Google Increase Platform Charge to 30%: How Much it Hurts Developers

We just heard about this Price Hike done by Google for in-app purchases. This Platform charge increase to 30% from 0% and one-time payment will remain the same as 25$ for the opening of the developer account in the Google Play Store. As a user, content Creator, and Developer, “How this Price hike will hurt the interest of all these poles?” Let’s check how this price hike will affect all these three poles.


Developers will Get less Revenue with the same user base. Less Revenue tends to Less Development of App Technologies and increases a great barrier to the New Developer who wants to come with a new app into the app store. It will also increase the unemployment rate in the whole world.

Content Creator:

These People are like us who build content for society. We will not suffer a lot as our content are not based on in-app purchases.

Normal People(UserBase):-

These are the people who will suffer the most because of this Price hike done by Google. If the Price or Cost of Doing a job increases, most of the company will not observe that price in itself. The Increase price will Go through the pocket of the userbase. In other term, the cost of buying that product increase by about 40%-50%.

Which Industry Will Suffer Most?

The answer to this question is very simple, the most suffered industry will be the Gaming Industry. Most(Approx 70%) of the In-app Purchase is Contributed by Gaming Industry.

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