terms depending on publishers traffic volumes and earnings.
  • Minimum Payout Threshold of Adcash: €25

Payment Proof: Adcash

During Adcash review, we find Adcash is legitimate Publicity Ads Network.

Adcash Publicity Ads Network
Adcash Publicity Ads Network
Adcash Publicity Ads Network
Adcash Publicity Ads Network

Above payment proof shows that Adcash is a legitimate ads network that works for legitnance.

CPM/ CPC offered by Adcash :-

According to my overview to the Adcash Ads network, we find the range of Cpm Offers by Adcash is .4$ to .7$ for every 1000 Ads impreasions. CPC Offered By Adcash is approx .03$ -.04$.

Conclusion: Adcash Ads Network:-

During my Adcash review, I find Adcash is a legitimate ads Network that works for the Advertiser and Publisher.

WordPress Review: A Premium Adult Ads Network

Trafficstars Homepage
Trafficstars Homepage

Trafficstars is a Cyprus based, premium Ads network that works on BANNER, POPUNDER, Push notification, preroll ads and Native Advertising methology. Trafficstars uses to Support Publisher as well as Advertiser by it’s Adult ads.

Ads format Supported By Trafficstars/

During Our Trafficstars Review, we find that too many ads format are being supported by These are listed below:-


Banner Ads of Trafficstars
Banner Ads of Trafficstars

Trafficstars Provides classic display banners with 100% fill rate for all popular and listed formats (300×250, 315×300, 900×250, 728×90, 250×150, 300×100).


Trafficstars POPUNDER
Trafficstars POPUNDER

Trafficstars trigger’s a popunder with the user click on a webpage and appears hidden behind the main browser window or opens up in a side tab.


Push Notifications send by Trafficstars
Reserve to Trafficstars

Trafficstars send Push notifications on desktop, mobile and tablet to users who have subscribed to a publisher’s website. 


Trafficstars pre roll Video
Reserve to Trafficstars

Trafficstars video’s ad which plays for up to 40 seconds before the start of the video, using VAST technology. The video pre-roll includes a clickable link and a call to action to ensure a high conversion rate. Ready scripts are available for the Video IM Slider which features an instant message dialog box containing a video ad of up to 40 seconds.


Native Advertising
Native Advertising

Trafficstars’s Native ads fit in seamlessly with the site that they appear on to create a highly converting and fully compliant ad format. Trafficstars’s native widget is fully customisable and responsive, consisting of an image, brand name and headline. Trafficstars uses to work on CPMV (cost per 1000 views) algorithm means that advertisers only pay for creatives that users actually see and publisher’s get paid for each and every thumbnail that is viewed.

CPC/CPM/CPV of Trafficstars:-

Trafficstars works only on CPV model. In other words we can also say Trafficstars pay Advertiser by the CPM model. How much Trafficstar’s Ads is being seen by the visitors. This is the crucial and most interesting occourance of a Adultstream ads Network.

CPV of Trafficstars is Approx .02$ for every Thousand Ads impreasions which is not too GOOD.

Requiments to Get Admitted in Trafficstars adult stream Ads Network:-

Publishers may not:

  • encourage users to click the ads by using phrases such as “click the ads,” “support us,” “visit these links,” etc.
  • direct user attention to the ads via arrows or other graphical gimmicks
  • place misleading images alongside individual ads
  • promote sites displaying ads through unsolicited mass emails or unwanted advertisements on 3rd party websites
  • compensate users for viewing ads or performing searches or promise compensation to a third party for such behaviour (pay to click, pay to view)
  • spread any kind of malware to users
  • have excessive advertising that would impact user experience or prevent the user from viewing content

Layout of the site must be:

  • user friendly and easy to navigate
  • if using “https” your certificate must be accurately configured

Site must not:

  • be blacklisted
  • be incomplete or under construction
  • require login to see any content, logins are allowed but content must be viewable at least in preview
  • have any errors such as 404, 502, etc
  • have pieces of code showing in the body of the site
  • have “lorem ipsum” or placeholder such as “button 1” names on buttons, menus, etc

T&C source : TrafficStars

TrafficStars: Offers & Verticals

  • Ad Types: Banners, Popunder
  • Cost Model(s): CPM, CPC, Dynamic CPM, and CPMV
  • Verticals: Adult

TrafficStars: Payment & Investment

TrafficStars: Support

  • Personal Account Manager: yes
  • Support Response Speed: reply within 24 hours
  • Support Rating: perfect support!
  • Contact Methods: email or online helpdesk
  • Contact:

Alternative To Trafficstars:-

During Our Trafficstars Review, weFind These are the Top most ALTERNETIVE of Trafficstar. These are as follows:-

  • Adxxx
  • Trafficjunky
  • JuicyAds

Introduction To Adxxx

Adxxx Review and Logo
Adxxx Logo

Adxxx is a publicity network for its publisher as well as advertiser. While doing Adxxx review, Adxxx is a Singapore based company run for mainstream as well Adultstream publishing network. There is a rumor in the market I.e it is specialized for adult traffic, It is not true but Adxxx is basically for both type of network, but it generates a high amount of Adult traffic from its network this can be because of high amount of it’s Publisher and Advertiser are of Adult webmaster.

Introduction To Trafficjunky:-

Trafficjunky Logo
Traffijunky Logo

Trafficjunky is a Cyprus Based Porn ads network as well as MarketPlace. During Trafficjunky Review we find Trafficjunky Uses to Serves approx 1.6 BillIon daily ads impresions with easy to access Support kits.

