Do Your internet Security weak? – Here’s How You Can Solve

While surfing the internet through apple devices or android phones, we face an error popup on our device’s main screen “You have weak internet security”. This happens mainly on ethernet and Wifi internet connections.

Do you know why this weak internet security alert often arises in front of us and how we can solve this?

If not, then, you are in the best place as in this article, we are going to discuss the cause and how we can solve this.

Let’ start the powerpack discussion:

What is internet security?

why does my internet say weak security

Internet Security is a broad term that includes protection from hoaxes, viruses, hackers, and many more.

But in this article, internet security stands only for Hackers and intruders in public WIFI.

According to CSIS (Center for Strategic & International Studies), the number of cyber-attacks around the globe has increased more than 4 times after the covid incident and 2 twice after the Russia Ukraine conflict.

The CSIC only describe major attack only on big companies but you know billions of attack are conducted on a day-to-day basis. These attacks include Wifi-hacking, Cyber Fraud, and many more.

Why does my Internet say Weak Security?

More often, when we use the internet through wifi or ethernet through iPhones or android phones. We get an alert on the device – Weak Internet Security.

A question might arise in your mind – why does this alter occur occasionally on wifi?

The answer to this question is very simple – it’s due to the security protocol used by the device from where you get the internet (Modem, Router).

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Tight your seat belt as we are going to discuss the security protocol through which we connect to wifi or ethernet.

Security Protocol used by Modems:

There are almost four security protocols are being used by the modems or routers to connect your devices to the Internet. These four protocols are listed below:

  • WEP Protocol
  • WPA Protocol
  • WPA2 Protocol
  • WPA3 Protocol

Let us discuss these four security protocols in short:

WEP Protocol:

WEP Protocol is 1st generation of wifi internet security protocol introduced in Sep 1999 as WI-FI security. It uses 32-bit Static key to connect your devices to the routers. WEP was officially discontinued in 2004.

WPA Protocol:

It’s the second generation of wifi security that occurred after the discontinuation of the WEP Protocol. It works on a 128-bit dynamic key that was a little harder to break in comparison to the WEP Protocol. After the up-gradation of the key, there is a decrease in more than 45% of attacks.

WPA2 Protocol:

It’s a successor to the WPA protocol established in 2016 by the WI-FI alliance. WPA2 protocol is a mixture of CCMP and WPA. Fun Fact: Currently: it has the highest share in wi-fi security.

WPA3 Protocol:

It’s a kid introduced in 201, The main agenda of WPA3 is to stop theft between two data connections.

So, here is the detailed answer to your question.

When you connect to the internet from your iphones, you get weak internet security error. The reason behind this is “Your Modem or router is using the WEP that is 1st generation wifi security protocol to connect your iphone with the internet“.

How to resolve the weak internet Security error?

The method to resolve the error is very simple. You only need to upgrade your modem or router.

This is very common – You get your internet connection near 2004-05 from internet providers including ATT, Spectrum Internet, and many more.

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