adz2you Review: A Premium Abusive Ads Network

Adz2you Home Page

Adz2you is asia based fraud Ads network working on online Ads network. The revenue model of Adz2you ads network is CPM and PTP.

Vertical Supported by Adszyou:

During Adz2you review, we find adz2you supports two types of banners.

  • 468×60
  • 125×125
  • Direct Link

Referal schemes of Ads2you:

Earn 10% from of transaction on your referral will made for life time.

Payment Proof : Adz2you Review

We find following Payment Proof while Doing Review of Adz2you. The following Payment Proof of Adz2you are as follows:

Adz2you Payment Proof

What We find Adz2you is good:-

1. There is no Terms of Service For Publishers

2- The Min Cashout is $1.00

3- we pay once every 72 Hours

4- For Best CPM Use POPUP Tag

5- Multi Cashout Payment Option (Paypal, Payeer , Perfectmoney , Bitcion and more)

Conclusion: Adz2you Review

During Adz2you Review, We find Adz2you is the worst Ads network of the internet. We must say Any publishers should not use Adz2you.

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