Ways to Monetize The Blog/Website: Re-Discovered

We are going to explain the ways to Monetize the website or Blogs. Everyone use there own ways to Monetize thier website or Blogs. This is interesting as most of them use selling their goods, showing other Ads (AdSense), affiliate market, sponsored Post and website site analytics Monetizeation. We are Going to illustrate these Ways to Monetize The Blogs or the websites.

Let’s start with the Post

Ways To monetize the Blogs or Website:-

  • selling their goods
  • showing other Ads (AdSense),
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored post
  • site analytics Monetizeation.

We are going to discuss these Ways to Monetize the content by one by one.

Selling Their Goods:

These are Those website, which sells there own Product on the website as like E-commerce websites. Here, eCommerce website use to connect seller as well as buyers of the product but the website who sells there product stand for The authority who sells their own Product as authorised seller.

Showing other Ads (AdSense):

This is the most Popular method to Earn from website by monetizing their own Websites. In this method, website owner/ Blog Owner put some JavaScript Code in there website, the code directly converts those codes to the exterior redirect link, when any visitors that go through your JavaScript code’s links. Publishers will Gets Paid for refered link.

Some of the most popular platform for this method is media.net, AdSense, Exoclick and many more.

Affiliate marketing:

This is most popular method to Earn for the recurring earning. As like Semrush will give you a reccuring method of Earning.

In this method of monetize, website or Blog owner have to refers others Product, If your Visitor Signup or buy products through your Links You will Get Paid for that signup or buyed products. That is interesting as through these referral the blog owner get a decent amount of Money.

This is interesting in some of the platform you mean publishers get decent amount of Earning.

Sponsored post:

Through this method blog/website owner get paid, if any one ask you to review their Product. Often this system of Monetizeation use to be done for Do-follow Backlinks (Guest-Post).

Note: These sponsored method for highly trusted Website.

Site analytics Monetizeation.

This is most new And Unknown way of Monetization to the Publisher. Through this methods, website or Blogs user interface become too Much Elegent. Where as Publisher have to sell Data of there Users (anonymous). In other words Publishers have sell there Visitors Data to the some company in a structured it Unstructured manner. Theses data are users behivour on the Website. These data doesn’t specify the specific user but Specify the Data Of the Whole.

Conclusion on Ways to Monetize The Blog/Website:

We have stated and introded them with short of Text. Hope you all studied and enjoyed the Post on Ways to Monetize The Blog/Website. We have summarize this Post And introduce Them only.

Follow us for more illustration.

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