Guest post

DOES Writing a Guest Post worth SEO?

My answer is yes, Every WEBMASTER must write Guest Posts to bring Authority to their website. These Guest Post will also help to bring a Brand Awareness for your brand. Guest Post will help you bring Backlinks pointed to your website. Hence, your ranking Increased onto the Search Engine. That’s all are the positive facts regarding the Writing a Guest Post worth for SEO.

What are the negative effects while writing Content for your SEO?

Answer to this Question is quite controversial. In most of the case, WEBMASTER faces positive effects but in some scenario’s they might face negative effects. The steps WEBMASTER takes that that let them to the negative scenario’s after writing a Guest Post are Listed Below:


Many of the website are flaged as spam by the Search Engine. This mean if you get a backlink from that Website your website will also marked as Spam. And you and Your Website loose ranks from the Search Engine i.e SERPs.

Sponsored Post:

As like Dofollw or No-follow schema Structure, there is a another schema called SPONSORED uses for Sponsored post. If you’re Guest post marked as Sponsored post, your website comparatively get less Authority form Backlinks pointed to your website. So, you have managed a Good Ratio between Sponsored post and Organic Post.

Out of Industry:

Suppose your Website is dedicated to Travel and you are getting a backlink that co-relates with Automobile. That’s no issue if you get a backlink on the Keyword related to Travel from Website Dedicated to automobile. While if you Get Backlinks on the Keyword related Automobile industry to you Website will bring too much of difficulty regarding SEO, if your Website is not a News Website. You should Maintain less than 5% Industry Keyword is to Out of Industry Keyword.


If you write Post for higher Authority Website, your website’s Authority will Increase Faster than your Guest Post in lower Authority Website.

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