A Informative Guide to WordPress.com : A Complete WordPress Beginner Guide

Are you to begin hosting, if yes! Then, you Must hear about the WordPress. Am I true, if yes! Do you know WordPress has two forms WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress is open source Platform develope by some renowned volunteer and the mighty Automatic corporation. These are people who are at backend of Powerfull JETPACK, wordpress.com, WooCommerce and WP Job manager.

All of the above service provided by Automatic corporation, we will discuss WordPress.com’s beginner Guide. Through this post, we will discuss how to Begin in wordpress.com, how to use WordPress.com, features of WordPress.com, pro and cons of WordPress.com and Many more.

Let’s start the Article WordPress.com’s Beginner Guide

How to Start or setup account with wordpress.com

To start with you should follow these steps:-

  • Signup to WordPress.com
  • Choose a Plan to continue with WordPress.com
  • Pay the amount or Get the website for free in the WordPress.com website.
  • you are set to Go.

Plan Available at WordPress.com

There are four Plan available at WordPress.com namely Free Plan, Personal Plan, Premium Plan and Business Plan.

Pros And Cons on hosting website at WordPress.com:

There are too many pros but little cons for webmaster while using WordPress.com.

Pros of using wordpress.com:

There are too many pros of using wordpress.com. Some of them are listed below:

  • Fast reliable hosting
  • 100% Uptime
  • No Security Tension
  • Free Backups
  • Social Engine Automatic connection

Cons of using wordpress.com:

Visitor can not Signup and Signin in your website without signup from wordpress.com

Pros of plans:-

All four plans its own Pros, Let’s Count These pros by plan by plan:

Features of Free plan:-
  • WordPress.com Subdomain or .
  • WordPress Community Support
  • Jetpack Essential Features
  • Price is Free of cost
  • Infinite space for hosting files and video
Features of Personal Plan:-
  • Everything in Free Plan
  • Free Domain for One Year
  • Email & Live Chat Support
  • Price is rupee 200 per month
  • 6gb space for hosting files and video
Features of Premium Plan:-
  • Everything in Personal Plan
  • Advanced Design Customization
  • Unlimited Premium Themes
  • Price is rupee 350 per month
  • 13gb space for hosting files and video
Features of Business Plan:
  • Everything in Premium Plan
  • Third-Party Plugins and Themes
  • SEO Tools & Google Analytics
  • Price is rupee 800 per month
  • 200gb space for hosting files and video

How WordPress.com is different from WordPress.org

WordPress.com is Automatic corporation hosted WordPress website while WordPress.org is a self hosted WordPress website.

Though in the WordPress.com publisher have large server Space in respect of WordPress.org at same price.

Publisher got 200 Gb space 9600INR while hosting through private server, you will get Approx 50gb storage.

Tubecorporate Review: A Premium Adult DSP Ads Website

Tubecorporate Review

Tubecorporate is an ad network or platform where an advertiser can give their ads for brand Awareness and publisher can buy these ads. Through the tubecorporate, we can monetize our desktop as well as mobile traffic. Tubecorporate recently launched a adult video platform as like xnxx.

Tubecorporate, Europe based DSP Ads Network that serves Approx 1,517,000,000 banner impressions monthly.

Tubecorporate is a Publisher ads Network or we can say it but say, it is a Dsp Ads network.

Ads type offer by tubecorporate:- 

They monetize through video, pads(pop-under), banner ads, webPush and Gallery in the mobile as well as desktop. Tubecorporate only offer adult or Xxx ads as it works as meditation network for Other ads network.

Recently Tune corporate.com starts to buy subscription-based ads system.

Payments terms offered by Tube corporate:-

PopAds Review

 Payment get by the publisher through tubecorporate;- 

  • By Paxum (no transfer commission)   
  • Payment (zero fees)   
  • Wire transfer (50$ minimum)     
  • Bitcoin 3% fee 

When did I get payment from Tubecorporate:-

WEBMASTER get paid only on 1st and 16th of Every Month

Minimum threshold for Payment:

The minimum payout is $100 ($500 for Wire), but you can always rise it to your convenience.


Ads Network that partned with tubecorporate to Show Ads:

These are mostly Premium ads provider, they are aslike Exoclick, Trafficstars, clickadilla, Hilltop ads, Adscompass, PlugRush, DatsPush, AdserveMe and Advertiser.com.

