Adnow Review: A Marksman Network

Adnow interface

In Ads network review series we have done review of PopcashCpaleadspoutableyllix, s  popcashAdbuffVibrant MediaExoclick, clickpapa, Hilltop ads, Elevers, Speedyads, Adnow and so on.

Introduction To Adnow:

Adnow Logo

Adnow is a leading native Ads network for exotic as well as family content website which Serves allmost 10B+ Impression daily, 1.6 Lakh Publisher’s, 1700 Advertiser and a reach of 117 countries worldwide. These Data shows how much big is the Adnow Ads Network.

Local promotions draw in up to 60 percent more consideration than old style pennants, as per late examinations. Guests pick local promotions since they are eager to take a gander at local site data, for example, content suggestions or significant items and interface with them.

As the best piece of their advanced media plan, publicists incline toward local promotions. Consistently, the worldwide piece of the overall industry of local promotions increments by 140 percent, making it the biggest present day publicizing pattern.

Local advertisements are currently viewed as the best apparatus for the adaptation of offers and substance. The world’s biggest web stages utilize local and in-feed promotions to adapt their substance. These promotion configurations give up to multiple times higher CTR and multiple times higher transformation rates, which increment sponsors and distributers ‘ absolute pay up to multiple times!

The publicizing system was set up in 2014 by the cooperation of advanced advertisers from RTB and Big Data. Its goal was to make a half breed position for publicizing. This interesting arrangement joins publicizing and other site substance to improve client commitment.

The system permits the mix of indigenous advertisements and media pennants in a single crusade, which is exceptionally valuable for clients and brands associated with special exercises. AdNow ‘s essential thought depended on its organizer’s times of RTB, Big Data, PPC and portable promoting. With in excess of 4 billion impressions every month, the system has turned out to be one of the most productive indigenous publicizing devices in 107 nations in two years.

Contact to Adnow :-

These are the Ways from which you can Contact Adnow For Advertising as well as to Get Ads.

AdNow Company Stats


Network founded: 2014

Employee count: 51-200 employees as of September 2016

Ownership: Private. Partnership No. OC 390789.

Profiles: FacebookTwitterLinkedIn

AdNow Support and Contact Information

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Address: Adnow LLP, Las Suite, 5 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1 Dg,, UK

Tel: (For publishers) +44 20 380 714 60


Advertisers and offers

Network type: CPM, CPC

Ad formats: Related post widgets, Content RecommendationV  Most (Check: for details).

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Working style of Adnow:

While Our Adnow Review, we Find Adnow these all Data into the Adnow.

AdNow offers gadgets for related posts as a system of substance proposals that distributers can put on their site. The gadgets show supported substance that wins cash from the distributer by tapping on the relating substance and review it.

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The administration has pulled in a huge number of website admins who currently acquire great cash from gadgets after some time. AdNow is a substance well disposed stage for the adaptation of your site. The system mediators physically check each substance before it is appropriated to distributers to guarantee it is spotless, protected and pertinent. They even furnish JS labels that don’t strife with other promotion administration systems, so AdNow can be joined

The system offers distributers a few favorable circumstances, including week after week installments, simple customization of gadgets, quick multilingual help and considerably more. Distributers with great sites are endorsed right away.

In any case, you should distribute at any rate one instructive article every day as a distributer where AdNow can put its advertisements. AdNow is a great area for distributers that other comparative systems, for example, Taboola, OutBrain and RevContent might not have endorsed. It gives a one of a kind method to adapt site traffic through important and drawing in client content that guests can snap and view. On the off chance that you have great traffic on your site, this is perhaps the best system to assemble


What we like During AdNow Review:

During Adnow Review, Adnow offers English as well non-English sites to join, has week after week installments, aggressive rates, works securely with other advertisement systems, including Adsense, Propeller Ads and Adtomatik, has an ongoing revealing framework, and if your site is dismissed, you can generally apply again in the wake of fixing the suggested issues.

What we don’t care for about AdNow: Ads that are immaterial or wrong can not be separated legitimately. On the off chance that you get unessential or wrong promoting, you should contact support.

AdNow Company Stats

Homepage: founded: 2014Employee count: 51-200 employees as of September 2016Ownership: Private. Partnership No. OC 390789.Profiles:FacebookTwitterLinkedIn

AdNow Support and Contact Information

Address: Adnow LLP, Las Suite, 5 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1 Dg,, UKTel: (For publishers) +44 20 380 714 60Support

Advertisers and offers

Network type: CPM, CPCAd formats: Related post widgets, Content RecommendationVerticals: Most (Check: for details)

Cpm Offered By Adnow:-

Cpm Offered by Adnow is Approx .001$ for every Thousand Impressions.

