Propeller ads Review: A High Earning Ads Network

This Is a Era of strict rules and regulations of the renewed and high paying Ads Network as link ADSENSE,, Taboola and many more.

So, We are coming with Propeller Ads based in Cyprus, founded in 2011, serves Approx 2B+ impreasions daily and a reach of Approx 40%+ internet user’s.

Ads Format Offered By Propeller Ads:-

There are too many ads Format too by offered by this renowned ad network. These Ads Format are:-

  1. Push Service Subscription
  2. Direct Links  (Direct ads)
  3. Native Banner
  4. One-click POPUNDER
  5. Inertial Ads
Type Of Ads offered by Propeller Ads
Type Of Ads offered by Propeller Ads

Push Service or Subscription:-

Push Service or Notifications send By PropellerAds
Push Service or Notifications send By PropellerAds

The Push Service or Notifications send By PropellerAds Works on two Basis that CPM(COST PER MILE) and CPS(COST PER SUBSCRIPTION).

The Publisher earns from CPM Model of PropellerAds is Approx .2-.4$ for page view. For CPS Model WEBMASTER get Approx 5-90$ for 1000 Subscription.

Native Banner:-

Native Banner offered by PropellerAds
Native Banner offered by PropellerAds

Native Banner is most Premium Features Offered By PropellerAds. Though Native Banner is CPC based Ads Network, where Publisher get paid Approx .3$-.9$ for every click or traffic you send to PropellerAds.

Onclick or Pop-under:-

Popunder offered by PropellerAds
Popunder offered by PropellerAds

POPUNDER offered by PropellerAds is too bad in nature. These are low paying Ads groups. Publisher get paid Approx .0001$ for every 1000 impreasions.

How to Begin with Propeller Ads: A Guide to Begin

To Begin With Propeller Ads, you need to Signup or register in the Propeller Ads website. These are the step you should take to Begin:-

Search your Traffic analytics
  • Just go to
  • Signup with Email Address
  • Add your website to PropellerAds
  • Get verified from PropellerAds via verification Tags or uploading a file to your folder via FTP.
  • Get verified, add or Create ads zone in PropellerAds
  • Get the Tags and Place in your website.

Hence, you begin to Earn from the Propellerads.

Payment Method offered or supported by PropellerAds:-

Payment method Offered by Propeller ads
Payment method Offered by Propeller ads

This is one of the figures from which Pretends me to choose a Network or not. The payment threshold to geeting paid from PropellerAds is 5$.

Payment Method offered by PropellerAds:-

Now a day, PropellerAds only supports these ads Network for it’s 6$ Payment threshold. These payment Network’s are:-

  • Credit card
  • Payoneer
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Webmoney
  • E-payment
Seo tools

While through wire transfer, you can get paid after reaching the threshold of 50$.

Alternative Ads Network of PropellerAds:-

There are too many Alternetive ads network of PropellerAds. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Adnow:- Adnow is a leading native Ads network for exotic as well as family content website which Serves allmost 10B+ Impression daily, 1.6 Lakh Publisher’s, 1700 Advertiser and a reach of 117 countries worldwide. These Data shows how much big is the Adnow Ads Network.
  • Taboola – A NEW YORK (USA) Based native Ads Publicity network founded by adam singolda. Now a day, Taboola has a reach of Approx 50% of world population with a office at 14 Locations and more than 1000 employees. Taboola has a revenue of More than 1B$.
  • Mgid – While Our MGID Review 2019, we came to assure that Mgid Came up with Advertiser as well as Publisher solutions. We can also say MGID CAME UP WITH marketplace where both Publisher can run ads on there website while Advertiser can advertise their content. As like Adnow, Mgid is also a native ads network.
  • Speedyads – Speedyads Publisher program is a program that pays you for every click the visitors click on your ads displayed by the speedyads. Simply add a small HTML code snippet to WEBMASTER page and Speedyads system will automatically display relevant ads Based on keywords targeting. Publisher will get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ads sourced by speedyads.
  • Exoclick – The Ad network ExoClick is a Barcelona Based Advertiser network ads Company Headed By Benjamin Fonzé as CEO. Benjamin Fonzé Launched 1st Exoclick ads network as a self serve ads network in 2006. Till Today Exoclick Grew to 4th Largest Ads Network in the World.

PropellerAds Payment Proof:-

PropellerAds Payment Proof
PropellerAds Payment Proof

During our PropellerAds Payment Proof, we find PropellerAds is a legit Ads network

Conclusion on PropellerAds Review:-

During our PropellerAds review, We find PropellerAds is legit Ads Network pay publisher on time with the Legit amount of traffic On CPC and CPM Module.

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