We think Through Tubecorporate review i.e Tubecorporate has fill rate you should join it.

          Tubecorporate sign up

Propeller ads Review: A High Earning Ads Network

This Is a Era of strict rules and regulations of the renewed and high paying Ads Network as link ADSENSE, Media.net, Taboola and many more.

So, We are coming with Propeller Ads based in Cyprus, founded in 2011, serves Approx 2B+ impreasions daily and a reach of Approx 40%+ internet user’s.

Ads Format Offered By Propeller Ads:-

There are too many ads Format too by offered by this renowned ad network. These Ads Format are:-

  1. Push Service Subscription
  2. Direct Links  (Direct ads)
  3. Native Banner
  4. One-click POPUNDER
  5. Inertial Ads
Type Of Ads offered by Propeller Ads
Type Of Ads offered by Propeller Ads

Push Service or Subscription:-

Push Service or Notifications send By PropellerAds
Push Service or Notifications send By PropellerAds

The Push Service or Notifications send By PropellerAds Works on two Basis that CPM(COST PER MILE) and CPS(COST PER SUBSCRIPTION).

The Publisher earns from CPM Model of PropellerAds is Approx .2-.4$ for page view. For CPS Model WEBMASTER get Approx 5-90$ for 1000 Subscription.

Native Banner:-

Native Banner offered by PropellerAds
Native Banner offered by PropellerAds

Native Banner is most Premium Features Offered By PropellerAds. Though Native Banner is CPC based Ads Network, where Publisher get paid Approx .3$-.9$ for every click or traffic you send to PropellerAds.

Onclick or Pop-under:-

Popunder offered by PropellerAds
Popunder offered by PropellerAds

POPUNDER offered by PropellerAds is too bad in nature. These are low paying Ads groups. Publisher get paid Approx .0001$ for every 1000 impreasions.

How to Begin with Propeller Ads: A Guide to Begin

To Begin With Propeller Ads, you need to Signup or register in the Propeller Ads website. These are the step you should take to Begin:-

Search your Traffic analytics
  • Just go to Propellerads.com
  • Signup with Email Address
  • Add your website to PropellerAds
  • Get verified from PropellerAds via verification Tags or uploading a file to your folder via FTP.
  • Get verified, add or Create ads zone in PropellerAds
  • Get the Tags and Place in your website.

Hence, you begin to Earn from the Propellerads.

Payment Method offered or supported by PropellerAds:-

Payment method Offered by Propeller ads
Payment method Offered by Propeller ads

This is one of the figures from which Pretends me to choose a Network or not. The payment threshold to geeting paid from PropellerAds is 5$.

Payment Method offered by PropellerAds:-

Now a day, PropellerAds only supports these ads Network for it’s 6$ Payment threshold. These payment Network’s are:-

  • Credit card
  • Payoneer
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Webmoney
  • E-payment
Seo tools

While through wire transfer, you can get paid after reaching the threshold of 50$.

Alternative Ads Network of PropellerAds:-

There are too many Alternetive ads network of PropellerAds. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Adnow:- Adnow is a leading native Ads network for exotic as well as family content website which Serves allmost 10B+ Impression daily, 1.6 Lakh Publisher’s, 1700 Advertiser and a reach of 117 countries worldwide. These Data shows how much big is the Adnow Ads Network.
  • Taboola – A NEW YORK (USA) Based native Ads Publicity network founded by adam singolda. Now a day, Taboola has a reach of Approx 50% of world population with a office at 14 Locations and more than 1000 employees. Taboola has a revenue of More than 1B$.
  • Mgid – While Our MGID Review 2019, we came to assure that Mgid Came up with Advertiser as well as Publisher solutions. We can also say MGID CAME UP WITH marketplace where both Publisher can run ads on there website while Advertiser can advertise their content. As like Adnow, Mgid is also a native ads network.
  • Speedyads – Speedyads Publisher program is a program that pays you for every click the visitors click on your ads displayed by the speedyads. Simply add a small HTML code snippet to WEBMASTER page and Speedyads system will automatically display relevant ads Based on keywords targeting. Publisher will get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ads sourced by speedyads.
  • Exoclick – The Ad network ExoClick is a Barcelona Based Advertiser network ads Company Headed By Benjamin Fonzé as CEO. Benjamin Fonzé Launched 1st Exoclick ads network as a self serve ads network in 2006. Till Today Exoclick Grew to 4th Largest Ads Network in the World.

