HELLO SMART PEOPLE ,this is a world of proof and logic .A world where people want to know reason behind everything. So, many people do experiment on our ancestor’s beliefs to know whether they were right or there beliefs are wrong. Today i will talk about a man who did an experiment on rice to know about the power of positivity and his name is Masaru Emoto. Emoto was a japanese experimenter who did experimenton on two jar which were full of rice.He stick two stickers on each one of them in first sticker he wrote i love you and on second sticker he wrote i hate you and keep them in the same room and whenever he went to that room and see first jar on which it’s written that i love u then he do praise of it and on the other side when he saw the another jar then he start to abuse it and he keep doing this till one month and after that when he open the first jar than he got that the rice were not rotten it was as good as he kept it in the jar .Now when he open the second jar and then he found that it was rotten and a bad smell was coming out of that box.

Everybody in this world wants to hear praise no matter whether he is smart or the foolish one .Whenever u do praise of anybody then not only he start to respecting u .U also start feeling awesome because whenever u tell a positive thing about anyone then a positive energy is also start emitting from u due to which u also start feeling nice but when u abuse anybody and criticize anybody without any good reason then a negative energy is also start emitting from u due to which u start feeling bad. So ,whenever u feel bad and negative thoughts start coming from inside u then start remembering ur positivity the thing which u get in ur life no matter whether success is small or big because “always a road of success covered with the stones of failure” .If u do not believe on me then do this experiment with ur friends and share ur experience with me on the comment box.

Bank – Because Money Matters

What is Bank ?

It is an organization in which you can borrow money at low interest rate ,deposit money and who will keep ur money safe with some term and condition .

There are three types of bank : –

1. Public Sector Bankk

2. Private sector Bank

3. Foreign Bank

What is public sector bank ?

A bank whose more than 50% shake are held by government is called public bank.

What is private sector bank ?

A bank whose more than 50% shake are held by it’s shareholders.

What is foreign bank ?

Those bank whose headquarters are in foreign country and they are fully controlled by foreign country .

Now how many public sector bank in India ?

There are 20 public sector bank in India :-

1. Allahabad Bank – This bank established on 25 April 1865 by a group of european in Allahabad. Now it’s headquarter is in Kolkata which was shifted on 1923 from Allahabad. According to forbes global 2000 list it’s rank was 1882. Its 60% share is under the government.


Andhra Bank - This bank was establish on 20 Movember 1923 by Bogharaju pattabhi Sitaramayya. Now it's headquarter is in Hyderabad which was shifted on 1956 from Machilipatnam(Andhra Pradesh). Its 69% share is under the government.


Buddhism – A Religion based on truth

Hello smart people , Buddhism is a knowledge which is based upon the meaning of life ,spiritual power and on the power of faith . 7% population of the world means more than 500 million people are following the Buddhism .18% people of China are the followers of buddha .33.9% people of Singapore are the follower of Buddish.More than 90% population of Buddism are live in Asia. Those people who are following the buddha religion(dharma) are known as buddhist. It is the fourth largest religion of the world.There is 3 most important tips on which the whole Buddism is based and they are truth .

The three universal :-

More than 90% population of Buddism are live in Asia. Those people who are following the buddha religion(dharma) are known as buddhist. It is the fourth largest religion of the world.There is 3 most important tips on which the whole Buddism is based and they are truth . Nothing is lost in the universe

1. The law of Cause and effect

2. The three training and practice

a. Sila – Everyone is equal in this world

b. Samadhi – It is a state in which u controls every part of your body and mind

c. Prajna – Enlightenment is a state of pure soul

3. The four noble truths

a. Dukkha – Causes of sadness are pain, lost ,failed in anything ,sickness.

b. Samudaya – A pain comes due to attachment.

c. Nirodha – Contron on the fear of everything.

d. Magga – A full control over your mind


Gautam Buddha is known as the founder of this religion . According to wikipedia Buddha was born on 563 or 480 BC(before christ).His childhood name was Siddharth.

