(Resolved) How to Get Internet on a Tablet without WIFI?

Want to get internet on a tablet without Ethernet cable but you do not know how can you get this?

To ease this issue, we have researched and found the basically four methods. We are going to discuss these four method in a very lay man manner.

Before, we move ahead let us discuss the basic concept behind this:

Why we need other options rather than WiFi?

How to Get Internet on a Tablet without WIFI

Many tablets does not offer wifi support or the router you have is currently malfunctioned or you have faulty wifi device installed in your Tablet.

To ease all of these issues, you need to manage all other medium in such way – you can get high speed internet without any issue.

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How to Get Internet on a Tablet without WIFI?

During or detailed research on “How to Get Internet on a Tablet without WIFI?”, We found these four things which is discussed below in a very detailed manner:

Dongle that supports Ethernet cable:

This is the most method to connect the tablet without internet as it gives you access to the high speed internet.

For Example, if your att internet has a speed of 200mbps, then, with the help of WiFi you will get approx mbps internet speed while with the help of ethernet cable you will get get a speed of 200mbps.

This high speed internet will help you run and optimize your through high speed internet.

Data Connection/Mobile Network:

Now a day more than 80% new Tablets available in the market is a Sim-card enabled tablet. These simcards will help you to get internet in your device in just a click.

However, the speed you will be too slow. You can’t run internet intensive task on that device.


Now a day it’s very rare to use bluetooth to connect your tablet or device to internet. As the maxmimum speed you can attend on your tablet through bluetooth is 256kbps. This speed is irrespective to the speed of the internet connection you have.

Cable Tethering:

Most of the cases this method is used when you does not have mobile data connection availability on the tablet.

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