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Adbuff review 2019: Cpm, Cpc and Requirements

In Ads network review series we have done review of Popcash, Cpalead, spoutable, yllix, speedyads, popcash and many more in this series.

In this series we are going to do adbuff review, we will examine different situation and diffrent units of the Adbuff. We are going to examine diffrent situation of Adbuff as like, “what is CPC of Adbuff?”, “what is CPM of Adbuff?”, “Does adbuff is legit?” And the requirements to join Adbuff publisher Network.

Adbuff review : What is The Cpc and Cpm?

Adbuff uses to focus mainly on Tier 1 traffic, which mean traffic from countries like USA, CANADA, EUROPE. The CPM from tier 1 traffic is approximately 1-2$, while The CPC of tier 1 traffic approx ..05$ -.001$.

If we talk about abuff CPM for tier 2 is approx .5$ while CPC is approx .001$.

If we talk about abuff CPM for tier 3 is approx .1$ while CPC is approx .0004$.

Adbuff review: Requirements

While our Adbuff review, we find Adbuff has these requirements as given below:

  • No free hosts (i.e blogspot)
  • No streaming sites
  • No faucet sites
  • No download sites
  • No excessive advertising
  • Over 2,000 Uniques /day
  • English Sites Only
  • Traffic from US/Canada/UK/Australia
  • Google Analytics Installed
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Adbuff review: Legit or Scam

During our Adbuff review, we find Adbuff is legit and publisher get paid, that publishers have earned from the after showing the ads from the Adbuff.

Adbuff review: Payment Proof

Adbuff Payment Proof

Payment by Payoneer was paid by Adbuff to the publisher. No payment fee is required for payments sent via payoneer. Adbuff is a trusted ad network and helps publishers to monetize their stock through good CPM rates.

Adbuff review: Payment Method

The methods of payment for Adbuff are Paypal, Payoneer and Bank Wire.

Adbuff review: Minimum Payout

For various Adbuff methods, the minimum payout threshold is different. For Paypal and Payoneer the minimum threshold is $ 100, but for Bank Wire Transfers is $ 500; and new editors can not reach the threshold of 2000 daily visits which are likely to be successful for established editors.

Conclusion On Adbuff Review:

We have find that Adbuff is legit and have moderate CPC. Publisher should join Adbuff


Popcash Review: CpC, CPM and CPV

PopCash Review

PopCash is a advertising network that enables publishers to make money from popcash publisher ads network. Useful features such as a 10-minute registration procedure and a payment program make it easy to earn on the platform on sites of any size. PopCash also provides 24/7 support via email and Skype as well as an easy-to-use self-service interface. In addition, a referral program of Popcash is available to provide the site that referred to them with 10% of the revenues of a new publisher.

PopCash Review

Popcash CpC, CPM and CPV

While PopCash Review, we find Popcash is legit. We also find while Popcash review Poochha offers approx .5$ per thousand view (CPM). We can also say Popcash offers approx .0001 to .004$ per click (CPC).

Methods To Get Paid By Popcash:

While our Popcash review we find, publisher gets at least $ 10 that they can withdraw money from their PopCash account. The network handles daily payments– one of the few on the market– far below some of the monthly or bi-monthly schedules on other platforms. Publishers receive their money 24 to 48 hours after requesting it, but a slightly longer waiting period can lead to demanding earnings on weekends and bank vacations.

Payment from popcash can be made using PayPal, Paxum, Skrill, Payza and WebMoney, all of which can charge the money they load on to their own platforms for their own expenses. Amounts can also be earned in Bitcoin, whereas a separate wire transfer option allows you to make money provided you have met at least $ 1,000.

Why we Like Popcash:

We find these things during Popcash review that pretends us to use and overview the Popcash:

  • The ecpm is too high
  • The fast and reliable payment system.
  • Real time intrigation
  • No Publisher requirement
  • 5$ advertisement threshold.

DashBoard Of Popcash:


While popcash review, we find Popcash is very legit, and very Thoughtful ads network. If publisher are using Movie website, cyrptocurrency website, porn or any semi illegal website he/she must join Popcash as publisher. 


Waframedia Review: A Arab Media


WAFRA Media– the Arab World’s ultimative ad network for both advertiser and publishing households– traffic in various parts, especially sports, gossip & leisure from GCC, North Africa and the Middle East. Our professional Arabic speaking team of young enthusiasts who love life and understand the media and culture– is focused on optimizing every customer performance by selecting the best public campaigns and customized solutions using top-notch technology tools– one-stop one-stop one-stop one-stop ad network for the Arab Wold.