Payment Proof Offered By Adnow:-

During Payment Proof review, We find the Adnow Network is too legit.

Adnow payment proof

Adnow Review: Conclusion

AdNow is one of the best options publishers can use as a content recommendation service to monetize their website traffic. The ad network gives you widgets for related posts that show sponsored content to your visitors. Whenever you click on the sponsored content or view it, you are paid.

AdNow offers publishers many advantages, such as weekly payments, low minimum payouts, multilingual support, different payment methods, clean and safe advertising and easy customization of widgets. This is one of the best native advertising networks you can work with if you have enough traffic.

Hilltop Ads Review: CPC, CPM, REQUIMENTS

Hilltop Ads

In Ads network review series we have done review of PopcashCpaleadspoutableyllix, s  popcashAdbuffVibrant MediaExoclick, clickpapa, Hilltop ads, Elevers, Speedyads, Adnow and so on.

Introduction To Hilltop ads:-

HilltopAds is a world one of the most popular advertising network that helps to facilitate a reciprocally profitable and satisfying relationship between advertisers and publishers by serving ads to legitimate websites victimisation leading edge good technical school solutions on their advertising platform.

During hilltop ads Review, We find that hilltop ads approximately shows more than 12B Impression yearly. Hilltop ads offers CPM and CPA whereas Traffic are directly from the publishers. Hilltop offers advance targeting with no traffic or impression Block.

Most advertisers often worry regarding ROI whereas publishers merely wish to legitimate their websites during a safe and economical method. With HilltopAds, this ostensibly herculean task has been created quite easy particularly as a result of they supply their own ad server answer for web site traffic proof, likewise as associate economical and advanced self service platform for advertising campaigns.

Features offered by Hilltopads:-

Features of Hilltop Ads

During Hilltop ads review, we find these Features to be offered by Hilltop ads. These feature are as follows:

  • CPM (CPA per request)
  • Traffic from direct publishers
  • Advanced targeting
  • No blocked impressions
  • Real-time detailed statistics
  • eCPM real-time optimization
  • Self-Service for advertisers
  • 24/7 qualified support
  • Custom solutions for valued partners
  • Own adserver solution
  • Ad networks rotation for publishers
  • No financial transaction fees
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How to Signup In HillTop Ads:-

Signup Hilltop ads

For signup to Hilltop ads, Hilltop asks you some basic question. The basic questions are “are you publishers/Advertiser?”, “Your Name”, “Email address from which you are signing up” And the password for the signing up.

Publisher Requirements on Hilltop Ads:

  • Traffic Minimum: None
  • Publisher Language Requirements: None

Advertisers & Offers on Hilltop Ads:

  • Ad Formats: Mobile and Desktop pop-ups, Display banners, in-Video ads.
  • Offer Types: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL,
  • Verticals: All (Gaming, Downloads, PinSubmits, Dating, SweepStakes, Video Streaming, File Hosting, Entertainment)
  • Network Size: An average of 12,000,000,000 global unique ads monthly

Interface Used by Hilltop Ads:

Interface Used by HillTop Ads

Hilltop Ads contains both interface i.e Advertiser’s Interface as well as Publishers’ interface. In publishers Interface Three columns are given. These columns are Statistics, Manage sites and zones and payment history.

In the Advertiser account, Hilltop ads you have four columns namely funds, statistics, manage campaign and estimations tools.

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Hilltop Ads Payment Proof:

Payment Proof Hilltop Ads

From this image we can say Hilltop is a legit Ads Network.

Conclusion on Hilltop Ads:

From this Post we concluded that Hilltop Ads is very legit Ads Network you should work on this Ads Network.

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Bidvertiser Review 2019: CPC, CPM AND REQUIREMENTS

While Our Ads Review Series, In this series we are going to do Bidvertiser Review, we will examine different situation and diffrent units of the Bidvertiser. We are going to examine diffrent situation of Bidvertiser as like, “what is CPC of Bidvertiser?”, “what is CPM of Bidvertiser?”, “Does Bidvertiser is legit?” And the requirements to join Bidvertiser publisher Network.

In Ads network review series we have done review of PopcashCpaleadspoutableyllixspeedyadspopcashAdbuffVibrant MediaExoclick and so on.

