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Mgid OverView: MarketPlace CPC,CPM, REQUIREMENTS


While Our MGID Review 2019, we came to assure that Mgid Came up with Advertiser as well as Publisher solutions. We can also say MGID CAME UP WITH marketplace where both Publisher can run ads on there website while Advertiser can advertise their content. As like Adnow, Mgid is also a native ads network.

What is Native Ads?

Written or other online material similar to the editorial content of the publication but paid by an advertiser to promote an advertising product or service is Brodarly Known as Native Ads.

MGID is an ad network providing native ads (the following sections discuss the native ads)..

Introduction To Mgid:

The MGID Ad network was established in 2004 and has a head office at 1149 Third Street # 210, Santa Monica, CA, 90403 by a private company named MGID has become the global pioneer and world leader in the field of indigenous advertising. This is today, when Mgid becomes one of Native Advertising’s most innovative platforms.

Let’s start


MGID provides publishers as well as advertisers with native advertising, but we will focus on MGID publishers review for the the half of this Review. Mgid uses to displaying advertising, to monetize their traffic or to recirculate visitors, into two ways.

Many publishers may be familiar with the first, but recirculating visitors can send traffic to a different website and send traffic back to their own websites in return. By placing the sponsored content widget on the bottom of your posts, MGID can do this. These content is user-friendly and easily mixed with your website as like they are mixed up with refered UI of your website. Both Mgid and your website gets syncronized with same interface and improve your CTR.

Prohibited Content from MGID:

During our Mgid review we find mGid Has prohibited these contents. MGID reserves the rights to block and prohibit publishers who use their websites to promote the following content and products:

  • Dating services encountering sexual content
  • pornography
  • illicit or digital drugs
  • malware , phishing or spam
  • Material that is abusive, discriminatory, exploitative, harassing, hateful, intolerant, obscene, offensive, threatening, violent, or vulgar
  • products or services claiming to predict the future
  • terrorism , nicotine and tobacco products
  • weapons and explosives
  • and lastly Violating third party rights: copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights

How to Get Approved as Publisher in Mgid:

The process of authorisation for MGID takes about 3-5 business days. The process is manual, because the Moderators of MGID will review your site and notify you via email whether they have accepted it or not. You are free to login once you’ve been approved, and immediately begin to display your ads on your website. Until you violate any of the above terms and conditions of your publisher, you should not have any problem with your ad network.

Payment Methods and Payout Threshold of Mgid:

The threshold for a MGID minimum is 100 dollars and the NET 30 model is running. The publisher will be paid on a monthly basis, so the next month after you reach the $ 100 threshold, your payment request for this month is answered. MGID really works well with news and viral websites, with its ads in such sorts, they make good revenues.

As payment methods, MGID uses the transfer of Paypal and Bank Wire. If there is a problem, there are personal account managers.

Mgid Payment Proof:

While our Mgid review we have find that Mgid is Legit and Pay to the Publisher for the ads shown in the publishers website.

Mgid Pa
Mgid Payment Proof
NameFeesMinimal PayoutPayment Schedule
PayPalNormal PayPal fees apply$100NET 30
Payoneer Prepaid card$3$100
Bank Transfers
Payoneer bank transferReceive bank transfers through Payoneer payment platformFor all US and non-US bank accountsLocal Bank Receive payments in your local currency* – 3 USD For non-US bank
accounts – 15 USD
Tipalti bank transferReceive bank transfers through Tipalti payment platformFor all US and non-US bank accountsFor payments above 1000 USD: n/a$1000
ACH bank-to-bank transfersBeneficiary’s bank is located in USAFor payments above 1000 USD: n/aAdditional Fees may apply by the recipient’s bank, if he has it installed on the receipt of funds$1000
International bank-to-bank transfersInternational wire transfers (Beneficiary’s bank is located outside USA)For payments above 1000 USD: n/aAdditional Fees may apply by the recipient’s bank, if he has it installed on the receipt of funds

CPC and CPM of Mgid:

During our MGID review, we find that Mgid CPC for tier 1 is approx .2-.3$ while Cpm is approx 3-4$.

For tier 2 traffic CPC goes down to .01-.1$ where as CPM is approx 1-2$.

For tier 3 traffic CPC goes down to .001-.01$ where as CPM is approx .5-1$.

