Human Awkward Behaviour:- The World of Hope

We all are humans and from Birth we have dreams, some questions, Some inherited as well as Some Acquired Behaviour of Human life. Their Quest end with Death or with Conquering the Aim Of life. These Aim differed for each and Every life organism including HUMAN.

In my point of view, These behaviour are special in every part of Human life.

Let’s Start

I am going to explain this by a case study.

Birth Of Morality:

From the Birth, Our parents wants us to make us ” A highly Paid white-color Public Servent” and we also trust them till our primary education.

From there, we got sudden belive that we are superb as well as marvelous and we took everyone for granted I.e everyone to be low than their actual capacity. More on, we start to defocusing on our dream even we know that we are going on wrong path.

This Battle in our heart makes our value to low-graded values. We start a battle with our foundational value like respect to elder, Good words and Much More. Inamen this period as secondry Period.

Evolutionary Period:

This Period involves evolutionary change in our Behaviour. These Behaviour involves thinking of things we lost under primary and secondary Period. We also know that we have to do some exceptional job to overcome the loss of Primary as well as secondary Period.

But Divine changes in our life doesn’t occour because Here we waste too much time in thinking of fantasies but we doesn’t to work on it. This group always thinks of fantasies like earning million of Rupee in a lottery, wanted to become a elithcal hacker in even a one day. Their only problem is that they never like to think on subject, work on subject, they even don’t try to know about the subject.

Show the False:

After the evolutionary Period, there comes another period that I named is “show the False”.

In this period, fear of doing wrong goes wrong goes to negligible and wanted to show evilest thing.

In this period, Grown up beings started to shown off even educated one or pedestrian one. Educated starts to show off that they are posted educated person in the world. They they throw the world around to their junior and they release their anger in the name of education or massage of morality. This message they use to hate in their childhood but they use yo deliver some to their younger one as like tradition.

Now come to pedestrians, this time is enjoying time for them and discourging time for others. This time they started to use alcohol, drug and Much more. They use to show off such that, if any one buy KTM Bike then his friend buy BMW SPECIAL EDITION just for show off. This show off procedure occurs in all ways even in alcohal and drugs.

This period is a period of dream period, where one thinks that their life rotates around fantasy.

Sector Reality:

This period is really the face off period with real life period where one started working for livelihood for himself and their family. This reality face comes after show-off period. In this period, we get known to the fact we are not going to make our aim possible. Some does their work (exceptional). So, their aim goes low and they meets with harash reality.

Luck factor or Myth Factor:

This factor is just a myth in our life. At Reality sector of our life we start to work such harsh that we get jobs and someone also get highly salaries work put these highly salaried persons thinks that they get the job by lucky not by his/her hard work.

This makes their confidence weak.

Death Bed:

After doing a long job of life, this is retirment time. Till this time, 30-40% died but other thinks that they should not die. This factor especially for me is a very awkward. In this last stage of life people know that their death is near.

But to escape from death, they used to do diffrent things that they never does in their life rituals.

Death come to everyone, After doing such awkward work in our life, we died with Profit or loss


We do Some good or Bad work, which pretends us to do every aspect and acknowledge about each and every situation of life.

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