How to get Wired internet in Another Room or Upstairs?

Want to get wired internet in another room or upstairs without relocating your modem? If yes, then, you are at a very perfect place. In this article, we are going to learn the methods through which we can get a wired connection in another room or upstairs.

Let’s start the discussion:

What is Wired Internet Connection?

A wired internet connection is nothing but the internet connection acquired through the co-axial wires.

A wired Internet connection includes coaxial cable, DSL or FiOS, which is cabled to the user’s premises from the service provider. With regard to connecting a device within the home or office, the term may refer to using Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi.

How to get a Wired Internet Connection?

Getting a Wired Internet Connection is a piece of cake as almost ISP providers in America and around the globe use to offer ethernet Connections around the Globe. If you are living in America, Some of the Primary Internet providers are listed below:

To get an internet connection from any of these internet providers, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Local Office of These companies
  • Submit the required paper
  • their engineer will arrive at your home or office
  • Thus, you have a wired internet connection

How to get Wired internet in Another Room or Upstairs? – Video

This video has illustrated the methods to get an internet connection in another room or upstairs.

How to get Wired internet in Another Room or Upstairs?

In this section of this article, we are going to learn the methods through which we can get the wired connection in Another Room or Upstairs.


  • Co-axial Wire : Distance between both Location x 2
  • 1 Router
  • 1 Packet of Clips
  • Ethernet Switch

Let’s Begin the Setup:

We are going the whole procedure to Wired internet in Another Room or Upstairs from these three methods. These three Methods are discussed below in a very detailed manner:

Powerline Adapter: 1st Method

Powerline adapter are simply ethernet switch and one of the most finest and easiest way to wired connection in another room or upstairs. It is so simple that even a non-techy person can setup this module.

It has primarily one downside i.e its download speed.

For Example: If you have a internet plan of 200 Mbps per second. Then, the speed you get at upstairs is not more than 80mbps(From Second Router).

How Powerline Adapter Works?

The concept behind the functioning of the powerline adapter is very simple. You need one powerline adapter into electric switch near your modem or router and plug one ethernet cable to one mouth of powerline adapter.

Then, you have to plug the cable at other room – where you want the internet connection.

The powerline adapter use the electric wiring of your home to deliver internet.

Some of these powerline adapter use as wifi-extender to deliver internet in every room of the building. while you can easily disable the inbuilt wifi.

It has one more benefit – Health Benefit – It doesn’t produce any EMF.

Where to Buy Powerline Adapter?

There are lots of Powerline Adapter are available to buy from the internet. Some of these are listed below:

Ethernet Cable: 2nd Method

Want to invest with futuristic approach, then, it is most valuable method for you. This method includes some difficulty while setting up.

To setup a ethernet cable to route Wired internet in Another Room or Upstairs. You have following Steps. These steps are discussed below in a detailed manner:

Step 1: How you get internet?

Before initaing further, you must have to consider, how you are getting the internet currently. Through Modem and Router or simply a modem.

Two to three year back Companies like AT&T, Spectrum only use to offer modem (A co-axial wire is coming from the wall and going to back side of the device installed in your home.) while in current world scenario, you have only one device installed in your home responsible for Wifi internet and wired internet.

Step 2:- Determine how many place you want to get Internet

The very next thing, you need to find out – Where do you want cabled internet?

For Example: if you want ethernet internet connection in five rooms then you must need 6 port switcher.

Once, you buyed the swtich and cables as required. You need to connect the modem to switch and there after check connection properly. Is it working Fine?

Now, insert the one side of cable into other respective switches and takes other to your room and clips to hold tightly on wall.

Thus, you get your Wired internet in Another Roomor upstairs.

MoCA(multimedia over coax): 3rd Methods

Multimedia Over COAX is a mix of above two methods(Powerline Adapter and Enternet Cable). But in my point of view, it’s not good solution as it is not reliable solution in term of finance, Speed of Internet, long term solution, and many other.

It’s comanly used in the apartments.

How Do I Get WiFi On A Second Floor?

It’s very Simple. Take a deeper look onto your Modem connect it with powerline adapter or internet cable to get the internet on the second room.

Can WiFi Go Through Walls?

Yes, Wifi can penetrate 9 inches of the wall. After that you will start felling a slow wifi internet connection.