He belonged to the hindu royal family .He was born in Lumbini which is now in Rupandevi district of Nepal. This district is in between the country border of Nepal and India .In Lumbini there are few places where you would like to Visit and their name are Maya Devi Temple ,World Peace Pagoda ,Myanmar Golden temple, Great Drigung Kagyud lotus Stupa ,Ashoka Piller and the last one is Lumbini Crane Century.

He got marriage at the age of 16 with Yasodhara .At the age of 29 he left home because he became to know that he was not born only to collect wealth.

He got that money can not buy everything . He wanted to know about the truth behind life and death . He left his state and family and start living like mandicant(A state of living in which one should beg for food and shelter and give his all time and energy to the poor people). After that he went to Rajgir .Rajgir oldest name was Girivraj .At persent time it is situated in Nalanda district of Bihar.

This is one the most beautiful place of India which is generally famous for hot water kund and Viswa Shanti Stupa .There are many visiting place Pandu Pokhar ,Rajgir ropeway ,Swarn Bhandar , Phra Ovadapatimokkha Dhammacetiya ,Ghora Katora lake ,Ashoka’s Stupa,Ajatshatru Fort ,Battle Ground of Jarasandh,and Venu Van.

Rajgir where Gautam buddha learnt a high level of yogic meditation by two great monk whose name are Alara Kalama and Udaka Ramaputta but he was not satisfied with that knowledge .He became to know that meditation Dhyan is the right way of awakening.

After 49 days of meditation .Finally he found the truth under the piple tree which is now known as Bodhivriksh and which is situated in Bodh Gaya at the age of 35


IPM stands for Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test conducted by The IIM INDORE. IPMAT is India’s one of the first Intregated management test held on the intermediate (10+2) Basis. Through IPMAT student can get admitted to the IIM INDORE for BBA as well As MBA.


What is IPM?

IPM stands for Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test conducted by The IIM INDORE. IPMAT is India’s one of the first Intregated management test held on the intermediate (10+2) Basis. Through IPMAT student can get admitted to the IIM INDORE for BBA as well As MBA.

Video on analysis of IIPMAT


IPMAT syllabus

The national level test IPMAT or IPM will be carried out in May for admission to the Integrated Five – Year Management Program (IPM). Candidates must have passed their standard X / SSC and Standard XII / HSC or equivalent examinations with a minimum of 60 percent aggregate marks according to the IPMAT eligibility criteria set by the conducting body that is IIM indore. IPMAT 2020 will be conducted In computer mode across various test centers in India. Applicants who clear the cutoff for IPMAT 2020 will then be called on for the selection rounds (paragraph writing) followed by the final admission process (interview Round).

A Look to The IPMAT application Form:

IPMAT 2020 — The Indian Management Institute, Indore or IIM Indore will conduct its National Undergraduate Test A Integrated program in Management Aptitude Test Program (IPMAT) in May 2020. The institute is expected to launch IPMAT 2020 applications in the second of March and will continue until the third week of April 2020.

To apply for the examination, candidates would need to visit the official website of IIM INDORE. IIM Indore conducts an IPMAT examination for admission to its Integrated Management Program for five years. Through the test, the institute provides around 120 seats. In this article, aspirants to the management who wish to apply for IPMAT 2020 can examine all the examination details such as eligibility, application process, examination pattern, syllabus, admit card and many more.


For IPMAT The mighty IIM Indore suggested or Prescribed the eligibility criteria for the IPM (INTEGRATED PROGRAM IN MANAGEMENT). The eligibility criteria for IPMAT is shown below:

  • Candidates belonging to General and OBC-NCL Category must have minimum 60 percent marks in X/SSC/Matric and XII/HSC/INTERMEDIATE or equivalent examinations in order to apply for IPMAT.
  • SC/ST and PWD (DA) Category candidates must have at least 55 percent marks in X/SSC/Matric and XII/HSC/INTERMEDIATE or equivalent examinations to apply For IPMAT.
  • Age Limit : The age limit for general and OBC CATEGORY student is 20 years while 22 years for SC/ST category as on July 31, 2020 to Apply in IPMAT.

APPLICATION FEE For IPMAT prescribed by IIM Indore:

IPMAT 2020 – Indian Institute of Management, Indore or IIM Indore will conduct its national-level undergraduate test Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) in the month of May 2020. The institute is likely to start the applications for IPMAT 2020 in the second of March and will continue until the third week of April 2020. Candidates would need to visit the official website to apply for the exam.

