Ubercpm Review: A Newborn Ads Network

In Ads network review series we have done review of PopcashCpaleadspoutableyllix, s  popcashAdbuffVibrant MediaExoclick, clickpapa, Hilltop ads, Elevers, Speedyads, Adnow and so on.

Introduction To Ubercpm:

UberCpm Main page Interface

UberCpm is a Canadian-based online ad network agency. Ubercpm claims to be one of the largest ads marketplace, CPM based paid networks. UberCpm is a network that does share 80% of their revenue with their publishers, according to the UberCpm website. They also claim to have simply a network of advertisers, working together with only good advertisers, delivering high-quality ads that produce higher revenue.


Interface Used by UberCpm:-

Interface Used by UberCpm

During UberCpm Interface Review, we find UberCpm is easy to use. In the Interface of UberCpm that is Ads code section, New Ads section, Wallet, Export, Profile and Support. Interface also contains Ads as well as switch to Advertiser or Publisher sections.

Basic Information about UberCpm:

While We Done UberCpm review, we find these Basic Stuffs of UberCpm:

  • Network Type: CPM
  • Ad Formats: Banner Ads
  • Minimum Payout: $10
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer
  • Referral Program: 10% referral commission

UberCpm ads Format:

We find UberCpm have Following Ads Format. These banners offer 160X600, 300X250, 300X600, 320X50, 728X90 and 120X600 thin tower benners. UberCpm are a publicity network. Payment conditions are Net 30 and PayPal or the wire transfers are the options.

Seo tools

UberCpm Payment Gurantee:

UberCpm offers gurantee 1$ payment for every 1000 ads impression.

Review of UberCpm:

  • Totally irrelevant ads: I think these guys don’t know the terms of contextual ads. When you go on my blog, one thing that isn’t there is dating or marriage related material in any part of this website. The only ad on my website. however, there was a matrimonial website in India when I was running Ubercpm ads.
  • Will stop recording impressions: For a few days my website had the regular traffic and their ads, but they didn’t record and count anymore. For those days, my dashboard had no ad impressions. I’ve also got a AdSense account and UberCPM showed zero while Google recorded the ads.
  • Unsafe Ads: More than once their ads were just forwarded to malware websites or pop up ads for adults. Completely unsafe and inappropriate. Check the link below where people face the same problem with their ads and ask the same question
Search your Traffic analytics
  • Low Impression count: Again, with Google Adsense, I will compare that. My AdSense ad count several times coincides with my total page view but the ad count of UberCPM will be at least 10 times lower. When requested, I was told they don’t count the BOT traffic and therefore the low impression. So what do you say, Google counts BOT? So what do you say? Completely absurd.
  • Bad Pay Outs: That’s the main reason. Although you say you are among the highest contributors, your CPM rates are probably the worst on the market. For a thousand or more impressions, you won’t even pay 1 cent. Below is evidence of my and a few others of the UberCPM dashboard I found on the web.

Cpm Offer by UberCpm:

1$ is the CPM Offered By the UberCpm. During UberCpm review, We also find UberCpm actually offers about .8$.

Cpc Offered By UberCpm:-

UberCpm does not offer any Cpc.

UberCpm Payment Proof:

UberCpm Payment Proof

Our Ubercpm review suggests UberCpm has worst Cpm compared with Adsense.


UberCpm Requiments:

During UberCpm Review, We find that UberCpm requiments is high as UberCpm Requires Approx 50000 visitors per month. In other words we also can say UberCpm need Approx 2000 visitors per Day for getting websites on Board of UberCpm.

Conclusion of Ubercpm:

We must say after Ubercpm review, publisher should not use UberCpm.

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