Mobile-First Index

Google Announcement: Mobile First Crawler Bot by Sep 2020

Google has announced that by SEP 2020, Google will start crawling Website only by Mobile First Crawling Bots.

What is Mobile-First Index?

Google will crawl article by both types of bots namely MOBILE-FIRST BOT as well as desktop BOT. The Indexing of the article in the SERPs (SEARCH ENGINE RANKING PAGE) will give priority to the article’s which are mobile Oriented.

Historical Facts Behind Mobile-First Crawling Bots:

It was 2016, Most of People started to use Mobile. They search their Quaries on the Google, there was very little or no content (Article) optimized for the Google. So, User’s of Mobile face too much of difficulty to fetch the relevant Content for them. So, they started their experiment for Mobile-First Crawling Bots Index.

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