IIM Indore is conducting a 5-year Integrated Management Programming IPMAT examination for admissions. The Institute provides approximately 120 IPMAT seats. Management applicants for the IPMAT 2020 application may check in this article all information relating to the examination, including eligibility and application process, examination pattern, syllabus, acceptance card, result, cutoff, dates and so forth.

Important Dates of IPMAT

Important Dates to Get admitted in IIM Indore.
IPMAT 2020
Second week of March
Last Date of
Third week of
April 2020
IPMAT 2020 of admit
Card Release
First week of May 2020
IPMAT 2020
Exam Date
Second week of May 2020
IPMAT 2020
Forth week of
May 2020
Personal Interview (PI) roundFirst week of
June 2020
Announcement of final admission offersThird week of June 2020
First week of August 2020
Commencement of
First week of August 2020

IPMAT Application Form 2020 

IIM Indore will be publish the 2020 IPMAT application form in the second week of March 2020. The last time the application form is submitted, the third week in April 2020 will take place. Candidates planning for the examination should check the criteria for eligibility before submitting the application form. The application fee for IPMAT 2020 is as follows:

IPMAT 2020 Application Fee

CategoryApplication Fee (INR)
General and
Rs. 3000
SC, ST and PWD
Rs. 1500

IPMAT Exam Pattern 2020 

The computer-based test IPMAT 2020 will be a 2-hour test. The review will consist of 100 questions divided in 3 segments, i.e. quantitative Apitude (MCQ), Short Reasoning Question (SHRQ), and verbal Aptiude(MCQ), in accordance with the examination pattern of the IPMAT 2020. All IPMAT EAXM sections will have time limited.

Exam Pattern of IPMAT 2020

No. of
QA (MCQs)40 mins40
VA (MCQs)40 mins40
40 mins20
Total120 mins
(2 hours)

Marking Scheme FOR IPMAT : 

Each question has four marks in the paper Of Ipmat, meaning that four marks are given to each proper answer. The test also has an adverse impact. All misrepresentations are subject to a deduction. Negative QA markings (Short Reply Questions) shall not apply to the options provided when applicants are to enter the reply.

IPMAT Admit Card 2020 

The IPMAT 2020 admission card will be published by IIM Indore in the first week of May 2020. The institute offers a ticket for admission cards and halls only online. The admission card can be downloaded from the website of the official examination by completing the application form and the application fee for applicants which are registered for testing. It is a document to be reviewed. It is necessary.

To download an admit card, IPMAT candidates will need to log in to the official website. At least two printouts of the admission card are advisable for candidates.

IPMAT 2020 Syllabus

IIM Indore IPMAT 2020 Exam Paper to be held in May 2020. EXAM PAPER OF IPMAT will consists of two sections: 

  • Section-1: Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning – 60 questions
  • Section-2: Verbal Ability& Reading Comprehension – 40 Questions

To help you prepare for IPM-AT 2020 in right direction, the Syllabus for IIM Indore IPMAT 2020, based on past exam pattern, is as follows:

Syllabus Section 1: Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning
Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus for IPMAT

  1. Number System
  2. Percentage
  3. Simple Interest and Compound Interest
  4. Profit, Loss and Distance
  5. Average
  6. Time and Work
  7. Ratio, Proportion and Variation
  8. Time, Speed and Distance
  9. Sequence and Series
  10. Mensuration
  11. Permutations and Combinations
  12. Probability
  13. Equations
  14. Logarithm
  15. Geometry
  16. Coordinate Geometry
  17. Matrices and Determinants

Data Interpretation Syllabus FOR IPMAT

  1. Basics of Data Interpretation
  2. Data Sufficiency
  3. Practice Exercise on Data Interpretation

Logical Reasoning Syllabus FOR IPMAT

  1. Sequencing and Arrangement
  2. Team Selection

Syllabus for Section 2: Verbal Ability& Reading Comprehension FOR IPMAT

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Para-jumble
  3. Idioms and Phrases
  4. Fill in the Blanks
  5. Para Completion
  6. Antonym, Synonym, Confusing Words.     