PropellerAds Payment Proof:-

PropellerAds Payment Proof
PropellerAds Payment Proof

During our PropellerAds Payment Proof, we find PropellerAds is a legit Ads network

Conclusion on PropellerAds Review:-

During our PropellerAds review, We find PropellerAds is legit Ads Network pay publisher on time with the Legit amount of traffic On CPC and CPM Module.

PopAds Review
Revcontent Signup Form

Trafficstars.com Review: A Premium Adult Ads Network

Trafficstars Homepage
Trafficstars Homepage

Trafficstars is a Cyprus based, premium Ads network that works on BANNER, POPUNDER, Push notification, preroll ads and Native Advertising methology. Trafficstars uses to Support Publisher as well as Advertiser by it’s Adult ads.

Ads format Supported By Trafficstars/Trafficstars.com:-

During Our Trafficstars Review, we find that too many ads format are being supported by Trafficstars.com. These are listed below:-


Banner Ads of Trafficstars
Banner Ads of Trafficstars

Trafficstars Provides classic display banners with 100% fill rate for all popular and listed formats (300×250, 315×300, 900×250, 728×90, 250×150, 300×100).


Trafficstars POPUNDER
Trafficstars POPUNDER

Trafficstars trigger’s a popunder with the user click on a webpage and appears hidden behind the main browser window or opens up in a side tab.


Push Notifications send by Trafficstars
Reserve to Trafficstars

Trafficstars send Push notifications on desktop, mobile and tablet to users who have subscribed to a publisher’s website. 


Trafficstars pre roll Video
Reserve to Trafficstars

Trafficstars video’s ad which plays for up to 40 seconds before the start of the video, using VAST technology. The video pre-roll includes a clickable link and a call to action to ensure a high conversion rate. Ready scripts are available for the Video IM Slider which features an instant message dialog box containing a video ad of up to 40 seconds.


Native Advertising
Native Advertising

Trafficstars’s Native ads fit in seamlessly with the site that they appear on to create a highly converting and fully compliant ad format. Trafficstars’s native widget is fully customisable and responsive, consisting of an image, brand name and headline. Trafficstars uses to work on CPMV (cost per 1000 views) algorithm means that advertisers only pay for creatives that users actually see and publisher’s get paid for each and every thumbnail that is viewed.

CPC/CPM/CPV of Trafficstars:-

Trafficstars works only on CPV model. In other words we can also say Trafficstars pay Advertiser by the CPM model. How much Trafficstar’s Ads is being seen by the visitors. This is the crucial and most interesting occourance of a Adultstream ads Network.

CPV of Trafficstars is Approx .02$ for every Thousand Ads impreasions which is not too GOOD.

Requiments to Get Admitted in Trafficstars adult stream Ads Network:-

Publishers may not:

  • encourage users to click the ads by using phrases such as “click the ads,” “support us,” “visit these links,” etc.
  • direct user attention to the ads via arrows or other graphical gimmicks
  • place misleading images alongside individual ads
  • promote sites displaying ads through unsolicited mass emails or unwanted advertisements on 3rd party websites
  • compensate users for viewing ads or performing searches or promise compensation to a third party for such behaviour (pay to click, pay to view)
  • spread any kind of malware to users
  • have excessive advertising that would impact user experience or prevent the user from viewing content

Layout of the site must be:

  • user friendly and easy to navigate
  • if using “https” your certificate must be accurately configured

Site must not:

  • be blacklisted
  • be incomplete or under construction
  • require login to see any content, logins are allowed but content must be viewable at least in preview
  • have any errors such as 404, 502, etc
  • have pieces of code showing in the body of the site
  • have “lorem ipsum” or placeholder such as “button 1” names on buttons, menus, etc

T&C source : TrafficStars

TrafficStars: Offers & Verticals

  • Ad Types: Banners, Popunder
  • Cost Model(s): CPM, CPC, Dynamic CPM, and CPMV
  • Verticals: Adult

TrafficStars: Payment & Investment

TrafficStars: Support

  • Personal Account Manager: yes
  • Support Response Speed: reply within 24 hours
  • Support Rating: perfect support!
  • Contact Methods: email or online helpdesk
  • Contact: support@trafficstars.com

