History Of Bank and How Bank Effect The Society Of World

We are talking about Bank and How Bank effect the society, this is all about the Trade relations between society and the country. From the ancient world we (HUMAN) are trading with each other as this Trade Bring the wealth to the People or the Nation.


The Wealth people Gains, people starts to think how these excessive amount should be stored securely and invested for the Growth of Trade or Happiness of The society. This is the basics step to enhance the Growth or Devlopment we get till now.

Devlopment of Trade in the World:

In all cash transactions, very few people buy their homes, with the exception of extremely rich ones. To make such a large purchase, most of us need a mortgage or some form of credit. Many people actually pay for everyday items using credit cards. It wouldn’t work without credit, or without banks to issue credit, in the whole world as we know it. The birth of these two thriving industries is to be explored below.

How Investment aroses Around The World:

Since the first currencies were melted, banks have been around, perhaps even before, in one way or another. Taxation has resulted in currency, especially coin use. Actually, in ancient period all coins are responsible for government and by government.

In the early days of the ancient empires it might be fair for one healthy pig per year, but this kind of payment was less desirable as the empires expanded. Moreover, empires started to need the means to pay for foreign goods and services, which could be more easily exchanged. Coins of different sizes and metals served instead of brittle, unstoppable letters of paper.


The Coins Trend started:

However, these coins had to be kept secure. Therefore, most wealthy people held accounts at temples in ancient houses without the benefit of a safety steel. Many people, such as priests and temple workers, hoped to be both devoted and honest, always took care of the temples to create a feeling of safety.

In addition to keeping it safe, there are reports from Greece, Rome, Egypt or Ancient Babylon suggesting that temples are loaning the money. The main reason they were ransacked in wars was the fact that most temples were also financial centers in their towns.

Coins could be harvested easier than other commodities, for example pigs for 300 pounds, so a class of rich traders was found that took the interest to lend these coins to needy people. Temples generally handled large loans and various sovereign lending, and the rest were taken up by these new money lenders.

First Bank Introduced:

The Romans, who were themselves great builders and managers, took banking from the temples and formalized it in various buildings. During that time, money lenders continued to benefit as loan sharks do today, but the use of institutional banks involved most legitimate trade – and almost all government expenses.

Julius Caesar gives the first example of how to allow bankers to confiscate land rather than paying loans in an edit that changes Roman law after its takeover. This was a monumental power shift in the relationship of creditor and debtor as nobles landed in most of the past remained unsustainable and passed on debts to descendants until either the lines of the creditor or the debtor died.

The Roman Empire eventually collapsed, but some of its banks lived as Papal bankers emerging during the Holy Roman Empire, and as Templar Cnights during the Crusades. Small – time lenders competing with the church have often been accused of weariness.

Kingdom And the Bank’s

The different monarchs that ruled over Europe noted banks ‘ strengths. As banks and sometimes express charters and contracts of the ruling sovereign existed, royal powers at the Royal Treasury began to take loans to compensate for the hard times, often at the royal terms. This easy financing led to unnecessary extravaganzes, expensive wars and arms race, often leading to crushed debts.

Phillip II of Spain was able to burden his Kingdom with so much debt in 1557, causing the first national bankruptcy in the world — as well as the second, third and quatth in a rapid succession — as a result of many inutile wars. This was because the country was in the process of servicing its debt by 40 percent of the gross national product (GNP). Banks continue to haunt them to this day and age, with the trend of blindness to the creditworthiness of large customers.

The Modern Bank With Adamsmith:

Banking was well established in the British Empire when in 1776 Adam Smith introduced his theory of “invisible hand.” Building on his views on a self – regulating economy, moneylender and bankers succeeded in limiting the involvement of the state in the banking industry and in the entire economy. This free market capitalism and competitive banking has been fertile in the New World, where the US is about to emerge.


At the outset, Smith’s thoughts did not benefit US banking. For a US bank, the average life was five years and most bank notes of defaulted banks were lost. After all, these chartered banks could only issue bank notes against their reserved gold and silver coins. In our age of deposit insurance and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), bank robberies meant much more than now.

Alexander Hamilton, the Treasury Secretary, created a national bank to accept banknotes on a par with banks that float through challenging times. After just a few stops, this National Bank began, annulled and resurrected, created a single national currency and set up a system by which national banks supported their bills by buying securities from the Treasury and thereby established a liquid market. The national banks have expelled competition by imposing taxes on the relatively lawless state banks.

The damage was already done, however, as the average American population had already grown into banks and bankers in general. The Texas State would actually banking outlaw this sentiment — a law that lasted until 1904.

How marchent Bank Led The Globe:

In addition to regular banking activities like loans and corporate finance, most of the economic duties that would have been handled in the national banking system came to the power of big market banks because the national banking system was so sporadic. These commercial banks have been working both politically and financially over this period of unrest that lasted until the 1920s.


Initially, they relied heavily on the commissions of foreign bond sales in Europe with a small backflow from the American trading in Europe and thus allowed them to build their capital. These banks included Goldman and Sachs, Kuhn, Loeb and J.P. Morgan and Company.

A bank had no legal obligation at that time, showing its ability to survive on high, hypermedium credit losses, to disclose its capital reserves. This mysterious practice meant that more than anything was the reputation and history of a bank. These family – owned trading banks have long history of successful transactions while starting up banks have come and go. As large industries developed and became necessary for corporate finance, no single bank could supply the required amount of capital and the only means of increasing necessary capital were first – time public bids (IPOs) and public bond bids.

How 1907 changes Bank

The collapse of copper trust shares has created a panic that hastened people to cash out their money from banks and investments that has brought down shares. The task had not been taken to calm people by the Federal Reserve Bank. Morgan stopped the panic by using its significant influence to bring all the main actors on Wall Street together in order to maneuver their control over credit and capital, just as today the Fed would.

The Collapse of First Banking Era:

Ironically, this demonstration of supreme power in saving the American economy ensured no private banker ever again exercised this power. That J.P was needed. The government was moved to form the Federal Reserve Bank, now referred to as the Fed, in 1913 by Morgan, which was a banker that was not like much of America because of being one of its robber baron with Carnegie and Rockfeller. Although the commercial banks had an influence on the Federal Reserve’s structure, they were pushed backwards as well.

