Adbuff review 2019: Cpm, Cpc and Requirements

In Ads network review series we have done review of Popcash, Cpalead, spoutable, yllix, speedyads, popcash and many more in this series.

In this series we are going to do adbuff review, we will examine different situation and diffrent units of the Adbuff. We are going to examine diffrent situation of Adbuff as like, “what is CPC of Adbuff?”, “what is CPM of Adbuff?”, “Does adbuff is legit?” And the requirements to join Adbuff publisher Network.

Adbuff review : What is The Cpc and Cpm?

Adbuff uses to focus mainly on Tier 1 traffic, which mean traffic from countries like USA, CANADA, EUROPE. The CPM from tier 1 traffic is approximately 1-2$, while The CPC of tier 1 traffic approx ..05$ -.001$.

If we talk about abuff CPM for tier 2 is approx .5$ while CPC is approx .001$.

If we talk about abuff CPM for tier 3 is approx .1$ while CPC is approx .0004$.

Adbuff review: Requirements

While our Adbuff review, we find Adbuff has these requirements as given below:

  • No free hosts (i.e blogspot)
  • No streaming sites
  • No faucet sites
  • No download sites
  • No excessive advertising
  • Over 2,000 Uniques /day
  • English Sites Only
  • Traffic from US/Canada/UK/Australia
  • Google Analytics Installed
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Adbuff review: Legit or Scam

During our Adbuff review, we find Adbuff is legit and publisher get paid, that publishers have earned from the after showing the ads from the Adbuff.

Adbuff review: Payment Proof

Adbuff Payment Proof

Payment by Payoneer was paid by Adbuff to the publisher. No payment fee is required for payments sent via payoneer. Adbuff is a trusted ad network and helps publishers to monetize their stock through good CPM rates.

Adbuff review: Payment Method

The methods of payment for Adbuff are Paypal, Payoneer and Bank Wire.

Adbuff review: Minimum Payout

For various Adbuff methods, the minimum payout threshold is different. For Paypal and Payoneer the minimum threshold is $ 100, but for Bank Wire Transfers is $ 500; and new editors can not reach the threshold of 2000 daily visits which are likely to be successful for established editors.

How is Adbuff diffrent from ADSENSE?

During Adbuff review, we Find too many crucially different routes or images between these two website Monetization network. Some of The Basic Difference are listed Below:

  • Where as ADSENSE APPROVED any website with it’s norms and with any traffic whereas Adbuff has eligibility of 2000 page view on daily Basis.
  • Both Works on CPC Module whereas CPC of AdSense is approx double in the compression of Adbuff.
  • Interface of Adbuff ads is Great than AdSense.
  • Website get invalid or ads account get Banned in AdSense too quickly where as Website Gets Banned in Adbuff is approximately Zero.

Conclusion On Adbuff Review:

We have find that Adbuff is legit and have moderate CPC. Publisher should join Adbuff

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