Alternative To Trafficstars:-

During Our Trafficstars Review, weFind These are the Top most ALTERNETIVE of Trafficstar. These are as follows:-

  • Adxxx
  • Trafficjunky
  • JuicyAds

Introduction To Adxxx

Adxxx Review and Logo
Adxxx Logo

Adxxx is a publicity network for its publisher as well as advertiser. While doing Adxxx review, Adxxx is a Singapore based company run for mainstream as well Adultstream publishing network. There is a rumor in the market I.e it is specialized for adult traffic, It is not true but Adxxx is basically for both type of network, but it generates a high amount of Adult traffic from its network this can be because of high amount of it’s Publisher and Advertiser are of Adult webmaster.

Introduction To Trafficjunky:-

Trafficjunky Logo
Traffijunky Logo

Trafficjunky is a Cyprus Based Porn ads network as well as MarketPlace. During Trafficjunky Review we find Trafficjunky Uses to Serves approx 1.6 BillIon daily ads impresions with easy to access Support kits.

Introduction To Juicyads:-

I don’t just make a random statement when I say Juicyads is the best adult advertising platform but rather a judgment based on 2 years of research. I’ll be doing a juicyad check-up today for everyone who has doubts about which is the best platform for adults.

Functions of Banks – A Look on Function of Bank

For general knowledge pont of view, the following points emphasize the banks ‘ top functions. The features are:

1. Collection of Community Savings

2. Lending and Investment

3. Wealth creation.

Community Savings Collection:

People are not keeping their savings at home nowadays. They are depositing them into banks. This avoids the risk of loss (from theft, etc.). In addition, some interest has been earned. There are different deposit types. Some are deposits currently in existence.

Either very small or nil is the interest paid on such deposits. Some deposits may be withdrawn after a fixed period (one year, two years, etc.) or subject to some fraction of the deposited amounts, etc. Such deposits are referred to as time deposits. The different varieties of time deposits, such as fixed deposits, savings deposits, etc., have different names. Time deposits are earning higher interest rates.

Lending and Investment

Banks lend money to traders, businessmen and others. The loan is made using a number of methods. In the borrower’s name, an account is sometimes opened and checks may be drawn. A person with an account may be allowed to collect more money than he has on the account. This is called an exhaust system.

It is also possible to lend money to a bank by discounting a bill or a Hundi. Banks invest money on corporate shares and debentures and on public bills. They provide industry with money against government security Promissory Notes, shares, debenture, gold, manufacturing goods, etc.

Wealth creation

In former times, banks were able to print and issue notes on request. The notes have been used as an exchange medium. Currently, only the country’s central bank can issue notes. However, banks can give loans that exceed the amount that they deposit. Checks against these loans can be drawn and checks can be used as an exchange medium. Banks can therefore create money.

Function of Bank on exam Point Of View:

Student when go to the interview of Bank, Bank asked the student tell me the Function of Bank. Let’s learn the Function of Bank for exam:

Function of Bank

Acceptance of deposits:

A bank’s most important role is to mobilize public funds. Bank provides the depositors with safe custody and interest.

Save deposit:

Save deposit account for those individuals who want to save for future needs and uncertainties. Number and quantity of withdrawals are not restricted. Bank offers check books, ATM cum debit cards and Internet banking facilities. Depositors must maintain a minimum balance that varies across banks.

Fixed deposit or term deposit Money is deposited for a fixed tenure on a fixed deposit account. Banks issue a certificate of deposit containing name, address, deposit amount, date of withdrawal, signatures of the depositor and other important information.

During this period, depositors can not withdraw money. In the event that depositors wish to withdraw before maturity, banks will charge the penalty for premature withdrawal. Current account Companies normally open current accounts. For these accounts, banks provide overdraft facility whereby account holder can withdraw more money than the bank balance available.

To meet urgent needs, this acts as a short-term loan. Bank charges high interest rates and overdrawn charges.

Recurring deposit:

In this type of account depositors, certain sums of money are deposited at regular time. Recurrent account benefit is that it benefits from compounded interest rates and allows depositors to collect large sums of money.