IPMAT Exam Analysis

IPMAT Exam analysis is based on the difficulty level of the examination. Here, we are going to elaborate or deintregate the section-wise IPMAT Exam Analysis. The exam has overall 100 questions which are divided into two sections I.e Quantitative Ability and Verbal Ability.

 QA has 60 questions to be attempted within 75 Minutes and VA has 40 in 45 minutes.
The total time limit was 120 minutes for Ipmat. Now, let’s have a look at individual sections

 Section 1: Quantitative Ability-60 Questions (75 Min) for IPMAT:-The level of difficulty of section 1 of IPMAT Exam was moderate difficult. There were 60 Questions, out of which 50 were option- based and10 were ‘Type in the answer’ (Integer type answer) of which 2-3 questions has more than one option. Topic wise break up is as follows Option based Questions

Data Interpretation 10
Sequences & Series4
Set Theory3
Time & Work2
Complex Numbers2
Time, speed, distance2

One DI case of IPMAT Exam was about percentage marks obtained by students and second was around student hostels & disciplines.Type In The Answer-10 Question

TopicNumber of questions
Functions, probability5
P&C, polynomials, mensuration, set theory5

An attempt of 38-40 questions could be considered as a good attempt in this section of IPMAT ExamExpected cut off– With 85% accuracy, it comes out to a raw score of 122-130.

Section 2: Verbal Ability-40 Questions (45 Min)This section of IPMAT Exam was easy and the students who done their preparation seriously can easily solve all the 40 questions. Let us see topic wise break up

TopicNumber of
Reading Comprehension (2 passages, 250 words each)Fact
based Q – 4,
Opinion based Q-4, Vocabulary & understanding based Q-4
Use of correct phrases in
Use of correct words in sentences5
Fill in the blanks (Passage based)5
Usage of words in sentences5
Para jumbles3
Paragraph inference2
Paragraph completion2
Grammatical error1
Total40 Q

One Reading Commpreshion passage in IPMAT Exam was about geology & evolution and increasing use of gadgets by youngsters. Most of the questions in this section of IPMAT Exam were based on fact, word/phrase meaning, and on the understanding of passages A serious attempt of 40 questions was possible.Expected cut off With 85% accuracy, it comes out to a raw score of 130 Overall difficulty level was medium & a total raw score of 250+ should be good to get a PI-WAT call IPMAT Exam Cutoff: IPMAT 2016 MathsAs like 2015 IPMAT Exam, questions were of moderate-high difficulty level.Topic wise break up of Maths IPMAT Exam is:

Functions 9
Coordinate geometry (Graph based) 3
Circles 2
Trigonometry applications3
3-D, Mensuration 2
Sequences and series2
Complex number 1
Matrices (New category)3
Number applications (AP/GP, binomial expansion, remainders) 3
Quadratic & higher order equation, inequalities3
Statistics (Median) 2
Time Speed Distance1
Ratio-Proportion 2
Work Pipes1
Set definition4
Venn diagram4
LR-2 sets-Circular, Matrix arrangements8
DI-Condition based Selection criteria3

4 questions across topics were of Type in The Answers (TITA) nature Without answer options.Good attempt would be 25-30 questions with 85% accuracy and 80+ marks will be considered as good score in IPMAT Exam. EnglishPredictably, English was an easier section. There were no tricky or unexpected question types. Difficulty level was easy-moderate. Fill in the blanks and vocabulary were given high importance.Topic wise break up

2 RC passages (Short, Inferential questions, no fact based)5 Each
Vocab (Synonyms, Medium-Tough)6
Usage of words5
Para jumbles4
Fill in the blanks

30-32 questions will be good attempt in IPMAT Exam with 85% accuracy, which will lead to 95+ score. Overall cutoff should be 180-200 marks The Cutoff list for IPMAT Exam 2020 will be declared after the results. The table below brings to you the IPMAT Exam 2017 cutoff as released by IIM Indore:IPMAT Cutoff

CategoryQuantitative AbilityVerbal AbilityFemaleMaleTotal ApplicantsMinimum ScoreMaximum Score
PWD (DA)824626324.0748.8


IPMAT is the first of its kind in India to offer a 5-year integrated management program offered by IIM Indore. This is the course for you if you want to become a corporate leader. You will have to complete the WAT and PI (personal interview) process for your admission after your written examination of IPM. The personal interview will test your overall personal and presence during the written exam your knowledge and aptitude.