Even with the creation of the Federal Reserve, Wall Street concentrated financial power and remaining political power. With the outcome of the First World War, America was made a global creditor and replaced London at the end of the war as the center of the financial world. Unfortunately some unconventional handcuffs have been applied on banking by the Republican administration. The government insisted that all debtor nations should repay their traditionally forgiven war loans, especially in the case of allies, before any American institution extended further credit to them.


This slowed down global trade and led to hostilities against American goods in many countries. The already slow world economy was knocked out, when the stock market collided on Black Tuesday in 1929. It was not possible for the Federal Reserve to contain the crash and refuse to stop the depression, but the effect on all banks was immediate. A clear line between banks and investors has been drawn. In 1933 banks could no longer speculate with deposits and regulations were implemented under the FDIC to persuade the public to return safely. The depression continued, with nobody being fooled.

World war 2 And The Bank

World War II could have prevented complete destruction for the banking industry. WWII has pushed the US and global economies out of the downwards spiral and has produced its industriousness. The war required financial handling with billions of dollars for the banks and the Federal Reserve. This massive funding operation brought about large credit requirements that, in turn, led banks to merge in order to meet the new needs. These enormous banks covered world markets. More importantly, domestic banking in the U.S. finally settled to the extent that an individual would have reasonable access to credit with the advent of deposit insurance and mortgages.

Conclusion how Bank emerged:

Banks have come a long way from the temples, but they have not changed their fundamental business practices. The banks give loans to those that need it, but require interest in addition to repaying the loan. Though history has altered the business model’s fine points, the bank’s objective is to create credit and protect the money of depositors. Even if the future takes banks off your street corner and on the internet — or shops for credit worldwide — there will still be banks to perform this main feature.

How Bank changed The Mankind:

We have talked how Banks Evolved or Developed with time frame in the world. For the shake of mind we have divided whole banks and it’s effect to the Human into Four PARTS :-

  • Early period (Enhancement Period Of Banks):-

This is period of early Human civilization, as During Early Period People have only with stones, Axle and equipment. During This period People uses to start store their equipment to the place where it can be stored efficiently and safely. These Place were Banks for them.

  • Medieval Period (Banks Works Officialy):

Bank Started work efficiently or it is better to say Bank took Birth I’m the real World. This is period where Trade flourished and enhanced around the world for better present and tomorrow. The states (kings) were superior than everything (There were no RULE OF LAW)

During this Period Currency started to Flourished. These Currency Bring a mode of trade that is in a place of Commodity Currency came To be used.

Hence, currency Become too valuable. Thus, a new trend occour that is BANK ROBBERY. Due to Bank robbery, people start to think Bank are not secured Place to hold there whole earning. Bank become too much trendy place for them.

  • Early Modern Period (Banks After world war 2):-

During world war whole world were in economic crisis for the uplifment from the crisis led by world war 2. People started to think about the Bank’s.

The world’s Deflection towards the Bank’s led the Bank too much security, people started to invest or deposite their earning to the BANKS.

Now, Banks starts to become prosperous and regulating authority of economy. Some of them were state owned and Private owned. These Banks starts to work for Development of the world.

  • Modern Banks (Banks Lives Today):-

In this section, we will talk about the Bank’s that is live today.

When we enter into the Bank, we see that some person are sitting on the table in the front of computer Beside there some people are standing near them. Simply called customer and staff.

These enhancement led to the upliftment and endorsment to the society of the time. Banks starts to works as creditor and Debtors. We often came to Known Banks are full of NPAs (Non performing Assets).


We use to show how Banks and the world are interconnected with each other from the 1st Human to Modern Society.

Note:- Some Data may not correct, please email us on the issue on AFFILATEMARKET523@GMAIL.COM

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Bodhi Circuit: A Foremost or Leading Place For The Bodhi Dhama

Donate for Buddha

I am Local to Bihar, I have visited too much time to the BodhGaya (Gaya, Bihar). BodhGaya consist of Bodhi tree(Bodhi vriksha), MahaBodhi Temple, Animesh Lochan chatiya, Chankarmana, RatnaGarh.

Which Place Does Budha Circuit consist:

Budha Circuit is a incentive Launched By Government Of Bihar As Government of India. It consist of following:

  • Bodhgaya
  • Sarnath
  • Kushinagar
  • Vaishali
  • Rajgir
  • Shravasti
  • Lumbini

Detail Analysis Of Budha circuit:

Bodhgaya: Located in Bihar, this is the place of illumination found in the Bodhi Tree by Prince Siddhartha. He became the Lord Buddha, the Enlightened One after 49 days of meditation. In Bodhgaya the main sights are Bodhi Tree, Mahabodhi Temple, King Ashoka’s Vajrasana Throne, Muchalinda Lake, Animesh Lochan Chaitya, some other sacred trees such as Ratnakankramana, Ratnagaraha, Ajapala Nigrodha and Rajyatna. The monasteries of Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Japan, Thailand and others also are founded. It has several monasteries. It is thus a major tourist attraction.

Donate for Buddha

Sarnath: Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon at this place. This was given when the illumination was achieved. The holy town of Varanasi is about 10 km from Sarnath. In Sarnath he set up his sangha or first disciples for the advancement of his new doctrine. King Ashoka was originally built at Dhamekh Stupa in Sarnath, the proud symbol of India, the famous lion capital pillar, or the Ashoka pillar. Here you can also see the stupa of Chaukhand, Kuti Vihar and Ashram of Sarnath.

Kushinagar: This location is located in East Uttar Pradesh district of Gorakhpur, India. It is on its way to Kapilavastu where lord Buddha died in 543 BC and became ill. It is said that King Ashokah distributed the mortal remains of Lord Buddha throughout his kingdom and abroad to more than 80,000 stupas. Mukatanabandhana Stupa and the reclining Buddha statue in red sandstone are significant places to see. Other sights include the Thai Wat Temple, the Chinese Temple, the Japanese Temple, Mahanirvana Temple and more. This is where the Lord Buddha has been saved.

Vaishali: Lord Buddha gave his last sermon in this place. This site is located 60 km from Patna, Bihar’s capital city. It is said that Buddha told Ananda his disciple of his impending death here. The site is also known for the second Buddhist meeting held some 110 years later.

Rajgir: The Lord’s Monsoon Retreat was 12 years in Rajgir, some 70 km from Bodhgaya. He preached the precepts of Lotus Sutra and the perfection of Sutra’s wisdom during the spreading of its doctrine. Gridhakuta Hill was located in Rajgir. At Saptaparni Caves on Vaibhar Hill, Rajgir, the first Buddhist Council took place. Buddha’s teachings were compiled and preached in the council after his death. Another important place to visit in Rajgir is the world – renowned university of Nalanda.