Granting Loans and Advances Cash Credit:

It is a short-term loan facility under which banks allow their customers to borrow up to a certain limit, normally banks grant this loan against certain property’s mortgage. Bank overdraft bank provides this facility to current account holders

. Account holder may withdraw money up to the provided limit at any time. He only has to pay interest on the amount borrowed for the period he borrowed. Loans banks provide loans for different types of short-term and long-term needs. In installments, the borrower pays back the loan.

Discounting bills

Sellers send bills to buyers in normal day-to-day business whenever they sell their products and payment in stipulated time is mentioned in the bill. Let’s take it for 30 days. Seller may discount the bank bill for certain fees under such conditions. Bill discounting acts as a short-term loan in such a situation. In the event that the buyer or drawer defaults, bank sends the bill back to the drawer seller so that he can take legal action against the drawee or buyer.

Agency functions

  • Funds transfer
  • Cheques collection
  • Periodic payments/collection
  • Portfolio management

Utility functions

  • Issue of draft, letter of credit etc :-Letter of credit acts as an assurance that the bank will make the payment up to the amount specified in the letter of credit if the borrower fails to make the payment.
  • Locker facility
  • Underwriting of shares
  • Dealing in foreign exchanges
  • Project reports
  • Social welfare programs


IPM stands for Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test conducted by The IIM INDORE. IPMAT is India’s one of the first Intregated management test held on the intermediate (10+2) Basis. Through IPMAT student can get admitted to the IIM INDORE for BBA as well As MBA.


What is IPM?

IPM stands for Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test conducted by The IIM INDORE. IPMAT is India’s one of the first Intregated management test held on the intermediate (10+2) Basis. Through IPMAT student can get admitted to the IIM INDORE for BBA as well As MBA.

Video on analysis of IIPMAT


IPMAT syllabus

The national level test IPMAT or IPM will be carried out in May for admission to the Integrated Five – Year Management Program (IPM). Candidates must have passed their standard X / SSC and Standard XII / HSC or equivalent examinations with a minimum of 60 percent aggregate marks according to the IPMAT eligibility criteria set by the conducting body that is IIM indore. IPMAT 2020 will be conducted In computer mode across various test centers in India. Applicants who clear the cutoff for IPMAT 2020 will then be called on for the selection rounds (paragraph writing) followed by the final admission process (interview Round).

A Look to The IPMAT application Form:

IPMAT 2020 — The Indian Management Institute, Indore or IIM Indore will conduct its National Undergraduate Test A Integrated program in Management Aptitude Test Program (IPMAT) in May 2020. The institute is expected to launch IPMAT 2020 applications in the second of March and will continue until the third week of April 2020.

To apply for the examination, candidates would need to visit the official website of IIM INDORE. IIM Indore conducts an IPMAT examination for admission to its Integrated Management Program for five years. Through the test, the institute provides around 120 seats. In this article, aspirants to the management who wish to apply for IPMAT 2020 can examine all the examination details such as eligibility, application process, examination pattern, syllabus, admit card and many more.


For IPMAT The mighty IIM Indore suggested or Prescribed the eligibility criteria for the IPM (INTEGRATED PROGRAM IN MANAGEMENT). The eligibility criteria for IPMAT is shown below:

  • Candidates belonging to General and OBC-NCL Category must have minimum 60 percent marks in X/SSC/Matric and XII/HSC/INTERMEDIATE or equivalent examinations in order to apply for IPMAT.
  • SC/ST and PWD (DA) Category candidates must have at least 55 percent marks in X/SSC/Matric and XII/HSC/INTERMEDIATE or equivalent examinations to apply For IPMAT.
  • Age Limit : The age limit for general and OBC CATEGORY student is 20 years while 22 years for SC/ST category as on July 31, 2020 to Apply in IPMAT.

APPLICATION FEE For IPMAT prescribed by IIM Indore:

IPMAT 2020 – Indian Institute of Management, Indore or IIM Indore will conduct its national-level undergraduate test Integrated Programme in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) in the month of May 2020. The institute is likely to start the applications for IPMAT 2020 in the second of March and will continue until the third week of April 2020. Candidates would need to visit the official website to apply for the exam.

IIM Indore is conducting a 5-year Integrated Management Programming IPMAT examination for admissions. The Institute provides approximately 120 IPMAT seats. Management applicants for the IPMAT 2020 application may check in this article all information relating to the examination, including eligibility and application process, examination pattern, syllabus, acceptance card, result, cutoff, dates and so forth.

