How to slap someone through the internet?

Want to slap someone through the internet? If yes, then you are in the right place as in this article, we are going to learn how we can slap a Guy through the internet.

It is near impossible to touch someone’s face through the internet.

You can offer him what he or she doesn’t like at all in place of slapping him. So, we are going to learn the right way to slap him or her.

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Ways to slap someone on the Internet:

During our detailed review, we found lots of ways to slap him or her on the internet. Some of these methods are listed below:

Silence kills your enemy:

Silence kills your enemy. Ignore the person, just ignore. Go on with your life. Learn new things and spend time improving yourself and focusing on your goals. You can destroy your enemy without using a stone.

Give him a Blank book:

This method is only useful for those who want to slap a person who loves to read a book. The person whom you gave the book will very happy when opening the seal of the book. If he or she finds a blank page in place of the informative chapter.

He will become shy and frustrated. This behaviour is a perfect slap for the guy.

Poorly Written Quotes:

This method is only useful for a person that loves to read quotes. The person will get frustrated when there are no meaningful quotes in the book you sent him. this frustration is just like a strong slap on his face.

Open his secret to the Public:

This method is only useful to you when you are in a relationship with Guy. If you tell the public what he or she has done wrong with you on the internet. Then the guy will be convicted by the public. This is just like a tight slap on his or her face.

Way Forward:

If it has got to the point where you want to slap someone either in real life or through the internet it’s already gone too far.

My suggestion is that you take a break from whatever it is that is making you so angry. Just turn it off and walk away from it as it is clearly consuming you and is it REALLY that important? Are you going to remember this in 20 years? Go and do something else instead. Take up drawing, walking, go visit your friends or ring an old friend. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s not causing you or others harm.

Walk away.

Real-World Scenario: How to slap someone through the internet?

See buddy, that is the limitation of our highly developed Internet technology that you can’t stick that hardcore slap on those idiot scoundrels’ faces that could extinguish that burning in your heart via the internet.

Yes but I can definitely provide you with something, if you find it worth you can try that.

If the issue is over the internet then see, the internet is wholly about the digital impression one has created in that space. So, if someone is giving you any inappropriate treatment over there then just HIGHLIGHT THAT ISSUE on the internet platform where that person roams like someone he/she is not.

This is something that will land as a hardcore DIGITAL SLAP on that person.

Don’t forget to share the consequences if you ever utilize this….!

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