You should keep the following points in mind if you wish to ace your IPM interview:

  • Be prepared: Some of questions is being asked more frequently in your IPMAT OR IPM interview. It will give you an edge if you do the following things before going for your interview.
  • IPMAT applicant must Prepare their answers in accordance questions asked during the exam.
  • Prepare an set of example questions from your past experiences that validate you answer Preparing OF IPMAT well not only boosts your confidence, but also helps you in giving better quality answers once you are inside the interview room. Certain questions that you can prepare for your IPMAT OR IPM interview would be:
    • Why do you want to join IIM Indore?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    • Why have you chosen this career path for yourself?
    • Where do you see yourself 5 years down the lane?Also, each institute is proud of its heritage and the education it imparts.
  • Mug up the whole website of IIM Indore before you enter the interview room or Hall.
  •  This will help you in getting an insight into what the campus and this programme can offer you both personally as well as professionally. 
  • This will also help you in framing the questions you may want to ask the interview panel.
  • Know about your field:For IPMAT OR IPM, it is important and useful that you do some background research related to the basics of management. For example, if you wish to be a marketeer, it would be helpful for you to skim through the basics of marketing concepts. This not only brings clarity, but also boosts your confidence. Similarly, for other streams, it is always useful to know the basics of your field.
  • Be aware of your surroundings generally refers to current affairs. You must be aware of what’s happening in the world around you, especially related to your field that you have studied during 12th. If you are aiming for management, knowing the recent developments in the corporate world and the industry may give you an edge over other aspirants. Similarly, for other streams too, relevant sections of the news and current affairs are crucial.
  • Know your academics For seeking admission in the IPM course, it will be useful for you to study the subjects you had taken up in class XI and XII. You may be asked questions from your favourite subject or generic questions from your area.


IPM OR IPMAT Placements 2020 are to be concluded shortly at IIM Indore. The past trends in placements reflect that last 3 batches of IPM BATCH placements have seen consistently high placements.

Placement 2018

Average Salary in IPM Placements at IIM Indore has been on the rise consistently right from the very first batch. Moving up with this trend, the IPM Placements 2018 for the 3rd batch of 5 year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) at IIM Indore concluded with 21% rise in average salary with 200 prominent companies lining up to make placement offers.  
Announcing the wrapping up of Placement 2018 with higher placement packages for the largest batch of 624 students including IPM students, IIM Indore once again proved its eminence among the premier business schools of the country.  

More offers from more recruiters with higher packages remained the key attraction in IIM Indore placement 2018.
This placement season witnessed participation from more than 200 firms which rolled out offers to 624 students including 113 participants from the 5 year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM),
443 PGP participants and 68 PGP Mumbai participants.
IPM Average salary Up at Rs.15.16 lakhs
The average placement package for the 3rd batch of 5 year IPM programme at IIM Indore has stood at 15.16 LPA marking an increase of 21% over last year. A quick analysis for last 3 years average placement package for IPM students at IIM Indore is shared below:

IPM Placement Highlights

YearAverage salaryNumber of students in IPM batchNumber of recruitersPercentage increase in average salary over last year
2018Rs.15.16 lakhs113200+21.08%
2017Rs.12.52 lakhs1002004.68%
2016Rs.11.96 lakhs1061621st graduating batch of 5 year IPM

Top Recruiters in IPM Placements

The 5 year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) offered by IIM Indore is a leading management programme with a bachelor’s degree followed by the award of post graduation in management by IIM Indore. Recruiters participating in IPM placements have rated the IPM students as ‘A brilliant bunch of management candidates, extremely capable. It makes selection of candidates a rich and fruitful experience.’