Donate for Buddha

Shravasti: Shravasti was the favorite retreat for the Buddha during the rainy season. It was about 150 km from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, and Buddha’s first miracle took place there.

Lumbini: Lumbini is the place of birth of Lord Buddha in the Rupandehi district of Nepal. It is now an important pilgrimage site for the Buddhist. Lumbini is also part of the Buddhist circuit in India as a neighboring country by tour operators.


How Buddha Circuit Is Planned:

Lumbini →Bodhgaya→Sarnath→Kushinagar

From Lumbini in Nepal, where Lord Buddha was born, to Bodhgaya, where He attained enlightenment, to Sarnath, where He preached, to Kushinagar where He achieved salvation.

Precautions to be taken While visiting Budha Circuit:

You should put your headquarters in Patna, so not only do you have good rail and air connectivity but you will also find easy accommodation.

One day, BodhGaya is just about 111 kilometers from Patna. A car should be the preferred mode of movement. Private taxis from Patna can easily be used. The trip from Patna to Bodh Gaya takes about 3,5 – 4 hours with a short break. The reason for this is that the roads are good, but are not very broad and that there is little traffic. So you can’t drive the stretch very quickly.

The Maha Bodhi Temple and the Maha Bodhi Tree, both on the same campus, are the main attraction of Bodh Gaya. The visiting time should be an average of 2 – 3 hours. In addition, there are numerous monasteries and an 80 ft Buddha statue in the neighbourhood. The convents you want to visit should be chosen. In general, your visit should take 4 – 5 hours rather than more. The visit to the temple is free, but your footwear and mobile phones must remain in a locker. It’s also free of charge. At the main gate, take a government guide.

Suggestions and Precautions :

Try to bring your water, snacks and tea to the road, if possible, because there are not a lot of restaurants or food on the way. You’ll find it all once in Bodh Gaya. The same is true of the women’s toilet. July – August is off – season in Bodh Gaya and so most restaurants have closed because of the small number of tourists. You should start from Patna early in the morning and arrive late in the night.

Donate for Buddha


Best WordPress Hosting to Begin: Free and Paid

WordPress Hosting

Introduction to WordPress:

WordPress is a Plugin based website which runs on PHP based language. WordPress Has 2 platforms: 1st one is WordPress.com and second one WordPress.org (A Self-Hosted open source Platform). WordPress is Blogging Platform Developed by Automatic inc.

What is WordPress.com?

WordPress logo

WordPres.com is a Blogging Platform Developed and Hosted by Automatic inc. In WordPress.com automatic Inc run paid as well as free plans for the Bloggers. In WordPress.com, the premium Jetpack has been provided in free of Cost.

Benifits of WordPress.com

During our WordPress.com review we find WordPress has too many Benifits as like:

  • Free premium version of Jetpack.
  • Automatic’s advertising Network wordads is easily available. (Paid version).
  • Super fast website speed.
  • Cost Price is too low

Pros of WordPress.com

There is too many Cons for using WordPress.com, these come are as follow:

  • Features opens to use are as per plans.
  • Wordads are only open to use after, the paid plans the Publisher buy. The plans in which Wordads can be used are premium, business and e-commerce plans.
  • The custom plugins can be used after publishers buyed business and e-commerce plans.

What is WordPress.org?

WordPress.org is a self Hosted platform for the Publisher who runs their websites on their own web server. Publishers can use WordPress website, after downloading the wordpress from wordpress.org open source platform.

What is Web Hosting Service?


A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that makes your site accessible via the World Wide Web to individuals and organizations.

World’s most popular Paid Hosting Provider for wordpress:

WordPress is a plan involving the use of a single server. In contrast to VPS hosting– which both use small areas on a single server– hosting is your own server.

What is WordPress dedicated server?

In the world of wordpress Hosting, there are too many hosting provider in this world. We are listing them up here on the basis of CostPrice, Inode Count, Uptime of server, disk storage, Bandwidth to be used, add-on domain, Tech support, offers one-click installation, database reach, type of computer language supported, Backup of website and provides free hosting as bonus.

Inode count is a term defined as numbers of files can be hosted in server space.

What is Inode count?

Let’s start most popular Paid Hosting Provider for wordpress.

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Provider: Paid

These are Top 10 paid WordPress Hosting are as follows:

Bluehost WordPress Hosting:

In the series of the best WordPress Hosting, our 1st hosting Provider is Blue Host. Let’s see the specifications of Bluehost:

Plans of Bluehost for website Hosting:

There are six Plans of Bluehost namely shared hosting, Vps hosting, dedicated Hosting, WordPress Hosting, WP Pro and e-commerce hosting.

Features of Bluehost shared Hosting:

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
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  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
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  • Domain Privacy
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  • Dedicated IP
  • 1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days

Features of Bluehost Vps Hosting:

  • 4 Cores of RAM for server
  • 120 GB SSD Storage on server
  • 8 GB RAM for server
  • 3 TB Bandwidth to be uses for traffic
  • 2 IP Addresses for the server
  • Multi-Server Management
  • Access Control to server
  • File Management (FTP PROTOCOL)

Features of Bluehost dedicated Hosting:

  • 4 cores @ 2.3 GHz
  • 1TB (Mirrored) Storage
  • 16 GB RAM
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  • 5 IP Addresses

Features of Bluehost WordPress Hosting:

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Free SSL Certificate
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  • Free Domain for 1 Year
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  • Unlimited Subdomains
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Features of Bluehost wp Pro Hosting:

  • Jetpack Site Analytics
  • Marketing Center 
  • 100 Free Premium Themes
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Features of Bluehost e-commerce Hosting:

  • Unlimited Online Stores
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  • 1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days

Note: Uptime oF WordPress Hosting is 99.94.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting:

In the series of the best WordPress Hosting, our 2nd hosting Provider is GoDaddy. the specifications of GoDaddy.

Plans of GoDaddy for wordpress website Hosting:

There are too many Plans of Hosting are as like Basic, DELUXE, ULTIMATE and Pro5+.

The specifications of GoDaddy Hosting are discribed or listed Below:

  • Free 24/7 supported
  • WordPress core software and security updatesO
  • migration tool
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  • Latest version of PHP 7SFTP access (Deluxe and Ultimate plans)
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Inmotionhosting WordPress Hosting:

Inmotionhosting is a canada Based Hosting Service for LARGE scale upgrade. In the series of the best WordPress Hosting, our 3rd hosting Provider is Inmotionhosting. the specifications of Inmotionhosting.

