Meta Discription: Explained For SEO


All We have talked a lot about on page SEO, Content Research Tools, Best themes and Plugin’s for WordPress Website and many more. For Today, we are Going to Decode the Pros and Cons of Using META Discription in your website.

What is META Discription?

Meta Discription is nothing but a summary of Content or Posts of 155 Words displayed in the Search Engine Result of Any Queries. WEBMASTER have to Optimize Meta Discription as Search Engine uses to Display Result on searched Quaries, mostly of the phrases available on the META DISCRIPTION.

Code sample of Meta Discription

<head>  <meta name="description" content="This is an example of a meta description, This will Mostly show up in search results."></head>

Does Meta Discription effect Search Ranking?

Nope, Meta Discription does not effect the Search Engine Result but it only effect’s CTR of the Page on Search Result.

According to Google Algorithm Update of September 2019, Neither META DISCRIPTION or META KEYWORD uses to effect the ranking of webpage on any Keyword.

Does We have to write META Discription or NOT?

Answer of this question is too controversial. Let’s us we break it down for the norms for which we have to write Meta Discription or Not.

Profit on Using of META DISCRIPTION:-

META DISCRIPTION helps to increase CTR of the page. Optimized META Discription will help you to increase your CTR from SEARCH ENGINE and SOCIAL Media. So, it Lets help to Increase the Traffic on your Website.

Loss on Using of META DISCRIPTION:-

Without META DISCRIPTION, Search Engine crawls or scrape each and every text of your website and Help your website to Rank on the rich Snippets. It is Highly Benifical for the Content based on LONG KEYWORD TAILORED CONTENT and it’s a big Loss for the Content which focus on Multiple highly Popular Keywords.

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