Top recruiters in IIM Indore IPM Placements 2018 include Asian Paints, CP Group, Goldman Sachs, HUL, JPMorgan Chase, L’Oréal, Nomura and UAE Exchange apart from other marquee companies.
The first batch of IPM at IIM Indore passed out in 2016 and there were number of recruiters who made placement offers to IPM students. Some of the prominent recruiters in the very first batch were Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Nomura, JP Morgan, HDFC, IndusInd Bank, IBM, ICRA Management Consulting, Tata Sky, UAE Exchange among others.

The feedback received from the recruiters in the first placement season of IPM has been encouraging.  One of the leading recruiters – a leading credit rating agency remarked “We found the candidates to have a good understanding of concepts and confidence to face the demand of the corporate world.”
With majority of offers being rolled out from Finance domain, the average salary of the batch stood at 11.96 LPA, including International offers such as EA to CFO  & MD by a leading international foreign exchange company. 

Topic : IPMAT application form, analysis, cutoff, syllabus

Decision and there Outcome: A Woop To Guilty

This is ankur, People came across too many decision. Some decision said to be good for the them while Some are bad for them. Is it true

Industrial and Commercial Bank Of China (IBC): OVERVIEW LARGEST BANK BY ASSETS

Hello buddy we are here once again in the series of Bank Overview. We have gone through BANK HISTORY and a overview on JP MORGAN CHASE BANK and how these Bank helped the world by innovation and supply of credit. We can also say IBC BANK has helped a lot to the world as well CHINA.

History Of IBC

Industrial and Commercial Bank Of China has been launched in 1984 BEIJING (CHINA). IBC has been firstly launched by local government of China.

ICBC opened a subsidiary in Luxembourg in 1999 that in 2011 became the bank’s European head office. ICBC (EU) S.A. Operates the branches network in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Warsaw and Lisbon.

On 28 April 2006, three strategic investors invested $ 3,7 billion into the ICBC, preparing for their planned initial public offering. Goldman Sachs bought a $ 2.6 billion stake of 5.75 percent, the largest amount ever invested by Goldman Sachs. The Bank of Dresdner, a wholly – owned subsidiary of the Commerzbank, invested $ 1 million. US$ 200 million was invested by American Express.

The ICBC branch opened on 24 September 2014 in the capital of Kuwait, Kuwait City. Officially opened. The establishment of ICBC Kuwait Branch, the first and currently the only Chinese bank in Kowait, has brought the history of the presence of no Chinese bank. It is also in the Middle East, following branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha, the fourth largest branch of ICBC.

Story Of The Largest Bank By Market Cap: J P Morgan Chase And Corporation (Overview)

We have gone through too many Bank Story how These bank get orignated. We also state how Bank came into existance that is in Bank History and how The Bank Compulate or coorelate with the Modern society and Ancient one.

If we talk about J P Morgan Bank, Bank is the Best one and Biggest Bank By Market Cap. The market capitalisation value of J P Morgan Bank is in 399B us dollor. It is Us based Bank and have fine capabilities in the upstream of Process and anxiety of working style in the world.

History of J P Morgan Chase Bank

As of 1996, JPMorgan Chase has been a result of the combination of several major US banking companies such as Chase Manhattan Bank, J.P. Morgan & Co., Bank One, Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual. In its predecessors, Chemical Bank, Hannover Manufacturers, Chicago Banking, Detroit National Banking, Texas Commerce Bank, and Providian Financial, as well as Great Western Bank, were among its leading banking firms.

The oldest institution of its predecessor, the Bank of Manhattan, was founded by Aaron Burr on September 1, 1799. It was the third oldest banking company in the US and the 31st worldwide bank.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., acting as Chase Bank, is a national bank headquartered in Manhattan, New York which is the U.S. multinational banking and finance services holding subsidiary JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chase Manhattan Bank is known for the time it was merged with J.P. The Chase Manhattan Bank, which was created by the 1955 merger with the Chase National Bank and The Manhattan Company. Since its merger with the Banke One Corporation in 2004, its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio have been located, The bank has acquired most of Washington Mutual deposits and assets.

It was called “The bank of the management company in New York City” from September 1.1799 to 1955 ; after its merger with the national bank Chase in 1955, it was named “The Chase Manhattan bank,” a bank which separately existed between 1877 and 1954.