Adxxx Review: A Adult Network Review

Adxxx Review
Adxxx Review

While Our Ads Review Series, In this series we are going to do Adxxx Review, we will examine different situation and different units of the Adxxx. We are going to examine different situation of Adxxx as like, “what is CPC of Adxxx?”, “what is CPM of Adxxx?”, “Does Adxxx is legit?” And the requirements to join Adxxx as publisher Network.

Introduction to Adxxx:-

Adxxx Review and Logo
Adxxx Logo

Adxxx is a publicity network for its publisher as well as advertiser. While doing Adxxx review, Adxxx is a Singapore based company run for mainstream as well Adultstream publishing network. There is a rumor in the market I.e it is specialized for adult traffic, It is not true but Adxxx is basically for both type of network, but it generates a high amount of Adult traffic from its network this can be because of high amount of it’s Publisher and Advertiser are of Adult webmaster.



Adxxx approval is too tough to get as Adxxx team is too rigid. Adxxx will cheak manually (by human) of your website. In other words we also can say approval of Adxxx is tougher than Adxxx. After that Adxxx will approve or disapprove the website. One precuation should be taken if Adxxx find any hot traffic they will just block the account.

Requirements for publishers to Get approved:

  • Publishers must NOT host illegitimate content, spam, malware, adware and spywares.
  • Publishers must not upload pirated or copyright content on their site. They should have a copyright law page.
  • Publishersc can not use Adxxx ads on a website which is only meant for advertising purpose or have misleading information.
  • Adxxx will ban a publisher account instantly if they found any publisher using bots, proxies, refreshing auto sites or traffic exchange to generate traffic.
  •  Publishers are not allowed to alter any ad code or manipulate clicks & impressions.

Silent feature we found during Adxxx review:-

Search your Traffic analytics
  1. Adxxx has world wide coverage (180+ countries)
  2. Increase in ecpm about 100%
  3. Code integration. I.e javascript integration
  4. About 500+m click and 900+m ads impression.
  5. Weekly payout The payment methods are PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, WebMoney, & wire transfer for larger amounts.
  6. Dedicated and quick support
  7. Multiple ads format (Publishers on Adxxx have access to all major highly optimized Ad display formats such as 300×250, 300×100, 728×90, 315×300 and 160×600.)
  8. Real-time statics.
  9. High paying referral program

                      Adxxx link for Sign up

Adxxx Payment Proof: 

Adxxx Payment Proof
Adxxx Payment Proof

Adxxx uses to Pay Publisher on Time, what the publisher earns from.the Ads impression send to the Adxxx.

Revcontent Signup Form

Adxxx Basic DETAILS:

Network Type:CPM, CPC, Display
Ad Formats:Banner, Native, popups
Minimum Payout:$50
Payment Frequency:Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly,etc
Payment Methods:PayPal, Paxum, ePayments, Wire, Webmoney
Referral Program:Yes (5% for lifetime)
Countries:Almost all countries

Conclusion on Adxxx Review:

During Adxxx Review 2019, we find Adxxx is legit Adult ads Network. During Adxxx 2019 Review, Adxxx is legit to Use and Paying ads Publicity Network.

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