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Hostgator WordPress Hosting:

Hostgator is a canada Based Hosting Service for LARGE scale upgrade. In the series of the best WordPress Hosting, our 3rd hosting Provider is Hostgator. the specifications of Hostgator.

Plans of Hostgator for wordpress website Hosting:


Specifications of Hostgator Hosting:

The Specifications of Hostgator Hosting are listed below

  • 1 – 5 WordPress Installation
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Hostinger WordPress Hosting:

Hostinger is a Lithuania Based Hosting Service for LARGE scale upgrade. In the series of the best WordPress Hosting, our 4th hosting Provider is Hostinger. the specifications of Hostinger.

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Hostinger Come with Single, Premium, Business Hosting plans.

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BigRock WordPress Hosting:

BigRock is a Us Based Hosting Service for LARGE scale upgrade. In the series of the best WordPress Hosting, our 5th hosting Provider is BigRock. the specifications of BigRock. The servers of BigRock located at US and INDIA.

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BigRock come with windows hosting as well as Linux hostings.

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Namecheap WordPress Hosting:

Namecheap is a Us Based Hosting Service for LARGE scale upgrade. In the series of the best WordPress Hosting, our 6th hosting Provider is Namecheap. The servers of Namecheap located at US and INDIA

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Plans of Namecheap for wordpress Hostings are as EasyWP Starter, EasyWP Turbo and EasyWP Supersonic.

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Siteground WordPress Hosting:

Siteground is a London, Amsterdam, Chicago, Singapore Based Hosting Service for small scale upgrade. In the series of the best WordPress Hosting, our 7th hosting Provider is Siteground. The servers of Siteground located at London, Amsterdam, Chicago and Singapore.

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Plans of siteground are as follows, these are StartUp, GrowBig and GrowBig.

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Dreamhost WordPress Hosting:


Dreamhost is a global Based Hosting Service for small as well as large scale website. In the series of the best WordPress Hosting, our 8th hosting Provider is Dreamhost. The servers of Dreamhost located at globally.

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Plans of Dreamhost are as DreamPress, DreamPress plus and DreamPress Pro.

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Ipage WordPress Hosting:

Ipage is a global Based Hosting Service for small as well as large scale website. In the series of the best WordPress Hosting, our 9th hosting Provider is Ipage. The servers of Ipage located at globally.

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Plans for Ipage WP Essential and WP Starter.


Specifications of DreamPress Hosting:

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I Page

WordPress.com offical WordPress Hosting:

WordPress.com is a global Based Hosting Service for small as well as large scale website. In the series of the best WordPress Hosting, our 10th hosting Provider is WordPress.com. The servers of WordPress.com located at globally as like each and every country of the world.

Plans for WordPress.com for managed wordpress website Hosting:

Plans for WordPress.com are

  • Blogger – Best for Bloggers
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  • Business – Best for Small Businesses
  • eCommerce – Best for Online Stores

Specifications of WordPress.com Hosting:

  • Free Domain for One YearJ
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Note :- For WordPress Hosting, WordPress.com is the best to be the to Host with, for Blogs, website where as for E-commerce WordPress.com is the worst to be hosted with. so, don’t Host your eCommerce website in Jetpack or WordPress sites.

Top 5 Best WordPress Hosting Provider: Free

Top 5 Best WordPress Hosting Provider are those websites which provides free Hosting for the Publisher on WordPress Platform. Let’s Start the free wordpress Hosting Provider.

Lets Start the series Of top 5 wordpress Hosting Provider for free are:

WordPress.com offical WordPress Hosting: Free Version

For small and large sites, WordPress.com is a global hosting service. Our 1st hosting provider is WordPress.com in the best WordPress hosting series. WordPress.com servers are located in every country worldwide as everywhere.

There is only one WordPress plan which is free from WordPress.com is Free Plan with only .WordPress.com subdomain or extension.

000webhost WordPress Hosting: Free Version

For small and large sites, 000webhost is a global hosting service. Our 2nd hosting provider is 000webhost in the best WordPress hosting series. 000webhost servers are located in every country worldwide as everywhere.

Web hosting

000webhost is a hostinger backened hosting Provider.

Specifications of 000webhost:

  • 10 GB of bandwidth!
  • 1 GB of disk space!
  • Free domain name hosting!
  • Free admin panel!
  • Easy to use Free Website Builder
  • WordPress Auto Installer
  • Full PHP & MySQL database support
  • Instant account activation, no fees!

Accuwebhosting WordPress Hosting: Free Version

For small and large sites, Accuwebhosting is a global hosting service. Our 3rd hosting provider is Accuwebhosting in the best WordPress hosting series. Accuwebhosting servers are located in canada.

Specifications of Accuwebhosting:

  • 1 Websites
  • 2 gb SSD Storage
  • 30 gb Month Bandwidth
  • 15 Entry Processes (Concurrent connections)
  • 768 Mb Physical Memory / RAM (MB)
  • 1.25 Lakh Files (Inodes)
  • 100 Outgoing emails / hour
  • Limited Ticket Support

Webfreehosting WordPress Hosting: Free hosting Version

For small and large sites, Webfreehosting is a global hosting service. Our 4th hosting provider is Webfreehosting in the best WordPress hosting series. Webfreehosting servers are located in US.

web hosting

Specifications of Webfreehosting:

  • Disk Space 1gb
  • Data transfer 5gb
  • File size limit – 2mb

x10hosting WordPress Hosting: Free hosting Version

For small sites, x10hosting is a global hosting service. Our 4th hosting provider is x10hosting in the best WordPress hosting series. x10hosting severs located in US.

Free Web Hosting

Conclusion on Best WordPress Hosting to Begin: Free and Paid

We have printed out Best WordPress Hosting to Begin (Free and Paid). Hope You like the Post and if there is anything else that I need to get in the post please email us at contact@bodhivriksh.com

Link Building Strategy: White Hat V/S BLack Hat SEO

Link Building Strategy: White Hat V/S BLack Hat SEO
Link Building Strategy: White Hat V/S BLack Hat SEO

Link Building is nothing but Building Dofollw or Nofollow hyperlink from another Website pointing to your website.

what is link Building?