Important Dates of IPMAT

Important Dates to Get admitted in IIM Indore.
IPMAT 2020
Second week of March
Last Date of
Third week of
April 2020
IPMAT 2020 of admit
Card Release
First week of May 2020
IPMAT 2020
Exam Date
Second week of May 2020
IPMAT 2020
Forth week of
May 2020
Personal Interview (PI) roundFirst week of
June 2020
Announcement of final admission offersThird week of June 2020
First week of August 2020
Commencement of
First week of August 2020

IPMAT Application Form 2020 

IIM Indore will be publish the 2020 IPMAT application form in the second week of March 2020. The last time the application form is submitted, the third week in April 2020 will take place. Candidates planning for the examination should check the criteria for eligibility before submitting the application form. The application fee for IPMAT 2020 is as follows:

IPMAT 2020 Application Fee

CategoryApplication Fee (INR)
General and
Rs. 3000
SC, ST and PWD
Rs. 1500

IPMAT Exam Pattern 2020 

The computer-based test IPMAT 2020 will be a 2-hour test. The review will consist of 100 questions divided in 3 segments, i.e. quantitative Apitude (MCQ), Short Reasoning Question (SHRQ), and verbal Aptiude(MCQ), in accordance with the examination pattern of the IPMAT 2020. All IPMAT EAXM sections will have time limited.

Exam Pattern of IPMAT 2020

No. of
QA (MCQs)40 mins40
VA (MCQs)40 mins40
40 mins20
Total120 mins
(2 hours)

Marking Scheme FOR IPMAT : 

Each question has four marks in the paper Of Ipmat, meaning that four marks are given to each proper answer. The test also has an adverse impact. All misrepresentations are subject to a deduction. Negative QA markings (Short Reply Questions) shall not apply to the options provided when applicants are to enter the reply.

IPMAT Admit Card 2020 

The IPMAT 2020 admission card will be published by IIM Indore in the first week of May 2020. The institute offers a ticket for admission cards and halls only online. The admission card can be downloaded from the website of the official examination by completing the application form and the application fee for applicants which are registered for testing. It is a document to be reviewed. It is necessary.

To download an admit card, IPMAT candidates will need to log in to the official website. At least two printouts of the admission card are advisable for candidates.

IPMAT 2020 Syllabus

IIM Indore IPMAT 2020 Exam Paper to be held in May 2020. EXAM PAPER OF IPMAT will consists of two sections: 

  • Section-1: Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning – 60 questions
  • Section-2: Verbal Ability& Reading Comprehension – 40 Questions

To help you prepare for IPM-AT 2020 in right direction, the Syllabus for IIM Indore IPMAT 2020, based on past exam pattern, is as follows:

Syllabus Section 1: Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning
Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus for IPMAT

  1. Number System
  2. Percentage
  3. Simple Interest and Compound Interest
  4. Profit, Loss and Distance
  5. Average
  6. Time and Work
  7. Ratio, Proportion and Variation
  8. Time, Speed and Distance
  9. Sequence and Series
  10. Mensuration
  11. Permutations and Combinations
  12. Probability
  13. Equations
  14. Logarithm
  15. Geometry
  16. Coordinate Geometry
  17. Matrices and Determinants

Data Interpretation Syllabus FOR IPMAT

  1. Basics of Data Interpretation
  2. Data Sufficiency
  3. Practice Exercise on Data Interpretation

Logical Reasoning Syllabus FOR IPMAT

  1. Sequencing and Arrangement
  2. Team Selection

Syllabus for Section 2: Verbal Ability& Reading Comprehension FOR IPMAT

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Para-jumble
  3. Idioms and Phrases
  4. Fill in the Blanks
  5. Para Completion
  6. Antonym, Synonym, Confusing Words.     

IPMAT Exam Analysis

IPMAT Exam analysis is based on the difficulty level of the examination. Here, we are going to elaborate or deintregate the section-wise IPMAT Exam Analysis. The exam has overall 100 questions which are divided into two sections I.e Quantitative Ability and Verbal Ability.

