HELLO SMART PEOPLE ,this is a world of proof and logic .A world where people want to know reason behind everything. So, many people do experiment on our ancestor’s beliefs to know whether they were right or there beliefs are wrong. Today i will talk about a man who did an experiment on rice to know about the power of positivity and his name is Masaru Emoto. Emoto was a japanese experimenter who did experimenton on two jar which were full of rice.He stick two stickers on each one of them in first sticker he wrote i love you and on second sticker he wrote i hate you and keep them in the same room and whenever he went to that room and see first jar on which it’s written that i love u then he do praise of it and on the other side when he saw the another jar then he start to abuse it and he keep doing this till one month and after that when he open the first jar than he got that the rice were not rotten it was as good as he kept it in the jar .Now when he open the second jar and then he found that it was rotten and a bad smell was coming out of that box.

Everybody in this world wants to hear praise no matter whether he is smart or the foolish one .Whenever u do praise of anybody then not only he start to respecting u .U also start feeling awesome because whenever u tell a positive thing about anyone then a positive energy is also start emitting from u due to which u also start feeling nice but when u abuse anybody and criticize anybody without any good reason then a negative energy is also start emitting from u due to which u start feeling bad. So ,whenever u feel bad and negative thoughts start coming from inside u then start remembering ur positivity the thing which u get in ur life no matter whether success is small or big because “always a road of success covered with the stones of failure” .If u do not believe on me then do this experiment with ur friends and share ur experience with me on the comment box.

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