I have Written a good and awesome Content, but I am not getting any traffic on the page. I have done work a lot I have done Keyword research, Link Building and many more but I can’t get get any good traffic. I have used best SEO TOOLS, Plugin’s, Themes and many more but I can’t able to rank my Website for high traffic.

To increase your Links or Backlinks, we are here with Best Link Building Strategy Popularly Known as Link Building Strategy.

Types of Link Building Strategy are WHITE HAT SEO and BLACK HAT SEO. Let’s start one by one.

White Hat Seo: Rank the Web with Rules

White Hat Seo is the technique which uses to be loved by Search Engine and the Search Crawler. These are like Increase in Page Speed, Organic Link Building, Quality Content and Many More.

what is White Hat SEO?

These technique mainly on the awesome Rule, Regulation and Terms and Conditions (Guidelines) made by the marvelous search engine to Rank in Top Page or at Position #0, #1, #2 and #3. Every one this world who work for the content on the Internet want to Learn about the events and incident occours to the Internet that affect the Ranking of the Website.

Every Search Engine uses to say that Creating a Great content is the Best Method to Rank on the top.

Basic Methods of White Hat SEO:

Some of the Basic Methods of White Hat Seo are Listed below:

  • Always focus on quality content and services not on Quantity
  • Fast site loading times and mobile-friendliness (2016 Google Algorithm Update)
  • Using descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags (schema.org)
  • Making your site easy to navigate (No Abusive ads or Content).

Why to use White Hat SEO?

WEBMASTER must use WHITE HAT SEO to boost your website for a long term. In the other word, we must say White Hat SEO is for Long Term Vision. If you are thinking about traffic after 2 year, then, you must Go with White Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO: Easiest Way To Rank on Web

Black Hat SEO is the technique which uses to be done against the Guidelines of the Search Engine. The Black Hat SEO mainly focus on Link Building by wrong means. These technique are usually keyword stuffing, cloaking, and using private Blogging networks(PBN).

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is the strategy to bring Search volumes through SEO done through illegal means. Black hat SEO is nothing but against the Guidelines. These unethical tactics leds to the penality (un-indexing of Websites).

Some of the Methods of Black Hat SEO:

There are too many technique of Black Hat SEO. Some of the technique are listed below:

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Cloaking (Different content between Search Engine and User)
  • Sneaky Redirects (Regular Redirect)
  • Poor Quality Content
  • Paid Links (Buy Links from other Website)
  • Abusing Structured Data/Rich Snippets
  • Blog Comment Spam
  • Link Farms
  • Private Blog Networks

Adsense's top 14 BEST Alternative ads Network to Consider [Review] [2020]

Adsense rejected my application, My adsense account has been banned. Whop, I am tensed, destroyed, how I will earn online and many other questions arises in your mind. So, we are here to answer all these questions. For that, we are here with Adsense top alternetive ads network that will remove all of your tensions.

Why adsense has rejected my application?

This is first question, i want to tackle with Before going to Alternative Ads network.

People normally does not understand or read basic terms and conditions of the adsense (Google) and says Adsense has rejected my application. There are many rules and regulations of adsense, Some of the Basic Terms are Listed below:

  • Adsense Doesn’t allow exotic or adult Content.
  • Adsense does not allow Website have little or no Content.
  • The website Content enormous amount of Duplicate content that exist on internet till now.

Let’s continue with alternetive ads network. Some of the alternative ads network are Listed below:

Best 15 AdSense Alternative are Listed below:

Adsense is a best Ads network but rules and regulations of adsense is too hard which makes WEBMASTER very difficult to be a part of adsense for long. Either WEBMASTER don’t get approval or get expelled from Google based ADSENSE. That’s why We are here to discuss alternative Ads Network of Adsense.

1 – Media.net: Best alternative Ads Network


We must say Media.net is the best alternative Ads network of Google based Ads Network adsense. Media.net is a YAHOO and BING based ads network. Media.Net’s CPC and CPM are exactly similar with adsense as both ads network’s CPC range between .01$ to 1.8$ where as CPM of both Ads Network ranges between .9$ to 6$ based on CTR and No of Ads shown in the webpage.

2 – Propellers Ads:-

Propellerads Review With Payment Proof and Earning Report
Propellerads Review With Payment Proof and Earning Report

Propeller ads is a Cyprus based Ads Network founded in 2011. It’s uses to serve Approx 2B+ impression on daily basis and a reach of Approx 40%+ internet user’s. Recently propeller Ads has launched Native Banner Ads in the market which makes it highly competitive with Google Adsense.

Propeller Ads uses to serves push Notification ads, Banner ads, Direct Ads and many more to the Publisher.

Link To Join – Go Here

3 – Speedyads: Based on Entireweb


Speedyads is a entireweb’s search based ads Network. Speedyads use to serve approx 1.5B+ impression worldwide. I must say Speedyads is one of the best adsense alternative in respect of CPM, CPC, CPA and CTR.

4 – Wordads: Best WordPress based ads


WordPress is JetPack based ads network of Automatic INC. (WordPress.com). We must say they don’t have high CPC or CPM in the tier 2 and tier 3 but if thinks CPM or CPC for tier 1 traffic, we find Its rate are higher than Adsense. That is Good. After these all Review We must it is a good alternative of Google Adsense.

5 – Exoclick:-


Exoclick Ad network is a Barcelona Based Publicity network Headed By Benjamin Fonzé as CEO. Benjamin Fonzé Launched Exoclick ads network as a self serve ads network in 2006. Till Today Exoclick Grew to 4th Largest Ads Network in the World. The CPC and CPM of Exoclick is top low but Due to High CTR of this ads network Which makes it highly competitive ads network of Adsense.

Link to Signup – GO Here

6 – Infolinks: Ads on links

InfoLinks a Newzealand Based text to Link ads Market Place (Publisher and Advertiser). InfoLinks serves more than 100,000 websites, 2.5b+ monthly Unique visitor, 1.5 billion ads serves and it’s is Popular as 3rd largest ads Publisher in the world.

The CPC is approx .002$ to .004$ while CPM is approx .08-.12$ whereas CTR of Infolink is too high in respect of Adsense. CTR of Adsense is approx .48% to 2%.

Link to Signup – GO Here

7 – Adsterra: A ads Network of USA

Adsterra is USA based ads network for USA and Canada. Adsterra has very high CPC and CPM in respect of Adgebra. Adsterra offers approx 4-15$ CPM where as it offers approx .15 – .45$ for every click and as normal CPC in respect of Adsense. Adsterra is a Native Ads Network which makes it highly competitive and alternative to adsense.

