Paid Links Don’t Work [Real Story] – Google

While my Content Research, i gone through some of the videos, Article, Freelancing Website and some white Papers of Search Engine. Then, i finally get my Answer about the Paid links that a Website to Optimize their SERPs or Search Engine. Let’s start the discussion on what I Got.

One of my friend about her journey in this field. She was a WEBMASTER. She was going normally with her Website. The traffic on the website uses to range between 8k to 10k. To acquire more traffic, she started to buy Links point to her website. Within 2 month, the traffic on the website jumps to 30k. She was happy. Unfortunately after 6 month her Website’s started to come knee. It was approx 2k to 3k. She enquired the situation and get these are due to Backlinks she buys. Google marks her Website as spam.

Buying Guest Post is Legit or Not:

Your Website will not be get marked as spam if you have a Guest Post. While there are most Sponsored post marked as sponsored post. Then, you will find, your’s Website traffic will go down as your website has been marked as Spam. If you want to safe from Google you must have to maintain a good ratio between organic post as well as Paid post.

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