MGID review For Advertiser:

Mgid registration or Signup

How to Signup in MGid as Advertiser:

While our Mgid review we find MGID has these process to signup. It’s pretty easy and simple to register with the MGID promotional platform. Just enter your email and agree to its terms. If you are not able to register with them, your social login option (Facebook) can be used.

Mgid Advertiser payment Methods:-

Mgid Payment Interface

Your MGID dashboard is going to be seen. I would request that you first add funds before you can start creating your ad campaign. There is a minimum fund requirement of $ 100, which I believe is necessary even if your ad campaigns are to be tested. Just type in the box for $ 100 and choose your method of payment. WebMoney, PayPal and Credit Card are available for payment. You can track your balancing history with the Transaction button on the right. These are the Data we find during our MGID ADVERTISER REVIEW.

How to Create ads campaign in MGid Advertiser’s solutions:

You can start building your first campaign ad, which is quite simple and not too many details you can not understand. Just click on Add campaign and you’ll be taken to a new page called Adding a New Campaign. You can start creating your first ad campaign.

Fill in your name, campaign type, such as “product promotion” or “content promotion” on the screen. You can select your target for the ad campaign from a number of options. You can choose GEO, browser-based, Device-based and more targeting. The data below are shown to schedule your ad campaign as soon as you click the “Continue” button. You can track with tags, set your everyday budget, and set your conversion sensor for Google Analytics too.

How Advertiser Get reported while Advertisment:

Conclusion On MGID review for Advertiser as well as Publisher:


In this post we have done Mgid review for Publisher as well as Advertiser and we hope you all enjoyed the post.

All over the review of Mgid we find mGid is legit in respect of advertising and Publishing the sponsored Content. The CPC is moderate for tier 1,2,3 traffic in the comparison of ads network.

If there is anything please suggest us by commenting in the comment Box.


Adbuff review 2019: Cpm, Cpc and Requirements

In Ads network review series we have done review of Popcash, Cpalead, spoutable, yllix, speedyads, popcash and many more in this series.

In this series we are going to do adbuff review, we will examine different situation and diffrent units of the Adbuff. We are going to examine diffrent situation of Adbuff as like, “what is CPC of Adbuff?”, “what is CPM of Adbuff?”, “Does adbuff is legit?” And the requirements to join Adbuff publisher Network.

Adbuff review : What is The Cpc and Cpm?

Adbuff uses to focus mainly on Tier 1 traffic, which mean traffic from countries like USA, CANADA, EUROPE. The CPM from tier 1 traffic is approximately 1-2$, while The CPC of tier 1 traffic approx ..05$ -.001$.

If we talk about abuff CPM for tier 2 is approx .5$ while CPC is approx .001$.

If we talk about abuff CPM for tier 3 is approx .1$ while CPC is approx .0004$.

Adbuff review: Requirements

While our Adbuff review, we find Adbuff has these requirements as given below:

  • No free hosts (i.e blogspot)
  • No streaming sites
  • No faucet sites
  • No download sites
  • No excessive advertising
  • Over 2,000 Uniques /day
  • English Sites Only
  • Traffic from US/Canada/UK/Australia
  • Google Analytics Installed
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Adbuff review: Legit or Scam

During our Adbuff review, we find Adbuff is legit and publisher get paid, that publishers have earned from the after showing the ads from the Adbuff.

Adbuff review: Payment Proof

Adbuff Payment Proof

Payment by Payoneer was paid by Adbuff to the publisher. No payment fee is required for payments sent via payoneer. Adbuff is a trusted ad network and helps publishers to monetize their stock through good CPM rates.

Adbuff review: Payment Method

The methods of payment for Adbuff are Paypal, Payoneer and Bank Wire.

Adbuff review: Minimum Payout

For various Adbuff methods, the minimum payout threshold is different. For Paypal and Payoneer the minimum threshold is $ 100, but for Bank Wire Transfers is $ 500; and new editors can not reach the threshold of 2000 daily visits which are likely to be successful for established editors.