8 – Adgebra:

Adgebra is a INDIA’s multilingual ads network for INDIA based on Pune. CPC and CPM of Adgebra is not so Good. Adgebra offers in range of 12 paise to 5 rupee for every click. Adgebra offers approx highest CTR in INDIA which makes it highly competitive for adsense. We can say Adgebra is the best alternative to adsense for India.

9 – Popads: Best Pop Ads Network

PopAds is a tab-under, tab-up, pop-under, Pop-up ads network that serve mainstream as well as Adult content. Popads has made for these type of segment. The CPC and CPM is too little. The CPM of Popads is approx .08-.1$ which makes it very far from competition.

10 – Popcash

PopCash is a Publicity ads network. Some Usefull features of popcash are 10-minute registration procedure and a payment program make it easy to earn on the platform on sites of any size. PopCash also supports 24/7 via email and Skype as well as an easy-to-use self-service interface. In addition, a referral program of Popcash is available to WEBMASTER that referred to them with 10% of the revenues of a new publisher.

11 – Amazon Shopping Ads

Amazon shopping is well renowned Affiliate Ads in the world. Amazon reaches approx every 8 People of 10 people which makes it second biggest and most popular Ads Network in the world. The Ads are in the form of CPA.

12 – Oio Publisher:

The OioPublisher or oio Publisher is a direct buy sell Ads Network which makes it highly profitable for Publisher as well as Advertisers as third party commission man is not there. You may can get double rates than the ADSENSE and make your Business more profitable. That is reason oio Publisher is a one of the best adsense alternative.

13 – Meridian at Sovrn.com

Recently viglink has buyed Medrin at sovrn.com is open ads exchange platform whose CPM ranges Between . 3$ to 5$. All over the world coverage and such a High CPM makes a good alternative to Adsense.

14 – Red-green

Red-Green is bangladesh based ads network for bangladesh. Red-Green ads network too many verticles as like Banner ads, Native Ads, and many more. Red- Green Ads Network is only Ads Network especially for Bangladesh and offers a very little CPC and CPM and it have high conversation rate (CTR) in respect of Adsense which make it a good Adsense alternative.

How GOOGLE BERT Algorithm Update Changed SEO? [Review]

Google has update algorithm recently which is popularly known as BERT. In its blog, Google Proclaim that Now Google Understand the language better Than Before.

In today’s post, we will try to conclude how BERT changed the SEO technique. What has happened after this BERT Algorithm change till now and Upcoming future.



Before we go ahead We try to discuss, what is BERT ALGORITHM UPDATED?

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers is a technique for NLP pre-training developed by Google. BERT was created and published in 2018 by Jacob Devlin and his colleagues from Google. Google is leveraging BERT to better understand user searches. (According to WIKIPEDIA)

What is BERT?

After the penguin algorithm update in 2012, many of the spammy has gone out of the search. These Algorithm update help Google to get better Search result that will help visitors to get right result on their queries. In 2012, after the penguin update SEO method have changed dramaticaly.

As like penguin update, BERT Algorithm update will also change Website ranking dramaticaly. After BERT Algorithm update Google can feel the feelings of the queries asked by the visitors on the Google. Many webpage will get better position in search queries (Google) whereas Before BERT Algorithm update all result on Google are displayed on the basis of keyword density.


Keyword density is nothing but the number of focus Keywords used in the article is in the ratio of total number of words comparising the whole article.

what is the Keyword density?

Understanding the feelings of the queries asked to the Google by the Google


Though this update will change the concepts of the TAGS into the article and it will revamp content marketing strategy crisis between the WEBMASTER’s.

Yoast SEO (Free Vs Paid): Which is Best [Detail Analysis]

Yoast Seo Plugin

When we talk about on page SEO of WordPress, We must hear about The best Known Plugin Popularly known as Yoast. The Plugin Yoast is Good and help a lot to webmaster for In page SEO.

In this post, we will discuss about the Yoast SEO Plugin. We will discuss How to install Yoast SEO Plugin?, What is Benifits of using Yoast SEO Plugin?, What are the diffrence between Yoast Paid and Yoast Free?, What are the Feature’s of Using Yoast Seo Plugin in your website?, How to Upgrade from Yoast Paid from Yoast SEO? and many more.

Introduction to Yoast SEO: Beginner‘s Guide [Step By Step]

In this section of Article, we will discuss the beginner‘s Guide for Yoast SEO. In this Section of post, we will discuss every beginner’s each and every aspects needed for WEBMASTER to begin with the Yoast SEO Plugin.

How To Install Yoast SEO Plugin?

These are the Following steps to install Yoast SEO Plugin. The Steps are Listed below:-

How to install Yoast SEO Plugin
How to install Yoast SEO Plugin

  1. Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.
  2. Write WordPress SEO by Yoast or Yoast SEO or Yoast onto the Search box of your website backend Panel.
  3. Click the Install Now link or Bottom.
  4. A pop-up alert box will ask if WEBMASTER really want to install the plugin or not, If yes, click OK.
  5. In a few seconds the plugin will be automatically downloaded and installed. All that is left is to click on Activate Plugin.

Activate Yoast SEO Plugin
Activate Yoast SEO Plugin


After activating WordPress based Yoast SEO Plugin, A New menu of Yoast SEO PLUGIN appear before you in you Dashboard.

Yoast SEO Plugin
Yoast SEO Plugin

Before, we move ahead we just discuss the basic features of the Free Yoast SEO Plugin. Some of Feature’s of the Free version of Yoast SEO Plugin are listed below:-

  • Verify sites in Google, Bing
  • Title meta settings.
  • Hide RSD, WLW, shortlinks from head.
  • Meta-control for taxonomies, author pages, homepage, etc.
  • Supports Facebook Open Graph.
  • Generate sitemap.
  • Advance permalink control.
  • Breadcrumbs support.
  • RSS feed footer plugin settings.
  • Import settings from other SEO plugins.
  • Edit .htaccess files.
  • Hide date from search engine snippets.
  • Add Google authorship for single author. (Not available RightNow)

Let’s continue with Yoast SEO Plugin setup i.e Yoast Configuration Wizard.

Search your Traffic analytics

In this setup Wizard, we will discuss the markup questions on SEO of your Yoast SEO Plugin and Website.

