Mystery Behind Xbox Keep disconnecting From the Internet:

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What is Xbox?

Why does my Xbox keep disconnecting from the internet?

Xbox is a video gaming console created and owned by Microsoft. The band consists of video game consoles, CD drive applications (games), streaming services, an online service by the name of Xbox network, and the development arm by the name of Xbox Game Studios. The brand was first introduced in the US in November 2001, with the launch of the original Xbox console.

Why does Xbox keep disconnecting from the internet?

Xbox keeps disconnecting from the internet because of many reasons. Some of these basic reasons are listed below:

Very High Latency:

When we play games online, we need a latency below 50ms for optimal performance. Often because of internet congestion, the latency goes beyond the optimal performance limit. This condition mainly occurs during the peak hours of the internet.

A Case Study:

At about 3 o click my Xbox started disconnecting frequently. This happened because of the slow internet of att. When the internet speed goes good my Xbox stops frequent disconnection from the internet.

Faulty Hardware:

More often when we buy an Xbox – it arrives as a defective modem. This defective material often tends Xbox to regular disconnection from the internet.

When I buy my Xbox in 2015, the hardware in my box is faulty. This creates a very bad harmony with my gaming experience.

Server Issues:

Many times a year Xbox live goes down as is because of many reasons which include internet congestion, Server Maintainance, Hacking, and many more. If you are previously connected with the Xbox Live, then, check – is there any Xbox live outage in the market?

If you come up with the outage issue – “you are going to have this recovered when the connection is back”.

How to resolve the frequent internet disconnection issue?

To resolve the frequent disconnection issue, you need to troubleshoot your Xbox to find the issue. You may find the basic reason behind Xbox disconnecting From the Internet. So, let us learn some methods behind the issue:

You should try these troubleshooting steps to clear any corrupted metadata from your Xbox:

  • Go to Settings on your Xbox
  • Select system
  • Select storage
  • Clear local saved games and your console will automatically restart

Wait for an hour. If the same is happening, you now have to factory reset the device.

To factory reset the Xbox, you need to follow the following method. These steps are listed below:

Settings > System > Console Info > Reset This Xbox > Reset and Keep my Games and Apps.

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