Octotracker Review: Russia Based Ads Monetization technology

Octotracker Logo
Octotracker Logo

Octotracker is a Russia based tech solution for the ads network’s. Many of the ads network uses the technology to track a event of campign. If we talk about Octotracker in a simple word, we must say it is a ads solution tool that can be used by ads Network as well as Publisher who runs in house ads can use this solution to run their ads and track the the conversion of their ads.

Features of Octotracker:-

During our Octotracker review, we find these are the best features of the Octotracker. These features are as follows:-

  • Reports grouped by 20+ slices
    • Campaigns
    • Streams
    • Sources
    • Affiliates
    • Prelends
    • Sites
    • ads
    • GEO (countries, regions, cities)
    • Time (days, days of the week, time of day)
    • Technical parameters (device type, OS (including including version), browsers (including version), mobile devices (manufacturer and model), mobile operators, screen size, IP)
    • Three additional arbitrary parameters
  • Up to three grouping options at once.
  • Filters by black lists and by individual parameters.
  • Built -in traffic quality analysis , detection of bots and clicks on 20+ parameters.
  • Financial statistics with the calculation of income, expenses, profits, ROI
  • Distribution of traffic from the source according to prelends by 25+ parameters.
  • Distribution of traffic after prelend on landings (offers ) by 25+ parameters
  • Distribution parameters
    • A country
    • Town
    • OS
    • Browser
    • Browser language
    • Mobile operator
    • Site id
    • Ad id
    • Three additional link options
    • Preland
    • Android version
    • IOS version
    • IP range
    • Device type
    • Unique / non-unique
    • Proxy / Not Proxy
    • HTTP_REFERER Content
    • USER_AGENT Content
    • Number of leads
    • Times of Day
    • Days of the week
  • Export data to CSV.
  • Export data by API.
  • Compatible with 5 different GEO-bases.
  • 3 types of redirects

During Octotracker review, we find Octotracker offers two types of version. These versions are as cloud and self hosted based ads technology service.

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Conclusion: Octotracker Review

While our octatracker review, we find octatracker is nice to use in technology. we are trying this technology right now so we will update this article later on.

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