 QA has 60 questions to be attempted within 75 Minutes and VA has 40 in 45 minutes.
The total time limit was 120 minutes for Ipmat. Now, let’s have a look at individual sections

 Section 1: Quantitative Ability-60 Questions (75 Min) for IPMAT:-The level of difficulty of section 1 of IPMAT Exam was moderate difficult. There were 60 Questions, out of which 50 were option- based and10 were ‘Type in the answer’ (Integer type answer) of which 2-3 questions has more than one option. Topic wise break up is as follows Option based Questions

Data Interpretation 10
Sequences & Series4
Set Theory3
Time & Work2
Complex Numbers2
Time, speed, distance2

One DI case of IPMAT Exam was about percentage marks obtained by students and second was around student hostels & disciplines.Type In The Answer-10 Question

TopicNumber of questions
Functions, probability5
P&C, polynomials, mensuration, set theory5

An attempt of 38-40 questions could be considered as a good attempt in this section of IPMAT ExamExpected cut off– With 85% accuracy, it comes out to a raw score of 122-130.

Section 2: Verbal Ability-40 Questions (45 Min)This section of IPMAT Exam was easy and the students who done their preparation seriously can easily solve all the 40 questions. Let us see topic wise break up

TopicNumber of
Reading Comprehension (2 passages, 250 words each)Fact
based Q – 4,
Opinion based Q-4, Vocabulary & understanding based Q-4
Use of correct phrases in
Use of correct words in sentences5
Fill in the blanks (Passage based)5
Usage of words in sentences5
Para jumbles3
Paragraph inference2
Paragraph completion2
Grammatical error1
Total40 Q

One Reading Commpreshion passage in IPMAT Exam was about geology & evolution and increasing use of gadgets by youngsters. Most of the questions in this section of IPMAT Exam were based on fact, word/phrase meaning, and on the understanding of passages A serious attempt of 40 questions was possible.Expected cut off With 85% accuracy, it comes out to a raw score of 130 Overall difficulty level was medium & a total raw score of 250+ should be good to get a PI-WAT call IPMAT Exam Cutoff: IPMAT 2016 MathsAs like 2015 IPMAT Exam, questions were of moderate-high difficulty level.Topic wise break up of Maths IPMAT Exam is:

Functions 9
Coordinate geometry (Graph based) 3
Circles 2
Trigonometry applications3
3-D, Mensuration 2
Sequences and series2
Complex number 1
Matrices (New category)3
Number applications (AP/GP, binomial expansion, remainders) 3
Quadratic & higher order equation, inequalities3
Statistics (Median) 2
Time Speed Distance1
Ratio-Proportion 2
Work Pipes1
Set definition4
Venn diagram4
LR-2 sets-Circular, Matrix arrangements8
DI-Condition based Selection criteria3

4 questions across topics were of Type in The Answers (TITA) nature Without answer options.Good attempt would be 25-30 questions with 85% accuracy and 80+ marks will be considered as good score in IPMAT Exam. EnglishPredictably, English was an easier section. There were no tricky or unexpected question types. Difficulty level was easy-moderate. Fill in the blanks and vocabulary were given high importance.Topic wise break up

2 RC passages (Short, Inferential questions, no fact based)5 Each
Vocab (Synonyms, Medium-Tough)6
Usage of words5
Para jumbles4
Fill in the blanks

30-32 questions will be good attempt in IPMAT Exam with 85% accuracy, which will lead to 95+ score. Overall cutoff should be 180-200 marks The Cutoff list for IPMAT Exam 2020 will be declared after the results. The table below brings to you the IPMAT Exam 2017 cutoff as released by IIM Indore:IPMAT Cutoff

CategoryQuantitative AbilityVerbal AbilityFemaleMaleTotal ApplicantsMinimum ScoreMaximum Score
PWD (DA)824626324.0748.8


IPMAT is the first of its kind in India to offer a 5-year integrated management program offered by IIM Indore. This is the course for you if you want to become a corporate leader. You will have to complete the WAT and PI (personal interview) process for your admission after your written examination of IPM. The personal interview will test your overall personal and presence during the written exam your knowledge and aptitude.