These are the following questions are Listed below:-

  • Step 1: Is your Website ready to be indexed on Search Engine?
  • Step 2: What kind of site do you have (Schema.org)?
  • Step 3: Is it you individual or an organization?
  • Step 4: To show or not show posts and pages
  • Step 5: How many people are publishing content on your site?
  • Step 6: Optimizing your page title on your website
  • Step 7: Boost your SEO efforts even more.

Is your Website is Ready to index on Search engine like Goggle, Bing or Many more?

Yoast Seo Plugin wizard
Yoast Seo Plugin wizard

In this question Yoast SEO for wordpress ask you, does you are ready to be index on Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) or Not.

What kind of site do you have (Schema.org)?

Schema.org of website
Schema.org of website

In this section, WordPress based Yoast SEO will ask you about your website. Yoast website will ask you does your website is BLOG, AN ONLINE SHOP, A NEWS CHANNEL, A SMALL OFFLINE BUSINESS, A CORPORATE, A PORTFOLIO or SOMETHING ELSE.

Is it you individual or an organization?

In this Section, WordPress based Yoast SEO Plugin ask weather WEBMASTER is a Organization or A Single person (Individual). Yoast also asks Name of Organization, Logo and Links of every Social Media profile.

To show or not show posts and pages on Search Engine:

Search Engine Visibility
Search Engine Visibility

In this Section, Yoast SEO Plugin will ask you does your website’s page or Post can be indexed on the Search Engine or Not.

How many people are publishing content on your site?

Yoast Author Perfoma
Yoast Author Perfoma

In this section, Yoast SEO Plugin will ask you about your WEBSITE Author list to prevent duplicate content Issue of your website.

Optimizing your page title on your website

In this section, Yoast SEO Plugin will ask you to Enhance your Title and look of your website on Search Engine.

Boost your SEO efforts even more:

In this section, Yoast SEO Plugin will train you on SEO and help you to Enhance your website’s Traffic. Yoast provide some quotes, technique and Video for Your Training.

Seo tools

What are the Details Analysis of Feature’s of Yoast Plugin?

In this part of Article, We will discuss YOAST SEO META BOX and Other feature’s of the Yoast SEO. Let’s discuss one By one. In these procedure, We will discuss two Readability as well as SEO META box one by One.

Readiblity MetaBox:

Yoast SEO Pluginb meta box
Yoast SEO Plugin meta hox

In Readiblity MetaBox, Yoast SEO Plugin will analysis your text of your content on following points, that are listed below:

  1. Readability score: The Flesch Reading Ease test will makes sure every visitor of your website can understand your writing. A lower score of Flesch Readiblity score is acceptable – it’s a guideline on which your audience is targeted, you decide how strictly to follow it.
  2. Use of passive voice: Passive voice pull you away from the reader, while active voice is much more engaging. It’s almost impossible to write a ‘natural’ article without any passive voice at all, which is why Yoast SEO PLUGIN ‘allows’ only 10% passive voice in their analysis.
  3. Consecutive sentences: if your text contains three or more sentences in a row all starting with the same word, it may occours a bit repetitive and Abusive, Yoast SEO encourage you to use ACTIVE and Passive Both.
  4. Use of headings and subheadings: Headings help you group topics, which makes a text easier to process, which means that people can scan your pages faster.
  5. Paragraph length: Long paragraphs in an online article or Post are bit more difficult to understand by readers find themselves lost in all the words of the article while Bite-sized chunks of text are easier to learn or Understand the whole article.
  6. Sentence length: In a book anyone can stretch a sentence over half a page, shorter sentences are much easier to read or understand online, Yoast SEO PLUGIN use 20 words as a target length.
  7. Use of transition words to help improve the ‘flow’ of your page. These lines send a signal to your visitors that something is coming up and prepares them for the next sentence also You’ll find that the recommendation of using transition words in 30% of your sentences. This isn’t that hard to do.


In this Section of Article, We will discuss Search Engine snippets and SEO METABOX. Let’s start with search engine snippets.


Search Engine Snipest:

Yoast SEO Snipest preview
Yoast SEO Snipest preview

In this section, we will discuss snippet preview, WEBMASTER can set a meta description. WEBMASTER have to write a meta description that clearly reflect what your post or page is about. These Meta discription will Let people know they’ll find what they’re looking for on your site and entice them to visit your site. There’s no guarantee that Google will display exact data of your meta description in the results pages shown for the respective keyword, But if the meta description you add here is very good, you’ll increase the odds.


Yoast Plugin's search Engine SEO Snipest
Search Engine SEO Snipest

In this section, we will analyze SEO PARAMETERS of any Post.

  • Keyphrase target in subheading: Subheading that content’s your focus keyphrase to a few of your subheadings will Enhance your ranking for that specific Keyword.
  • Keyphrase distribution: WEBMASTER need to mention their keyphrase often enough in your text maintaining a good balance in Keyword to Text. That is the reason, Yoast SEO PLUGIN checks if your keyphrase is evenly distributed throughout your text.
  • Image alt attributes: Add images throughout article to create a better experience for your users or visitor. Use the focus keyword in the ALT text so that Google can relate that image to the keyword.
  • SEO title width: A short page title allows WEBMASTER to add a trigger for a visitor from Google to click to your website.
  • Outbound links: Yoast SEO PLUGIN encourage sites to link to other websites as well, as this opens up the web. Link to other websites that back up the points in your blog posts, or provide further information. This will also help Google work out which websites co-related to each other on prescribed subjects.
  • Internal links: To set up a proper site structure, link to at least one other related page on your site that keeps visitors on your site and shows them more (background or Basic) information.
  • Keyphrase in introduction: you want to make clear right from the start what the page is about, so try to add the focus keyphrase from the start.
  • Keyphrase length: If a keyword is too short, you’re probably targeting a super competitive keyword, whereas longer keyphrases make it harder to optimize your post. So, we recommend a maximum of four relevant keywords for your focus keyphrase.
  • Keyphrase density: In the free version of Yoast SEO, you’ll get a green bullet if your keyphrase density lies between 0.5 and 3%. That’s to make sure you use your keyphrase enough, without over-optimizing.
  • Keyphrase in meta description: add a meta description that includes the focus keyword. People searching for that term on Google may see this in search results, so make it enticing to click on.
  • Meta description length: We advise to keep your meta description between 120 characters and 156 characters.
  • Previously used keyphrase: you should optimize a page for a certain keyword – not an entire website. So don’t create pages that compete with each other! Yoast SEO will warn you if you write more than one post about the same keyword. A simple solution is to use a variation or a long tail keyword
  • Text length: if you want your page to rank for a specific keyword, you need to write at least 300 words on the subject. Otherwise, search engines will have a hard time grasping your topic, and might even consider your page ‘thin content‘ – and you want to avoid that.
  • Keyphrase in title: if you add your focus keyword at the beginning of your page title, it will have the most value. Also, it will immediately stand out when your post is shared
  • Keyphrase in slug: repeat your focus keyword in your URL. This makes it clear – even out of context – what your page is about. And Google also likes seeing it in there.