Key Features Of Waframedia Review:

We have Done review of Waframedia review, and find these key points of waframedia.

  • Analyze Your Strength and Weakness Points
  • Start Optimizing Your Actions
  • Enrich Your Web Property With Best Quality Content
  • Get Highest ECPM’s and Best Fill Rates
  • Personal Consultation for Optimizations
  • 24/7 Technical Support
Commission Type:CPC /CPM /CPA
Minimum Payment:$ 200
Payment Frequency:Net 35
Payment Method:PayPal, Payoneer, or Wire Transfer

Conclusion on Waframedia review:

Waframedia review has legit network but it’s CPC and CPM is too low. Waframedia is A ads network for the Arab network.

Coinage Act 1906: 1st coin Act Summary

Coinage Act 1906

Coinage Act 1906 get into forced on 2nd march 1906.

Theme of Coinage Act 1906

Coinage Act 1906 is a act to consolidate and amend the law releted to the Coinage and the mint. The coinage act 1906 has been referred to the total area occupied by the british in british-india.

Definitions of Coinage act 1906:

Unless anything is disgusting in the subject or the context of this Act

  • “the deface” includes the cutting, filing, stamping or other alteration of the surface or shape of a coin with its grammatical variations and cognate terms which can be readily distinct from reasonable wears;
  • The mint comprises the existing mint and any that may subsequently be established; (c)’ required’ means a variation from standard weight and fineness; (d)’ cure’ means the weight prescribed for any coin. “standard weight” means the standard weight.
  • Capacity to create and abolish mints. By a notification in the Official Gazette, the Central Government may establish a Mint anywhere where a Mint does not currently exist;
  • Coins can, by notification in the Official Gazette, be coined in the Mint for issue under the central government’s authority, 3 of such denominations of not more than 1,000 rupees], of such dimensions and designs and of such metals or mixed metals as may be established by the central government.
  • However, if the central government considers that coining, in the manner provided in that subparagraph, of the coins by a party (inclusive the government of a foreign state) beyond the limits of India and may be subject to importation under its authority, it shall not be able to allow anything contained in subparagraph (1), unless it is in the opinion that it is necessary or expedient in the public interest to do so.

Decimal systemof coin by coinage act 1906:

  • The rupee is divided into 100, while by notification in the Official Gazette, the central government may designate a new coin representing that unit, under the name it considers appropriate, and the rupee, half-rupee (1), and quarter-rupee shall be equal respectively to one hundred.
  • In all denominations of annas, pice and pies under this Act, all coins issued, to the extent specified in Section 13, are legally bidding in payment or on account with the rates of 16 year, 64 pice or 100 90 new coins referred to in Section 1 as compared to any single coin or number of such coins, tendency tends to be bids of one hundred coins.
  • Any rules under this Article shall be set before, as soon as they are, every House during the sitting of the House for a total period of 30 days which may consist of one or more meetings or of two or more successive meetings, and if both Houses agree to hold any m before the conclusion of the sitting at the end of the sitting immediately after that sitting or following the aforesaid sessions.

Inxyads Review: A tier one Traffic

INXYADS is a Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising network with top GEOs such as USA, UK, AU, CA, and EUROPE. Our price models include CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPI and many different payment models. We have different pricing models.


  • Popup / Popunder;
  • Banners;
  • Direct Link;
  • Branding;
  • Popscreen.


  • Popup / Popunder;
  • Banners;
  • Direct Link;
  • Branding;
  • Pushup;
  • Interstitial;
  • Native Catfish;
  • Catfish Banner.


  • Under Article Widget;
  • Header Widget;
  • Sidebar Widget;
  • Native Catfish;
  • Interstitial.

CPC, CPM OF Inxyads

While Our Whole Inxyads Review, we come to know about the CpC or CPM offered by Inxyads Ads markets is about 1-2$ per 1000 page view.

Conclusion on Inxyads Review:

We find Inxyads is legit till now, as this is initial level of introduction to this ads network.

Toroadvertising review: CPC/CPM Advertising

TORO Advertising has more than five years ‘ experience as an affiliate network. We can provide a broad range of top conversion campaigns for media buyers, performance networks and webmasters, amongst other services, which are completely focused in the marketing industry.

In tracking, reporting, and optimization, TORO Advertising offers the latest technology. To achieve the best possible business outcome, TORO Advertising’s performance marketing approach is based on experience and efficiency. TORO advertising is the ideal partner for your traffic monetization and includes all types of media, channels and ad formats as the path to consistent growth in every aspect.


