Adclerks Review: Target Via web Space

In Ads network review series we have done review of PopcashCpaleadspoutableyllixspeedyadspopcash, Adbuff and many more in this series.

In this series we are going to do Adclerks review, we will examine different situation and diffrent units of the Adclerks. We are going to examine diffrent situation of Adclerks as like, “what is CPC of Adclerks?”, “what is CPM of Adclerks?”, “Does Adclerks is legit?” And the requirements to join Adclerks publisher Network.

Introduction Of Adclerks:

Adclerk has been founded by James Hakiens 2012, since then it becomes so impressive as now a day Adclerk use to manage more than 10,000 WebSites. The DSP network of Adclerk serves more than 10B+ million impression per month which makes Adclerk a rapidly growing ads network in the world.

CPC/CPM offered by Adclerk:

CPC or CPM offered by Adclerk vary on the Quality of the the website you have. The level of CPM may migrate between .8$ to 3$.

Requirements of Adclerk:

During Adclerk Review, We find following Requirements of Adclerk. Some of them are listed below:

  • Publisher website must contains only English language.
  • Adclerk requires more than 100k page view per month or 3k page views per day.
  • Website must not contains thin Content, i.e WebSites only for ads.
  • WEBMASTER must host website on their own not on other, that we must say blogger, wix, or many more.

Adclerk Review: Conclusion

During Adclerk Review, We find Adclerk is a DSP self-serve Network, made for high Earning.

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