How to create PTC website?

Hey guys, today we are going to discuss on How to create PTC WEBSITE?, What is a PTC website? and so on.

What is PTC site?

PTC is a Paid to click website where creators or company can list there website where as visitors of that PTC website can click those listed website or links and can earn a share as a reward.

What uses to be listed in PTC website?

To earn money from the PTC website, visitors have to do simple surveys, website visit, app download and many more.

How to create a PTC website?

To create any website, we have to buy these basic things. These are:

  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Auto Matic Scripts for PTC website

Let’s start a discussion on these three domains one by one.


For a PTC website, your website must be secure, fast and reliable hosting service. So, I recommend you to buy the hosting for PTC website from these hosting solution or company:


Since PTC website is a very dynamic website. The webmaster of the PTC website must host their website in such a server which is highly dynamic, reliable and fast. Cloudways offers you a Great managed cloud hosting service for your website. Just check it here – signup


Bluehost is a high quality, reliable and super fast hosting solution with Good support for its users. I highly recommend Bluehost for creation of your PTC website. – signup


Second Big Question is to choose a perfect domain for your hosting. You should have to prefer Bigrock for your domain purchase. As according to my experience Bigrock has the best DNS resolution time, Cost, and support system for your Domain around the world. Link for – Signup


This is the most important part in the creation of a PTC site. The webmaster has to buy a theme from the Envato market, then customized it so well. This customization will help to get your website look different from other PTC website.

Thus, your PTC website is complete.

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