Introduction To Bidvertiser:

Bidvertiser logo

Bidvertiser is a Israel based ads network that focus on self serve platform That connect Publisher as well as Advertiser. Bidvertiser serves Approx 78522 website, 459188236 ads serves on the 196+ countries with 1599922 ads conversation.

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search feed

Cpm And Cpc Of Bidvertiser:

Cpm of Bidvertiser is Approx .4$ are as follows. The Most of the ads shown by Bidvertiser is Pop-underads.

Bidvertiser vs AdSense:

AdSense is Far Better Than Bidvertiser as bidvertiser serves Approx 80% of it’s ads is Pop-underads where as AdSense serve Banner ads or unlink Banner ads.

How to sign up on Bidvertiser:


Before Signup to the Bidvertiser, Bidvertiser ask you following Information, These are as follows:-

  • First and the Last Name of Publisher
  • Unique user name
  • Unique email address
  • Password of Email

Conclusion on Bidvertiser:

Bidvertiser is Good for illegal or movie Website. Bidvertiser is good for the high traffic website with illegal Traffic. Publisher should not run website with AdSense as well as Bidvertiser.

Trafficjunky Review: Trend to Adult Ads

This is Our first Review of Adult ads network or MarketPlace(Publisher and Advertiser). We have gone Through Many of Advertiser as Publisher for this Trafficjunky Review.

Introduction of Trafficjunky:


Trafficjunky is a Cyprus Based Porn ads network as well as MarketPlace. During Trafficjunky Review we find Trafficjunky Uses to Serves approx 1.6 BillIon daily ads impresions with easy to access Support kits.

Payment Proof Trafficjunky:

Till now we Don’t Get proof, After Getting proof we will surely post the article.

Profit And Loss Trafficjunky:

These are some of the profits and Losses, some of the irrespective of the Trafficjunky

  • Adult sites accepted
  • On time payments
  • High fill rates
  • Pay for worldwide traffic
  • Easy to Join or Signup
  • Responsive ads
  • Real time updates of the stats
  • Competitive cpm rates
  • Automatic Payments without any request
  • Payout rates will be high for premium websites
  • Pays biweekly basis to it’s publishers
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Good customer support
  • Many payment options (PayPal, international Wire Transfer, Paxum, Firstchoice Pay and US Wire Transfer).

Minimum Payout, Payment Option, Payment Time:

The minimum payout from TrafficJunky is $100; it provides 5 payment alternatives to Paypal, International, Paxum, Firstchoice and U.S. Wire Transfer user groups. The minimum payout is $100. This ad network charges its publishers twice a week, and TrafficJunky will not give its publishers any referral commission.

Conclusion on Trafficjunky:

Since, it is adult ads traffic website for adult traffic.

InfoLink Review: Text to Link Ads

InfoLinks Signup

While Our Ads Review Series, In this series we are going to do InfoLink Review, we will examine different situation and diffrent units of the InfoLink. We are going to examine diffrent situation of InfoLink as like, “what is CPC of InfoLink?”, “what is CPM of InfoLink?”, “Does InfoLink is legit?” And the requirements to join InfoLink publisher Network.

In Ads network review series we have done review of PopcashCpaleadspoutableyllixspeedyadspopcashAdbuffVibrant MediaExoclick and so on.

Introduction To InfoLink:

Look to InfoLinks

InfoLinks is a Newzealand Based text to Link ads Market(Publisher and Advertiser). InfoLinks serves 100,000 websites, 240 million monthly Unique visitor, 1.5 billion ads serves and it’s is Popular as 3rd largest ads Publisher in the world.

InfoLinks Review: Cpc and Cpm

We Have managed some short term ads of InfoLinks on our website. We find InfoLinks is for High traffic and Premium websites. We have serves approx 1000 ads and we get .06$ as the Revenue, which is below average.

During the InfoLinks review, we have not talk too much publishers for the CPC and CPM. we find CPC and CPM of InfoLinks approx .4$ cpc while CPM of the the InfoLinks Approx 4$ (Per thousand mile).

InfoLinks uses to focus all tier. Tier 1 traffic, which mean traffic from countries like USA, CANADA, EUROPE. The CPM from tier 1 traffic is approximately 2-4$, while The CPC of tier 1 traffic approx .04$ -.06$.

If we talk about InfoLinks CPM for tier 2 is approx .046$ while CPC is approx .025$.

If we talk about InfoLinks CPM for tier 3 is approx .09$ while CPC is approx .0055$.

