Hacks to Increase Website traffic

Wow! These Tips has Grown my Online Presence by 296%: [2020]

Hey dude, this is Ankur Patel. If you are in this article, i think you are a WEBMASTER for sure or going to be. For today, we try to crackdown or easedown on how to grow online presence of your website? I am going to show you, how our website increase it’s traffic from 0 to 3000 page view a day in just 320 days and page view are increasing by 6-17% per month. Are you ready to learn a bit from this experiment’s. Let’s start’s the season.

My Traffic Growth Percentage
My Traffic Growth Percentage

Hacks to Increase Website traffic:-

There are too many Hacks to Increase the traffic of your website. Some of the Hacks are listed below. These hacks will help you to Increase your Traffic as like bomb.

On-Page SEO: The Key Backbone

We might say On-page SEO is too easy task and anyone can control it, if work smartly. Let’s discuss it, deeply. Proper Meta Keyword, META Discription, Schema, Proper Plugin, Best Themes, Best Link Building Strategy, Best Excerpt, Optimized Alt Tags and Many more can help you to get best result on any search results.

Optimized Excerpt, Meta Discription and META KEYWORD will help you to get HIGH CTR from the Search Engine as well as Social Media While Alt TAGS, BEST Theme, Most used Link Building Strategy and many more.

Get Listed: List at Directory

Web Directory are Nothing but a Dairy in form of Website contains most popular and usefull Website present online.

what is Web Directory?

Often mighty Search Engine gives priority to rank the website which are listed at most of the Web Directory. These web directory or Link directory refers to a website available online accords with the category.

#post: Revamp Your WebSites Rank

Hastings is nothing but pointing something (Pics,Videos, Article, and many more) to an incident.

what is Hashtag?

People uses to co-relate a file present online to any of incident occurred related to file, they mostly uses Hashtag(#).

Target Long-Tail Keywords:

According to my Point of View webmaster must have to target Long trail Keyword for any post He/She wants to write. As These long trail Keyword targets on Multiple Keywords which combine together to make huge potential of traffic, you think off.

Start Email Marketing Now:

Email marketing is becoming popular day by day. Though Email marketing can help WEBMASTER to Increase there Website traffic through repetitive Visitors or to sell there product as woo-commerce company.

Guest Blog:

Through Guest Blogging, WEBMASTER uses to Increase the Backlinks of thier website as well as Increase the Traffic of Website. Guest post help you Increase authority as well as help you to be a brand.

Engage Online:

Many WEBMASTER uses too many Technique to engage online. WEBMASTER have to write there post in such a way so that they can co-relate visually with visitors. WEBMASTER must have to use Email marketing for the repetitions of the visitors.

Understand From Analytics:

This is baddest part for new WEBMASTER to work on. When I have started worked with Analytics, What pictorial data I should care about, What things in the Analytics I should care with. It totally mess me up. Finally, I started to get symptoms, what I need to boost my Website’s traffic.

Mobile Response Time(Mobile Page Speed)

Under developing countries (BRAZIL, INDIA, PAKISTAN, BANGLADESH) have very slow INTERNET speed. WEBMASTER have to care about the traffic from these under devloping countries. So, A solutions for these problem come from the Google. Google have launched AMP pages SCHEMA’S to ease the speed problem for these countries.

This mobile speed performa carried out PANDA Algorithm Update.

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