Top 10 Bank In india: Overview Of Top Banks By Market Cap As Well As Assets And The Type Of Banks

Since, I Was going to bank to Open my first bank account. I was totally confused, guardian says me that my 1st bank should be with State Bank Of India (SBI). At my first journey to the bank, I got totally surprised with the crowd present in the Bank. I felt Sad as on my 1st day I can’t able to open my Bank Account.

Same evening, I met my friend and asked him, “which is the top Bank (best Bank) of the time?” He replied SBI, CBI AND BOB are top bank of the time. After completing our discussion we both returned to our respective home. Thay night, my sister was going through her passbook. She was connected with Central Bank Of India (CBI) while my mom was connected with State Bank Of India (SBI). Next Day my sister take me to central Bank of India and helped me to Open My Bank account.

Let’s start about top 10 Bank In India

We Have heard a lot about Lead Bank, Community Bank, Industrial Bank and Many More these type of banks and many more.

Types Of Banks

  • Commercial Banks:-

Commercial Banks are referred to those Banks which reduce Deposit and invest these Deposit as loan to others. Now a day Commercial Bank are Mostly Flourished bank in the city.

  • Exchange Bank (Forex Bank):-

This type of Banks are said to useful one for indo-country Trade as like as trade between two nation. This type of Bank exchange the one Currency to other Currency and took approx 2-4% for usage Charge.

  • Industrial Banks:-

If we talk about india, no of Industrial Bank in India is too small. In case China, United States, Japan and Other heavy Industrial Country Industrial banks have great number of these type of Banks. Industry took loan from these Banks for their machines. Usually, these Banks have a lot of money to finance the Loans.

Note: If we talk about industrial Bank in india, Central Government establishes Industrial finance corporation Of India (IFCI) in 1948.

Note:- Industrial Banks In india

  • IFCI (Industrial finance corporation Of India) – 1948
  • Agriculture or Comparative Banks:-

Main Goal of Agriculture or Comparative Banks is to finance Farmer by land Mortgage. Agriculture or Comparative Banks provide short term Loans to th Farmer.

  • Saving Banks:-

Size of deposite in Saving Banks Bank account is too small. Saving Banks just want a behavior of saving money.

  • Online Banks or Payment Banks :-

Online Banks or Payment Banks run through internet. Online Banks or Payment Banks don’t have any local office, only mother office exist.

  • Lead Bank

Lead Bank is bank which co-releate the industrial loan between Industry and the Industrial Bank. The Lead Bank seek extra charge for the Correlation between Industry and the Industrial Bank. In Eurobond market, the lead Bank acts as an agent which has capacity for an undertaking clique or syndicate. Lead Banks ate said to be investment Bank.

  • Community Bank;-

Community Bank are those type of Banks that is regulated in local area, for local people to local people. Community Bank uses to focus on locality where Bank’s Branch or office is located.

Bank near me:-

In case of india, when we search “Bank near me” into the google, Bing or any search engine. We find that state Bank of India is Broadly seen in search term “Bank near me”. This show state Bank of India is largest Bank in india by the no of Branches.

Top Ten Bank in india By market Cap:-

Market Capitalization:-

Market capitalization is the market value traded in the share market. Market capitalization is equal to the “Rate of Share” which is multiplied by “the number of Share Publicly issued”.

We says the term, “Top Ten Bank in india By Market Cap”.The term states that the respective Bank is too Popular in the Market and it came in the Group Of Largest Bank or Biggest Bank Club.

Though Bank ranking system of Bank Give the rating and ranking to the Bank’s. We Have shortlisted Top 10 Bank in india On the Basis market. The list is Below:

  • HDFC Bank(6,25,605+ cr):- Hdfc Bank Limited has headquarter at Mumbai, Maharashtra with more than 88,253+ Branches. HDFC Bank is Ranked 69th in top 100 most valuable global Brand.
  • State Bank Of India (2,81,667+cr):- State Bank Of India is mumbai based Bank. SBI is listed as 216th out of 500th Global list of Top 500 Brands. SBI has 23% share of total Assets posed by banks in India.
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank (2,55,499+cr):- kotak mahindra Bank is a mumbai Based Bank. It is out late of Mahindra Finance Limited.
  • ICICI BANK (2,52,497+CR.):- ICICI bank is a multinational with headquarter at mumbai. In 2018, ICICI BANK become second Largest Bank by Assets in India.
  • AXIS BANK (1,95,805+cr):- Axis Bank is the third largest BANK of the private sector mumbai Based Bank. The Bank employs 56,000 people.
  • Bajaj finserve (1,75,818+cr):- Bajaj finserve a part of Bajaj Corporation with non-financial working and wealth Gain.
  • Indusland Bank (1,06,844+cr):- Indusland Bank limited is mumbai Based Bank. Indusland Bank inarguated in April 1994.
  • Bank Of Baroda (1,25,000+cr):- After Merger of DENA BANK, BANK OF BRODRA AND BANDHAN BANK, BANK OF BRODRA become 2nd latest Bank by assets. It has headquater in Varodra, Gujarat.
  • IDBI BANK (34,387+cr):- It is industrial Bank led by Government Of India. Major Share holder Of IDBI Is LIC(51%).
  • CENTRAL Bank Of India:-

No it Come with Biggest Bank with assets.

Top 5 Banks In India with Assets:-

Assets:- Assets stands for the Term “total value of Physical value of goods hold By The bank’s as like Building, Furniture, loans, and everything hold by bank.

  • STATE BANK OF INDIA:- The State Bank of India is India’s biggest bank. It is owned by the Indian government and is based in Mumbai, where six regional offices operate throughout the country. At the end of 2015, it is the country’s largest business bank with assets worth US$ 431.95 billion. The Bank has 14,000 branches, 190 of them in 36 countries. It was established in 1806 as one of the oldest banks in Asia – Pacific by the SBI. The Bank of Calcutta was launched in 1806. It provides various banking products and financial services, including products aiming at non – resident Indians, through its network of branches.
  • Bank of Brodra:- Maharaja Sayajiro Gaekwad created Bank of Baroda in 1908 by the Company Act of 1897. The bank is owned by the state and has headquarters in Gujarat, Vadodara. Bank of Baroda has 106 subsidiaries across the world in approximately 24 countries. Retail banking is the core company of the bank through its African subsidiaries and branches. The BOB is one of India’s largest banks and holds large shares in the National Bourse. The bank’s asset size as of fiscal 2015 was $ 117.42 billion, which is India’s second largest.
  • ICICI Bank:- ICICI Bank is India’s biggest private bank. The bank has its headquarters in Mumbai and offers a range of financial and banking products via a number of channels and subsidiaries. The company has a network of more than 4,400 branches and 14,000 ATMs across the country, and is present in more than 15 countries. Their subsidiaries are in the United Kingdom and in Canada. For the 2015 financial year, ICICI Bank had total assets of $ 103 billion. ICICI Bank contributed to the establishment over the years of several Indian institutions which established the financial infrastructure of the country.
  • Punjab National Bank:- The national bank of Punjab is a government – owned national bank in India. The bank was set up in 1894 with its headquarters in New Delhi. It operates more than 6,900 subsidiaries and 9,900 cable vehicles serving more than 80 million Indian customers. In the UK, Dubai and Kabul, the Punjab National Bank operates its subsidiaries. In countries such as Kazakhstan, China and Australien there are regional offices. PNB has great business value and a well known national brand image. The bank had approximately 69,000 staff and total assets of US$ 101,75 billion at the end of 2015.
  • Bank of India:- A group of Mumbai businessmen formed Banco de India (BOI) in 1906. Until 1969, when the company was converted in public sector with 13 other banks, the bank was private owned and controlled. Some branches, such as Kandia and Indonesia, continue to be private. In the course of the years the bank has grown to become one of the major national and international public – sector banks. As of 2015, the bank had more than 5,000 branches, 56 outside India. The overall asset value of Bank Of India was US$ 100.03 billion at the end of 2015.


We have discussed top 10 Banks by assets as well top bank by Market Cap. I hope you get a lot about the bank or Top Bank.

For any please contact me at for any issue related to the Post.

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