InfoLinks review: Requirements

InfoLinks have requirements, any traffic websites which we call the Website a 3rd largest website can be a part of InfoLinks. International Traffic is widely accepted by InfoLinks as InfoLinks Support almost every Countries in the world.

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InfoLinks review: Legit or Scam

During our InfoLinks review, we find InfoLinks is legit and publisher get paid, that publishers have earned from the after showing the ads from the InfoLinks. As stated Above InfoLinks is a Premium ad network in the world, a network cannot become a 3rd Largest ad network if publisher as well as Advertiser have not on the trust on InfoLinks.

InfoLinks review: Payment Proof

During Our Payment Proof review, we find that InfoLinks is Legit. It is also a Paying websites. User will Get Paid for How Much the ads shown by them and Clicked by the Visitors.

InfoLinks Payment Proof

InfoLinks review: Payment method

Payment Method Offered By InfoLinks are as Follows:

  • Bank Wire Transfers – $25 plus 2% to receive your payment via your local currency
  • PayPal– U.S. residents $1, everyone else 2% up to $10
  • eCheck – $6 plus 2% for currency conversion
  • WesrernUnion – $15 minimum
  • Ach and Payoneer – No fees

Ad Format Supported by Clickadu:

  • Billboard banner
  • Native advertising
  • Display Banners (300×250, 468×60, 728×90, 250×250, 120×600, 160×600, 315×300)
  • Sticky banners
  • Pop-unders
  • Instant message

Conclusion On InfoLinks Review:

We have find that InfoLinks is legit as its a 3rd Largest Ads network which have moderate level of CPC. Publisher should join InfoLinks as a alternative of AdSense.

Adsterra Review: A boom to New Era Ads Network

In the few years Adsterra has been in service, Adsterra saw much success. The network started in Scotland and is currently growing globally. More than 10 trillion distinctive ad impressions are presently served each month. Each of these publicity impressions is geo-targeted, worldwide. It currently collaborates in more than 190 nations with editors and advertisers. As it expands into even more nations, the amount continues to increase.

Adsterra Review: Requirements

  • Your Website must get at minimum 5000 impressions per month to qualify for pop-unders
  • The Publishers which use fake traffic before or after the permission of the network will be prohibited from receiving at least 50,000 impressions a month for qualifying for banner views.
  • All traffic from lawful sources Not permitted illegally or adult material
  • No fake traffic allowed
  • No traffic manipulation or traffic exchanges allowed
  • No adult content, drug or other illegal content allowed

Adsterra Review: Payout

Bitcoin, ePayments, Paxum, PayPal, Payza, WebMoney and WireTransfer are available for deposit. The rules and charges for payment are as follows:

PayPal — Adsterra does not charge any fees to use PayPal.

Bitcoin — Adsterra will apply a 0.1% commission for Bitcoin.

Webmoney — Adsterra charges 0.8% of payout.

Paxum — Adsterra charges a fixed fee of $1 on transaction.

Epayments — Adsterra does not charge any fees for money transfers.

Payza — Adsterra does not charge any fees but Payza might charge 4% of the total sum.

Wire (bank transfer) — Adsterra will charge $50 for USD bank transfers and $0 for EUR bank transfers.

Minimum amount paid out for PayPale, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, ePayments, Payza is $100 and wire, minimum payout is $1,000 and immediate payment is $1,000, PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, EPayments, Payza payout is possible. Transfers of wire typically come within 3-4 working days.

Adsterra Review: conclusion

During Adsterra Review we find that Adsterra is legit and Publisher get paid for what The ads shown by the them on thier Websites. This is same for the Advertiser.

Universal Media Solutions: A Dream Technology

Introduction To Universal Media Solutions:

Universal Media Solutions is being managed By Henrik Blase as the founder and managing director.

Features Of Universal Media Solutions:

The most Important Features of the Universal Media Solutions are as follows:

  • Innovative tracking technology with cookie separating filter, de-duplication and single tagging.
  • Comprehensive analytical methods through customer journey analysis
  • Cockpit for control of a I campaigns, programs, countries or customers.
  • Multi level rights management
  • Flexible and high-performance statistics including all important performance indicators.
  • Management of flexible remunerations (CPM to CPA) for cooperatior partners
  • Network function with separate interface for corporate partner
  • Advanced campaign managements

Conclusion on Universal Media Solutions:

Universal Media Solutions uses to Provide Solutions for advertising and Publishing Company. Universal Media Solutions transfer their technologies to Advertising Market.