Tiktok ads Review: Advertisers through Short Video

Tiktok Ads

TikTok is owned by Beijing-based tech company ByteDance. Tiktok is a short video format app. A video length of each video is approx 15-20s.

Unique Feature’s of Tiktok ads.

During TikTok review, we find these best features of TikTok. Some of these Feature’s are listed below:

  • TikTok serves 150 million users before acquiring Musical.ly, which boasted 100 million unique users of its own. Now a day, TikTok serves 300 million Ads.
  • As of late September 2018, TikTok became the most-downloaded free app on the Apple App Store in the World, and also best video app on Google Play over October 2019.
  • 850 million installs of TikTok as of November 2019
  • Short video apps account for 9% of online time in China and approx 6% of online time India.
  • TikTok users spend an average 48 minutes per day on the app
  • Users open the app four or five times a day, using it for around half an hour daily
  • TikTok brought in $3.5 million in revenue over 2017, 42% of which came from the US, 39% from China.

Where does your Ads to be served:

This is best Unique thing we find during the review is that now a days TikTok ads have 7 apps to serve the ads. These apps are TikTok, TopBuzz, Buzz Video, News Republic, Helo, Vigo Video and Bebe.

Requirements to Join TikTok Ads:-

During TikTok Ads Review, we find TikTok serves In-feed Video Ads. Mostly they offer Ads to big Network’s. Normally they don’t have any requirements.

How to signup to TikTok:

These are the following steps, we find During TikTok ads. These steps are follow:

  1. Signup into the website.
  2. They will ask you, purpose of signing up to TikTok Ads console. The basic questions is what user will promote on TikTok.
  3. In Next step, TikTok will ask you basic personal details as like email id, name, service you are providing and many more.
  4. Tiktok will ask you load 20$ or INR 2000 to your campign dashboard.
  5. They will verify their standards to show Ads, and your Ads go live.

Does we use TikTok Ads or Not:

During TikTok review, we find that TikTok offers a diverse user base and supports approx 7 countries worldwide. They serves a world class Network but TikTok doesn’t support personalized Ads format. Good for big brand but bad for small brand.

CPV/CPM offered by TikTok:

If we talk about CPV is approx .04$ while CPM is approx 4-5$.

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