AdsCompass Review: Ads Network for Search

Adcompass review

Adcompass is Latvia based Ads Network working for Push Notifications and Ads for Search. Working model of Adcompass is CPC and CPM. Adcompass is best Alternetive ads for Google Ads For search.

Best Feature of Adcompass:

During Adcompass review, We find these features to be best in respect of other Ads Network. Some of the best Feature’s of Adcompass are listed below:

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Adcompass review and best things of publishers are listed below:

  • More than 5k+ durect advertisers;
  • High CPC/CPM and unique high quality coverage;
  • Guaranteed payments via Wire, Epayments, PayPal, EPESE, Webmoney (Net 30). For new publishers they pay out by request and the payment will be sent on the day of request;
  • Fast implementation of working tools: XML feed, openRTB, PopUp/PopUnder, Direct link, Banners and etc;
  • Adcompass uses to monetize all traffic types or Vertical: Mobile, Pop, Video, Display, Banner, Adult, Redirect, Domain Parking, Social Networks, Toolbar, Pv/Tos, Browser add-on, Search, Mainstream, In-App, Injection and other;
  • Easy-to-use dashboard on Adcompass and detailed reports. Follow detailed reports on earnings in real-time;
  • Adcompass accept traffic from more than 200 countries all over the world.

Adcompass review and best things of Advertiser are listed below:

  • A lot of direct publishers are present in Adcompass to provide you with great volumes of High Quality traffic.
  • During Adcompass review, we find all traffic has been approved by 3rd-party checking systems. Moreover, we have our own anti-fraud platform that performs full traffic analysis in the shortest time possible;
  • Flexible settings of parameters and limits with the option of white- and black-lists of IPs and Domains;
  • Instruments for work are XML feed, openRTB, PopUp/PopUnder, Direct link, Banners, Json url, Popunder redirect and etc;
  • Choose any traffic types from direct publishers among a wide variety of verticals;
  • More than 200 countries all over the world with all types of traffic that can raise the coverage of the target audience.
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Contact Info

Address : SIA in Terbatas street 14-2, Riga, LV-1011 , Latvia

E-Mail :

Skype : ads.compass

Payment Proof of Adcompass:

we are working with Adcompass, so when we get paid from Adcompass.

Pros: Adcompass review

  • RTB network (Dsp Ad Network)
  • allows both mainstream and Adult traffic
  • minimum payment is $50, NET 30
  • no restrictions on the amount of traffic
  • 35% profit for publishers

Cons: Adcompass Review

  • low CPM rates
  • big discrepancy (they take a lot of traffic, and pay only for a small part)
  • weak technical Support
  • no referral program

Payment Method Supported by Adcompass:

During my Adcompass Review, We find following Payment Method by the Adcompass. These Payment Method are as follows:-

  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Webmoney
  • Epayments
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