Requirements for affiliates for ToroAdvertising network:

  • This affiliate network doesn’t accept newbies.
  • The affiliates without websites must clearly explain about marketing strategies and traffic.
  • The sites must not have broken copyright laws.
  • The sites must not host any objectionable content like adult, spam, hacking etc.

Don’t do for ToroAdvertising:

  • The affiliates must not complete the tasks on their own or encourage others to do.
  • The affiliates must not link their sites to illegal sites.
  • The affiliates must not use bots or software to generate fake traffic.

Payment for ToroAdvertising:

Members may be paid on the basis of Net 30, Net 15 or Net 7. For the payment frequency, you must contact your affiliate manager. The lowest payout is $ 50. Payment options are PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Wire, Skrill and ePayments.

Referral Program of ToroAdvertising

Members can increase their income by referring to others. The rate of commission is 5 %. Depending on your performance this rate can increase.

Best Features of ToroAdvertising:

  • 1500+ offers
  • Timely payments
  • Referral system
  • Competitive rates
  • The affiliates can track their performance and revenue real time.
  • You don’t need to have a website to get started.
  • Dedicated support

Conclusion On ToroAdvertising review:

ToroAdvertising review have legit Ads Network. Publisher must use ToroAdvertising as a Alternate of Adsense

Adtrue Review: A CPM Network

Adture is a CPM based ads network. Adtrue was Created on 13 September 1988, FPT generated more than $ 1.8 billion in revenues in IT and Telecommunications as its core businesses. FPT provides services to 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam with nearly 27,000 employees and included 12,241 technology experts, engineers, developers, and has also continued to expand globally to 19 countries in four continents: America, Australia, Europe and Asia. At the same time, FPT has pioneered new technological trends to confirm Vietnam’s position on the global technology map. After is A outlays of FTP.

Contact Address to Adtrue Ads network:

While the Review of Adtrue we find these Contact Address of Adtrue:

  • Global Head Office
  •  Address: 3rd Floor, UDIC Complex Building, Hoang Dao Thuy Str, Cau Giay, Hanoi.
  • Phone: (+84) 242-265-5588
  • Email:

Key points of Adtrue Ads network:

Smart Optimize System enhanced By Adtrue:

Our smart optimizing system chooses the most suitable ads with highest price for your website.

High quality and safe ads Adtrue:

Enjoy a wide range of advertisements from our premium campaigns with global brand partners.

Highest eCPM and fill rate by Adtrue:

We offer the highest eCPM, filling 100% of your traffic with our optimizing system.

Real-time report by Adtrue:

Be up-to-date with your website’s performance from our real-time report.

Passback Compatibility with major vendors of Adtrue:

Don’t lose any impression. Optimize your remnant inventory with us via passback tag to major vendors.

Direct support from Adtrue manager:

Save your time and effort from filling forms and request – Let us connect directly to Astrid.

Ads format offered by Adtrue:

While Adtrue Review we find After support These seven ads Format:

  1.  468 x 60
  2.  728 x 90
  3.  120 x 600
  4.  160 x 600
  5.  300 x 250
  6.  336 x 280
  7.  300 x 600
  8. Pre-Roll
  9. Post-Roll

Targeting Option Available for Advertiser:

  • Geographic targeting in Adtrue
  • Demographic targeting in Adtrue
  • Site-Specific targeting in Adtrue
  • Behavioral targeting in Adtrue
  • Contextual targeting in Adtrue
  • Re-targeting targeting in Adtrue
  • Purchase-based targeting in Adtrue

What Adtrue accept of advertiser:

While our Adtrue Review we find that Adtrue does not accept these type of websites:

  • Alcohol / Tobacco Ads
  •  Adult Content Ads
  •  Online Gambling Ads

What Adtrue accept of Publisher:

While our Astrid Review we find these Terms for not accepting a website as publishing Website:

  • Alcohol / Tobacco Sites
  •  Adult Content Sites
  •  Online Gambling Sites

Adtrue Payment terms:

While Our Adtrue review we find that after have net 15 as well as net 30 days Payment Terms. Minimum Payout Offers By after is 50$. Payment us sent to Publisher has been done by PAYPAL AS WELL AS WIRE TRANSFER.

Conclusion on Adtrue Review:

We find after is Legit and Publisher get Paid on time. This is too Godd for the Publishers.

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