BodhiVriksha : A Place of worship as well As Education

History of BodhiTree (BodhiVriksha):-

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Bodhitree Popularly Called BodhiVriksha in hindi. BodhiVriksha is situated in BodhGaya (Gaya, Bihar). The tree is Peepal Tree (Sacred fig). It is to be Said that Gautam Budha Find his knowledge below this tree.

BodhiVriksha has Very significant value in our written History. We must heard about The Great Ashoka. The Great Ashoka Send A dhama(letter) to the Srilanka. The letter is approx 2200 year old.


Some of King of the era send the parts of the tree to all over the world as like Anandbodhi Tree in sabarmati, Bodhi tree in Srilanka.

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People use to celebrate BodhiDay on the occasional of 8th december. People uses to Says “Budu saranai!” which translates to “may the peace of the Buddha be yours.”

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