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Adtrue Review

Adture is a CPM based ads network. Adtrue was Created on 13 September 1988, FPT generated more than $ 1.8 billion in revenues in IT and Telecommunications as its core businesses. FPT provides services to 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam with nearly 27,000 employees and included 12,241 technology experts, engineers, developers, and has also continued to expand globally to 19 countries in four continents: America, Australia, Europe and Asia. At the same time, FPT has pioneered new technological trends to confirm Vietnam’s position on the global technology map. After is A outlays of FTP.

Contact Address to Adtrue Ads network:

While the Review of Adtrue we find these Contact Address of Adtrue:

  • Global Head Office
  •  Address: 3rd Floor, UDIC Complex Building, Hoang Dao Thuy Str, Cau Giay, Hanoi.
  • Phone: (+84) 242-265-5588
  • Email:

Key points of Adtrue Ads network:

Smart Optimize System enhanced By Adtrue:

Our smart optimizing system chooses the most suitable ads with highest price for your website.

High quality and safe ads Adtrue:

Enjoy a wide range of advertisements from our premium campaigns with global brand partners.

Highest eCPM and fill rate by Adtrue:

We offer the highest eCPM, filling 100% of your traffic with our optimizing system.

Real-time report by Adtrue:

Be up-to-date with your website’s performance from our real-time report.

Passback Compatibility with major vendors of Adtrue:

Don’t lose any impression. Optimize your remnant inventory with us via passback tag to major vendors.

Search your Traffic analytics

Direct support from Adtrue manager:

Save your time and effort from filling forms and request – Let us connect directly to Astrid.

Ads format offered by Adtrue:

While Adtrue Review we find After support These seven ads Format:

  1.  468 x 60
  2.  728 x 90
  3.  120 x 600
  4.  160 x 600
  5.  300 x 250
  6.  336 x 280
  7.  300 x 600
  8. Pre-Roll
  9. Post-Roll

Targeting Option Available for Advertiser:

  • Geographic targeting in Adtrue
  • Demographic targeting in Adtrue
  • Site-Specific targeting in Adtrue
  • Behavioral targeting in Adtrue
  • Contextual targeting in Adtrue
  • Re-targeting targeting in Adtrue
  • Purchase-based targeting in Adtrue

What Adtrue accept of advertiser:

While our Adtrue Review we find that Adtrue does not accept these type of websites:

  • Alcohol / Tobacco Ads
  •  Adult Content Ads
  •  Online Gambling Ads

What Adtrue accept of Publisher:

Seo tools

While our Astrid Review we find these Terms for not accepting a website as publishing Website:

  • Alcohol / Tobacco Sites
  •  Adult Content Sites
  •  Online Gambling Sites

Adtrue Payment terms:

While Our Adtrue review we find that after have net 15 as well as net 30 days Payment Terms. Minimum Payout Offers By after is 50$. Payment us sent to Publisher has been done by PAYPAL AS WELL AS WIRE TRANSFER.

Payment Proof Adtrue Review:

Adtrue is legit, we don’t get paid right now we will update after that.

Conclusion on Adtrue Review:

We find after adtrue Review, adtrue is ligit and Publisher get Paid on time. This is too Good for the Publishers.

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