TRAI is Going To Launch Floor Pricing: Does It hit Bad for Content/DIGITAL Marketing

Almost Every Telecommunication company around the India. Recently, TRAI asked suggestions from Every stake holders for their Suggestion on floor Pricing for DATA as well as Calls. In the result, Airtel said Floor price must be above INR 70 whereas IDEA – VODAFONE asked for INR 35. Recently Jio come with INR 20 while Government led BSNL said Floor pricing must be exempted for those who have less than 15% of market share.

What is Floor Pricing?

Floor Pricing is nothing but setting up a Minimum limit for the pricing of anything used by the community. In respect of Data Price, TRAI has the authority to decide on the floor Pricing.

How Floor Pricing of Data affect Content/DIGITAL Marketing?

If Floor Pricing of Data Came onto the market. It will destroy a market of 240+ People. In India, People can’t afford the price of INR 20 – 70. Floor Pricing tends India, From Being a country to the highest average data consumption to the country of least Data Consumption. This will lead to the destruction of the ecosystem that is developing around India and unemployment will arise around the country. India will get into the ERA of 2014(3g Era).

The Development of Floor Pricing will led to era where very little no Content found in the local Language’s (Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Many more). If we talk about Hindi, In India more than 50 crore+ family Known how to speak hindi. While we talk who can write or read hindi, We find that 35+ crore people can write or Speak hindi.

What are the data price around The World?

The Cost of mobile Internet around the world.
Source- Forbes

The above chart chart suggest that india has the cost of .26$, Russia -.91$, Italy – 1.73$ While Switzerland have highest Pricing 20.22$.

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