Conclusion On Adbuff Review:

We have find that Adbuff is legit and have moderate CPC. Publisher should join Adbuff

Popcash Review: CpC, CPM and CPV

PopCash Review

PopCash is a advertising network that enables publishers to make money from popcash publisher ads network. Useful features such as a 10-minute registration procedure and a payment program make it easy to earn on the platform on sites of any size. PopCash also provides 24/7 support via email and Skype as well as an easy-to-use self-service interface. In addition, a referral program of Popcash is available to provide the site that referred to them with 10% of the revenues of a new publisher.

PopCash Review

Popcash CpC, CPM and CPV

While PopCash Review, we find Popcash is legit. We also find while Popcash review Poochha offers approx .5$ per thousand view (CPM). We can also say Popcash offers approx .0001 to .004$ per click (CPC).

Methods To Get Paid By Popcash:

While our Popcash review we find, publisher gets at least $ 10 that they can withdraw money from their PopCash account. The network handles daily payments– one of the few on the market– far below some of the monthly or bi-monthly schedules on other platforms. Publishers receive their money 24 to 48 hours after requesting it, but a slightly longer waiting period can lead to demanding earnings on weekends and bank vacations.

Payment from popcash can be made using PayPal, Paxum, Skrill, Payza and WebMoney, all of which can charge the money they load on to their own platforms for their own expenses. Amounts can also be earned in Bitcoin, whereas a separate wire transfer option allows you to make money provided you have met at least $ 1,000.

Why we Like Popcash:

We find these things during Popcash review that pretends us to use and overview the Popcash:

  • The ecpm is too high
  • The fast and reliable payment system.
  • Real time intrigation
  • No Publisher requirement
  • 5$ advertisement threshold.

DashBoard Of Popcash:


While popcash review, we find Popcash is very legit, and very Thoughtful ads network. If publisher are using Movie website, cyrptocurrency website, porn or any semi illegal website he/she must join Popcash as publisher. 


Cpalead Review: A CPA Network

CPAlead is a leading private CPA, PPC, and mobile app install network. CPAlead is specializing in CPA offerings. Since 2007, publishers around the world have been paid by CPAlead for more than $ 100,000,000. Cpalead review tells us that CPAlead can deliver unrivaled lead generation offers, PPC advertising, and CPI mobile app installations to advertisers as well as publishers through advanced customized tracking and evolved traffic quality measures.

How to SignUp in CPALead advertising network?

Cpalead review suggests these ways to sign up in CPALEAD ads network. The Methods to sign up in CPALEAD:-

  • CLICK ON MENUBAR on CPAlead website.
  • Click on sign up Bottom on CPALEAD WEBSITE.
  • Method to signup on CPALEAD from facebook, google and Gmail.

Features of CPALEAD’S publisher network:

While the review of cpalead publisher network, we find these unique objectives on Cpalead network:

  • Daily and Weekly Payment Options
  • PPV Pop Under Ads
  • PPC Banner Ads
  • PPC Content Lockers
  • 300+ Free Ready-to-Promote Niches
  • Membership is Always FREE
  • Get Paid Bitcoin, Payoneer & More
  • WordPress Plugin for Easy Setup
  • File, Link, & Content Lockers
  • Virtual Currency Offer Walls
  • Mobile App Ad Solutions
  • Achievements and Point Rewards

Features of CPALEAD’S advertiser network:

While the review of cpalead advertiser network, we find these unique objectives on Cpalead network:

  • Control Traffic Sources and only receive traffic you want.
  • High value traffic Media buyers, ad networks,& more.
  • Precise Targeting: Geo, Device, or Traffic ID based.
  • Low $50 Minimum So You Can Test Before Committing.
  • Accepting Bitcoin, Wire, ACH, and PP for payment.

Who can work with CPALEAD advertising network:

  • Mobile App Marketing Agencies
  • Media Buyers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Mobile App Developers
  • Mobile App Networks

Payout in CPALEAD ads network:-

During our CPALEAD review, we find these payment method for CPALEAD ads network. Cpaleads ads network offers Net 15 day payout/Net 30 day payout and daily payout. Publisher will get paid from paypal, pioneer and bank transfer.

Payment Proof of CPALEAD:

Cpalead payment proof

Workout with CPALead ads network;

Cpalead Network


Cpalead ads network is legit and can give high return on your CPA based network. Publisher must try this ads network

Waframedia Review: A Arab Media


WAFRA Media– the Arab World’s ultimative ad network for both advertiser and publishing households– traffic in various parts, especially sports, gossip & leisure from GCC, North Africa and the Middle East. Our professional Arabic speaking team of young enthusiasts who love life and understand the media and culture– is focused on optimizing every customer performance by selecting the best public campaigns and customized solutions using top-notch technology tools– one-stop one-stop one-stop one-stop ad network for the Arab Wold.

