What is SEO? (Strategy, difficulty and drawbacks)

Organic Vs Paid Backlinks

There are almost two Method to procure backlink, these Methods are popularized as Organic Backlinks and Paid Backlinks. In this we try to explain both methods to procure Backlinks in the discriptive manner. Let’s start the Discussion.

Paid Backlinks:

Paid Backlinks are those Backlinks that we generally acquire intensenally. Some of best suited example of paid Backlinks acquisition are generally Paid Guest Post, Backlinks from Freelancing Website, Paid Directory submission and Many more.

Effect of Paid Backlinks:

The effect of Paid Backlinks are huge as These Paid Backlinks bring massive Traffic to your Website for very short term While of we talk for long periods of time, then We will find that these your organic traffic has gone down and you are with null traffic. So, in my point of view don’t buy paid Backlinks. If you buy paid Backlinks then it should not Increase more than 3-4%.

Organic Backlinks:-

Organic Backlinks are those Backlinks that we don’t acquire intensenally. Some of the most common Example of Organic Backlinks are Backlinks from social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram), Q and A Website (Quora, Google Question, Yahoo Question) and many more Website’s.

Effect of Organic Backlinks:-

The organic Backlinks can be said as permanent Backlinks. These Backlinks help you to gain traffic for very long period of time. But majority of Backlinks acquired Organically are spam, so you must care too much about the Google Backlinks index profile. Remove Spam Links from Google Index profiles and maintaining good Organic Backlinks will help you to achieve high high rank on the internet (SERPs).

Conclusion: Organic Vs Paid Backlinks

Last but not least world for price of the article is that we should Maintain at least a Ratio of 3-5% for paid as well as Organic Backlinks.

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