Toro advertising review: CPC/CPM Advertising


TORO Advertising has more than five years ‘ experience as an affiliate network. We can provide a broad range of top conversion campaigns for media buyers, performance networks and webmasters, amongst other services, which are completely focused in the marketing industry.

In tracking, reporting, and optimization, TORO Advertising offers the latest technology. To achieve the best possible business outcome, TORO Advertising’s performance marketing approach is based on experience and efficiency. TORO advertising is the ideal partner for your traffic monetization and includes all types of media, channels and ad formats as the path to consistent growth in every aspect.

Requirements for affiliates for ToroAdvertising network:

  • This affiliate network doesn’t accept newbies.
  • The affiliates without websites must clearly explain about marketing strategies and traffic.
  • The sites must not have broken copyright laws.
  • The sites must not host any objectionable content like adult, spam, hacking etc.

Don’t do for ToroAdvertising:

  • The affiliates must not complete the tasks on their own or encourage others to do.
  • The affiliates must not link their sites to illegal sites.
  • The affiliates must not use bots or software to generate fake traffic.

Payment for ToroAdvertising:

Toro Advertising Mainface

Members may be paid on the basis of Net 30, Net 15 or Net 7. For the payment frequency, you must contact your affiliate manager. The lowest payout is $ 50. Payment options are PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Wire, Skrill and ePayments.

Referral Program of ToroAdvertising

Members can increase their income by referring to others. The rate of commission is 5%. Depending on your performance this rate can increase.

Best Features of ToroAdvertising:

  • 1500+ offers
  • Timely payments
  • Referral system
  • Competitive rates
  • The affiliates can track their performance and revenue real time.
  • You don’t need to have a website to get started.
  • Dedicated support

Payment Proof of Toro Advertising:-

Payment Proof Toro Advertising -1
Payment Proof Toro Advertising – 2

During Toro Advertising review, we find that Toro Advertising is too legit and Toro Advertising pay right amount in right time.

Conclusion On ToroAdvertising review:

ToroAdvertising review have legit Ads Network. Publisher must use ToroAdvertising as a Alternate of Adsense

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