Key Features Of Waframedia Review:

We have Done review of Waframedia review, and find these key points of waframedia.

  • Analyze Your Strength and Weakness Points
  • Start Optimizing Your Actions
  • Enrich Your Web Property With Best Quality Content
  • Get Highest ECPM’s and Best Fill Rates
  • Personal Consultation for Optimizations
  • 24/7 Technical Support
Commission Type:CPC /CPM /CPA
Minimum Payment:$ 200
Payment Frequency:Net 35
Payment Method:PayPal, Payoneer, or Wire Transfer

Conclusion on Waframedia review:

Waframedia review has legit network but it’s CPC and CPM is too low. Waframedia is A ads network for the Arab network.

Coinage Act 1906: 1st coin Act Summary

Coinage Act 1906

Coinage Act 1906 get into forced on 2nd march 1906.

Theme of Coinage Act 1906

Coinage Act 1906 is a act to consolidate and amend the law releted to the Coinage and the mint. The coinage act 1906 has been referred to the total area occupied by the british in british-india.

Definitions of Coinage act 1906:

Unless anything is disgusting in the subject or the context of this Act

  • “the deface” includes the cutting, filing, stamping or other alteration of the surface or shape of a coin with its grammatical variations and cognate terms which can be readily distinct from reasonable wears;
  • The mint comprises the existing mint and any that may subsequently be established; (c)’ required’ means a variation from standard weight and fineness; (d)’ cure’ means the weight prescribed for any coin. “standard weight” means the standard weight.
  • Capacity to create and abolish mints. By a notification in the Official Gazette, the Central Government may establish a Mint anywhere where a Mint does not currently exist;
  • Coins can, by notification in the Official Gazette, be coined in the Mint for issue under the central government’s authority, 3 of such denominations of not more than 1,000 rupees], of such dimensions and designs and of such metals or mixed metals as may be established by the central government.
  • However, if the central government considers that coining, in the manner provided in that subparagraph, of the coins by a party (inclusive the government of a foreign state) beyond the limits of India and may be subject to importation under its authority, it shall not be able to allow anything contained in subparagraph (1), unless it is in the opinion that it is necessary or expedient in the public interest to do so.

Decimal systemof coin by coinage act 1906:

  • The rupee is divided into 100, while by notification in the Official Gazette, the central government may designate a new coin representing that unit, under the name it considers appropriate, and the rupee, half-rupee (1), and quarter-rupee shall be equal respectively to one hundred.
  • In all denominations of annas, pice and pies under this Act, all coins issued, to the extent specified in Section 13, are legally bidding in payment or on account with the rates of 16 year, 64 pice or 100 90 new coins referred to in Section 1 as compared to any single coin or number of such coins, tendency tends to be bids of one hundred coins.
  • Any rules under this Article shall be set before, as soon as they are, every House during the sitting of the House for a total period of 30 days which may consist of one or more meetings or of two or more successive meetings, and if both Houses agree to hold any m before the conclusion of the sitting at the end of the sitting immediately after that sitting or following the aforesaid sessions.

Inxyads Review: A tier one Traffic

INXYADS is a Tier 1 and Tier 2 advertising network with top GEOs such as USA, UK, AU, CA, and EUROPE. Our price models include CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPI and many different payment models. We have different pricing models.


  • Popup / Popunder;
  • Banners;
  • Direct Link;
  • Branding;
  • Popscreen.


  • Popup / Popunder;
  • Banners;
  • Direct Link;
  • Branding;
  • Pushup;
  • Interstitial;
  • Native Catfish;
  • Catfish Banner.


  • Under Article Widget;
  • Header Widget;
  • Sidebar Widget;
  • Native Catfish;
  • Interstitial.

CPC, CPM OF Inxyads

While Our Whole Inxyads Review, we come to know about the CpC or CPM offered by Inxyads Ads markets is about 1-2$ per 1000 page view.

Conclusion on Inxyads Review:

We find Inxyads is legit till now, as this is initial level of introduction to this ads network.

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