Introduction To Juicyads:-

I don’t just make a random statement when I say Juicyads is the best adult advertising platform but rather a judgment based on 2 years of research. I’ll be doing a juicyad check-up today for everyone who has doubts about which is the best platform for adults.

Popads/ Review: Tricks And Technics to Earn More

PopAds Review

PopAds is tab-under, tab-up, pop-under, Pop-up ads network. PopAds serve General as well as Adult content. Popads is A Master or Supreme in These type of Ads Technology.

What’s SPECIAL in PopAds:-

Under our review of PopAds we find different and Unique silent feature for Advertiser as well as publisher. Let’s see where PopAds/ is Unique.

Publisher of PopAds:-

Under our review of PopAds we find these special features for publisher of PopAds:-

  1. Offer Liberal Terms:- under our PopAds review, we find PopAds does not require any traffic to get inrolled.
  2. Super Fast Payment:- Get paid within 24 hour, by the PayPaL, AlertPay or wire transfer.
  3. Real time reporting:- Under PopAds review we find that PopAds reporting is up to 6 hour delay.
  4. Offer Ads Rate control to the Publisher’s
  5. Offer how many Ads shown per 24 hour.
  6. Offer daily, NET30, NET60 payment terms
  7. Offer Support under 24hours.

Advertiser of PopAds:-

Under PopAds review, we find these special terms for PopAds:-

  1. No Risk:- Advertiser can offer any time payment. Thus, you have any risk on advertiser.
  2. Advertiser has its own control to the Ads rate.
  3. Ads are safe, Ads are serve under HTTPS.
  4. Advertiser have control on quality and quality, over Ads.
  5. Payment to PopAds are done By PayPaL, AlertPay, Wire Transfer.

How to Use PopAds

Search your Traffic analytics

Under our PopAds review we find three method to use the the PopAds. The Method are different for all three works as like 

  • Advertising on PopAds
  • Publishing on PopAds

SO, LET START THE METHOD to enhance our viewers to whether get admited to PopAds network or not..

How to Advertise from PopAds

Under Our PopAds review we find that PopAds we find under PopAds console or Advertiser Panel we find Dashboard, Ongoing campaigns, New Campaign, Reports, Inventory, Token Details and knowledge Base.

Seo tools


Under PopAds review, we find that DashBoard of PopAds contains Ads spending, total balance remain and active campaigns available to the website.

Ongoing Campaign of The PopAds

Under Our PopAds review Your Campaign section contains the Ongoing campaigns section Run By the Advertiser.


From PopAds review, we find Under Campaigns section of PopAds we find how user can run A new Campaigns.

Report section of Popads

From PopAds review, we find Under Report section, the report of Ads run by The user.

Inventory section of PopAds

From PopAds review, we find Under inventory section we find how many Ads slot are available to each country, average bids, maximmum bids and minimum bids of the advertiser.

PopAds for publisher :-

Under PopAds review, User have a look for Dashboard, Report, Websites, New Website code generator, Troubleshooter,Report Abuse, Knowledge Base, DMCA.

How to get Register to PopAds network:-


Under our PopAds network we find this method to get register to PopAds network by following methods:-

  • Get sign up To 
  • Go to New Website section.
  • You will get approved with in 24hour.
  • After getting approved to PopAds, you will go to code generator.
  • Generate code and get admited to Generate code

CPC/CPM offer by popads:-

Actually Popads/ works only on CPM methodology. These CPM vary on tier of country on which we are sending to the Popads. These are actually irrelevant or unpredictable for new users to tell what the Cpm they offers to the WEBMASTER.

You Will Get A Better disclosure in the Above Link.

Alternative of Popads/

There are many type of alternative of POPADS/ Network. Some of the alternative Ads Network are listed Below:-

  1. Popcash
  2. Popunderzone
  3. Adcash
  4. Bidvertiser
  5. HillTop Ads

Introduction to Popcash:-

PopCash Review
PopCash Review

PopCash is a advertising network that enables publishers to make money from popcash publisher ads network. Useful features such as a 10-minute registration procedure and a payment program make it easy to earn on the platform on sites of any size. PopCash also provides 24/7 support via email and Skype as well as an easy-to-use self-service interface. In addition, a referral program of Popcash is available to provide the site that referred to them with 10% of the revenues of a new publisher.

Introduction to Popunderzone:-

Popunderzone Review
Popunderzone Review

Popunderzone is a dedicated network of pop-under ads. It provides publishers with high-quality monetization solutions and advertisers with highly effective publicity solutions.

Introduction to Adcash:-

ADCASH review
Adcash review

With over 10 years in the matter of serving advertisements to adapt sites, Adcash has been refining their calculations and putting resources into R&D for a long time. Situated in Estonia and working far and wide, they are outfitted to a great extent towards diversion and gaming content.

Adcash’s in-house improvement innovation coordinates your traffic with top notch request. Subsequently, you can be certain that they will demonstrate the most important promotions to your group of spectators and keep them locked in.

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Introduction to Bidvertiser:-

Bidvertiser logo

Bidvertiser is a Israel based ads network that focus on self serve platform That connect Publisher as well as Advertiser. Bidvertiser serves Approx 78522 website, 459188236 ads serves on the 196+ countries with 1599922 ads conversation.

Introduction to Hilltop ads:-

HillTop Ads
HillTop Ads

HilltopAds is a world one of the most popular advertising network that helps to facilitate a reciprocally profitable and satisfying relationship between advertisers and publishers by serving ads to legitimate websites victimisation leading edge good technical school solutions on their advertising platform.

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