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A View To Adslop: Legit, Requirements, Signup Process, Payment Proof

Adslop is a digital advertising network that supports global publishers and advertisers with its service with the tools which has been made or designed by Adslop. Actually the tool is a complete solution for publicity (Monetization for webmaster and a perfect advertising solution for advertisers). It can be said as a complete solution, because banner and pop ads are available that can monetize your traffic completely as WEBMASTER have any type of Website with them.

If you wish to use your website space to display banners or to pop ads, this ads network might be an excellent option for you. This ads network can help you to monetize your adults and non-adults Website’s. To monetize publishers’ Website, Adslop uses each and every type of popular price models available to meet with the market.

It offers publishers CPM, CPC and CPA pricing models to Publisher’s which will help to gain profit from the ads network in every possible way. In addition, the network uses advance bidding system that ensures highest paying ads will get live on your website in real time which ensure Publisher is bagged with Maximum profit.

Requirements for Adslop:

Terms or requirements of adslop is not so tough. They only requires a branded TDL domain, Website can be of any niche. The niche may contains adult or non-adult website. It have a worldwide coverage as Advertisers from all around the world place thier Advertisement on adslop and Publisher from all over the world sells these ads worldwide.

Publisher does not require to have a website of high score in Google lighthouse to join this ads Network or a premium Website having lots of traffic from the web or search Engine. WEBMASTER can join adslop with small number of traffic and low Rank in Google lighthouse. They requires a well-designed responsive Website Interface. Last but not least they requires a fully functional website or blog with minimum 20 post posted.

Signup Process For Adslop:

Like most modern ad networks, Adslop also has a very easy and simple sign-up process, which you have to complete and submit a simple registration form. You will receive an email (activation link) on your registered email after you submit your form. To activate your Adslop account, you must have to click on the activation link which comes with the email send by adslop.

After that, You have to login and submit your website for review, after that, your account has been activated. Once adslop have checked and approved your website, then you can start displaying your ads to earn money.

They are quick to review publisher websites. In my case they approved my website within 15 minutes of submission, so you can understand how active they are. Also, one thing I forgot to mention is that on Adslop you can create an advertiser or publisher account separately or you can create a hybrid account where you get both publisher and advertiser dashboard in a single account.

Adslop Payment Frequency:

Adslop likes to pay its publishers quickly and therefore, it process all publisher’s payments on daily basis. So, if you are looking for a network which can pay you on daily basis then this network is for you.

Payment Options:

Unlike many other ad networks which offer only one or two payment options, Adslop offers 5 different payment options for the ease of withdrawals. The payment options offered by Adslop are UPI, Bank Transfer, Payeer, Bitcoin and Faucethub.

Referral Program:

Adslop provides another great opportunity to publishers to make some extra money by referring their network to other publisher and advertisers. If you refer a publisher then you get a 15% referral commission whereas if you refer an advertiser then you get a 5% referral commission for lifetime.

Why You Should Join Adslop ?

There are various simple reasons to do it. Some of which are as follows:

  • Global coverage.
  • A complete solution for publishers and advertisers.
  • Offers two different ad formats – banner and pop ads. Also, these ads include text and display banner, pop-up ads, pop-under ads and new tab ads.
  • Accepts both adult and non-adult content websites.
  • Simple requirements to join.
  • Easy signup and approval process.
  • Detailed stats reporting system.
  • Low minimum payout of $5 only.
  • Fast payment schedule on daily basis.
  • Multiple payment options – UPI, Bank Transfer, Payeer, Bitcoin and Fauctehub.
  • Dedicated support via email and online chat.
  • Attractive referral program.

Adslop features for advertisers:

1.Best CPM rates For GEO’s
2.Anti-fraud detector
3. Recptcaha verified CPC Ads, Popup ads* under dev..
4.Payumoney, Bitcoin, deposit options approval
6.Keywords targeting
7.Category targeting
8.Device Targeting
9.Time targeting
10.5$ deposit
11.Muliple banner Upload option

Adslop features for publishers:

1. Country wise CPM
2. Live Chat Support
3. 5$ min withdrawal With 24hrs
4. Text and display ad unites*
5. High CPM rates For Popup
6. Get paid in Paypal, Bitcoin, UPI, payeer, Bank transfer, Jazzcash
7. 5% referal earnings
8. Direct popup link (on request)

Adslop Layout:

Adslop Review
Adslop Layout

The interface of adslop is easy to use, it the interface WEBMASTER have a Access to Adcodes, Impression, Clicks, Conversions, Profit and Referal Profit. WEBMASTER also have a access of sites, Adcodes, Reports, Payouts, Referal System and Supports.

Adslop Review: Alternative

During this intresnsive Review, We find adslop have the following Alternative ads Network to work with. The Alternative ads network are Listed Below:

Propellers Ads:-

Propellerads Review With Payment Proof and Earning Report
Propellerads Review With Payment Proof and Earning Report

Propeller ads is a Cyprus based Ads Network founded in 2011. It’s uses to serve Approx 2B+ impression on daily basis and a reach of Approx 40%+ internet user’s. Recently propeller Ads has launched Native Banner Ads in the market which makes it highly competitive with Google Adsense.

Propeller Ads uses to serves push Notification ads, Banner ads, Direct Ads and many more to the Publisher.

Link To Join – Go Here

Wordads: Best WordPress based ads


WordPress is JetPack based ads network of Automatic INC. ( We must say they don’t have high CPC or CPM in the tier 2 and tier 3 but if thinks CPM or CPC for tier 1 traffic, we find Its rate are higher than Adsense. That is Good. After these all Review We must it is a good alternative of Google Adsense.



Exoclick Ad network is a Barcelona Based Publicity network Headed By Benjamin Fonzé as CEO. Benjamin Fonzé Launched Exoclick ads network as a self serve ads network in 2006. Till Today Exoclick Grew to 4th Largest Ads Network in the World. The CPC and CPM of Exoclick is top low but Due to High CTR of this ads network Which makes it highly competitive ads network of Adsense.

Link to Signup – GO Here

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