You should keep the following points in mind if you wish to ace your IPM interview:

  • Be prepared: Some of questions is being asked more frequently in your IPMAT OR IPM interview. It will give you an edge if you do the following things before going for your interview.
  • IPMAT applicant must Prepare their answers in accordance questions asked during the exam.
  • Prepare an set of example questions from your past experiences that validate you answer Preparing OF IPMAT well not only boosts your confidence, but also helps you in giving better quality answers once you are inside the interview room. Certain questions that you can prepare for your IPMAT OR IPM interview would be:
    • Why do you want to join IIM Indore?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    • Why have you chosen this career path for yourself?
    • Where do you see yourself 5 years down the lane?Also, each institute is proud of its heritage and the education it imparts.
  • Mug up the whole website of IIM Indore before you enter the interview room or Hall.
  •  This will help you in getting an insight into what the campus and this programme can offer you both personally as well as professionally. 
  • This will also help you in framing the questions you may want to ask the interview panel.
  • Know about your field:For IPMAT OR IPM, it is important and useful that you do some background research related to the basics of management. For example, if you wish to be a marketeer, it would be helpful for you to skim through the basics of marketing concepts. This not only brings clarity, but also boosts your confidence. Similarly, for other streams, it is always useful to know the basics of your field.
  • Be aware of your surroundings generally refers to current affairs. You must be aware of what’s happening in the world around you, especially related to your field that you have studied during 12th. If you are aiming for management, knowing the recent developments in the corporate world and the industry may give you an edge over other aspirants. Similarly, for other streams too, relevant sections of the news and current affairs are crucial.
  • Know your academics For seeking admission in the IPM course, it will be useful for you to study the subjects you had taken up in class XI and XII. You may be asked questions from your favourite subject or generic questions from your area.


IPM OR IPMAT Placements 2020 are to be concluded shortly at IIM Indore. The past trends in placements reflect that last 3 batches of IPM BATCH placements have seen consistently high placements.

Placement 2018

Average Salary in IPM Placements at IIM Indore has been on the rise consistently right from the very first batch. Moving up with this trend, the IPM Placements 2018 for the 3rd batch of 5 year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) at IIM Indore concluded with 21% rise in average salary with 200 prominent companies lining up to make placement offers.  
Announcing the wrapping up of Placement 2018 with higher placement packages for the largest batch of 624 students including IPM students, IIM Indore once again proved its eminence among the premier business schools of the country.  

More offers from more recruiters with higher packages remained the key attraction in IIM Indore placement 2018.
This placement season witnessed participation from more than 200 firms which rolled out offers to 624 students including 113 participants from the 5 year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM),
443 PGP participants and 68 PGP Mumbai participants.
IPM Average salary Up at Rs.15.16 lakhs
The average placement package for the 3rd batch of 5 year IPM programme at IIM Indore has stood at 15.16 LPA marking an increase of 21% over last year. A quick analysis for last 3 years average placement package for IPM students at IIM Indore is shared below:

IPM Placement Highlights

YearAverage salaryNumber of students in IPM batchNumber of recruitersPercentage increase in average salary over last year
2018Rs.15.16 lakhs113200+21.08%
2017Rs.12.52 lakhs1002004.68%
2016Rs.11.96 lakhs1061621st graduating batch of 5 year IPM

Top Recruiters in IPM Placements

The 5 year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) offered by IIM Indore is a leading management programme with a bachelor’s degree followed by the award of post graduation in management by IIM Indore. Recruiters participating in IPM placements have rated the IPM students as ‘A brilliant bunch of management candidates, extremely capable. It makes selection of candidates a rich and fruitful experience.’

Top recruiters in IIM Indore IPM Placements 2018 include Asian Paints, CP Group, Goldman Sachs, HUL, JPMorgan Chase, L’Oréal, Nomura and UAE Exchange apart from other marquee companies.
The first batch of IPM at IIM Indore passed out in 2016 and there were number of recruiters who made placement offers to IPM students. Some of the prominent recruiters in the very first batch were Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Nomura, JP Morgan, HDFC, IndusInd Bank, IBM, ICRA Management Consulting, Tata Sky, UAE Exchange among others.

The feedback received from the recruiters in the first placement season of IPM has been encouraging.  One of the leading recruiters – a leading credit rating agency remarked “We found the candidates to have a good understanding of concepts and confidence to face the demand of the corporate world.”
With majority of offers being rolled out from Finance domain, the average salary of the batch stood at 11.96 LPA, including International offers such as EA to CFO  & MD by a leading international foreign exchange company. 

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