Post will Update Later On!!!!!?!

Top 15 Theme for WordPress: Re-explored for you

We have gone through free and Paid WordPress hosting and Free SEO TOOLS and Best Plugin for your wordpress website.

For Today, We will discuss the Best themes for your WordPress based Website. These themes will help you and your website to get the website ranked fast. In the list given below, the lists of these theme’s accords with the Loading Speed, User Interface, AMP, Website customization and many more.

Top 15 Best Themes For WordPress: Instant SEO Gain

These all are top 15 WordPress themes that are hilarious in their nature of conduct or use. Let’s discuss one by one:-

Generatepress: Said To be lightest Theme

Generatepress Theme
Generatepress Theme

Generatepress is said to be world’s lightest theme. According to Generatepress.com, Generatepress only offers only 25kb extra load of theme to theme. In Other words the weight of Generatepress is only 25kb.

In our Review of Generatepress theme We found Generate press is low weight theme. When we work it with Affiliate Banner(Ads). Generatepress works fantastically while when we work it with Adsense like ads network, then Google insight ranking go down. Ranking goes from 95 to 40-45, when it is applied with Generatepress.

Search your Traffic analytics

Timber: Best for Photography

Timber Theme
Timber Theme

Timber a WordPress theme for photography that goes out of the edge to empower a bold encounter. Outfitted with shrewd photograph displays and an extraordinary method for exhibiting your photos, representations, plan ventures, or some other kind of innovative work, Timber is the best choice for in the event that you need to put yourself out there for the world to see and appreciate. It has a responsive design enhanced for all gadgets, it’s anything but difficult to utilize and customize without composing code and it follows all the best dependable SEO rehearses for most extreme perceivability in web crawlers. Its multilingual similarity with WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) guarantees that regardless of where you live and the language you talk, you have the correct apparatus to feature your portfolio and offer it with the world.

Oceanwp: Lightweight and extendable

oceanwp Theme
oceanwp Theme

Oceanwp is a highly coustmizable and extendable theme for WordPress to host Blog, Business, portfolio and and WooCommerce storefront with a beautiful & professional design. Oceanwp come with Very fast, responsive, RTL & translation ready, best SEO practices, unique WooCommerce features which In-hance the conversion from your website. Wpocean by NICK make it to with Work with the WordPress’s most popular page builders as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, Visual Composer, Divi, SiteOrigin, etc… Developers will love his extensible codebase making it a joy to customize and extend. 

Seo tools

Hestia: Multi-purpose Theme

Thrmeisle's Hestia
Thrmeisle’s Hestia

Hestia is a modern WordPress theme by themeisle for professionals as like creative business, small businesses (restaurants, wedding planners, sport/medical shops), startups, corporate businesses, online agencies and firms, portfolios, ecommerce (WooCommerce), and freelancers. Hestia has a multipurpose one-page design, widgetized footer, blog/news page and a clean look, is compatible with: Flat Parallax Slider, Photo Gallery, Travel Map and Elementor Page Builder . The WordPress theme Hestia is responsive, WPML, Retina ready, SEO friendly, and uses Material Kit for design.

Neve: Theme by Themeisle

Themeisle's Neve
Themeisle’s Neve

Neve is highly Coustmizable, Neve theme by themeisle which is perfect for blogs, small business, startups, agencies, firms, e-commerce shops (WooCommerce storefront) as well as personal portfolio sites and most types of projects. Themeisle is a fully AMP optimized and responsive theme, this theme will load in 1-2 seconds and adapt perfectly on any viewing device since it is responsive. While it Neve is lightweight and has a minimalist design, the theme is highly extendable, it has a highly SEO optimized code, resulting in top rankings in Google search results. Neve works perfectly with Gutenberg and the most popular page builders (Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi).


Arise: Theme for Breadcrumb

Arise Theme
Arise Theme

Arise theme by Theme Fresia, a Responsive Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme, Designed and Developed by Theme Freesia. Arise theme supports popular plugins like Breadcrumb NavXT, WP-PageNavi, Contact Form 7, Jetpack by WordPress.com, Polylang, WPML Compatible, Newsletter, bbPress and wooCommerce. Arise developed for translation ready and currently translated in French language. Arise also support easily customizable with lots of theme options using Customizer and It consists contact us template, gallery template and many widgets and sidebar.

Top 15 Plugin to Optimize for WordPress: Re-explored for 2020 (SEO Focused)

If your website is hosted or you thinks to start a website powered by the mighty PHP based platform wordpress. A question arises to Every WEBMASTER on how their websites should be Optimized.

Website Optimization is nothing but to take care of websites or Blogs in such a way, they WILL gain the ranks of website on Search Engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckgo and Many More) by increasing SERP(SEARCH ENGINE PAGE Ranking).

What is Websites Optimization?

If we think about WebSites optimization based on WordPress. We needs to put some steps to optimize. Some steps are as Backlinks, Deep Research on Target Market and Best Plugins available to use to enhance ranking SERPs.

Backlinks: Long Trail Process

Backlink data flow

The term Backlink exit’s in SEO world which means Creating a Hyperlink from another website to your own Web page to increase Authority of Website and webpage.

what is Backlink?

High to low Backlinks.
Strong Backlink

Every WEBMASTER have to create a backlink which is long Trail Process. Everyone has to create backlink for it’s Websites. Backlink from high authorative WebSites will get your More authority instantly. You can get These Backlink research from these Free SEO TOOLS.

Best Plugin’s for Optimization: WordPress Based

A piece of software added to any website based on wordpress to add special functionality on website based of wordpress. These plugin are usually written in PHP.

What is wordpress plugin?

There are too many of Plugin to be used to optimize WordPress platform. Some of the top level SEO PLUGIN are listed below:

SEMRUSH: Best Keyword Based Seo Writting Tools


SEMRUSH is one of based plugin to write Keyword rich article based on Enhancement of SERPs. WEBMASTER has to signup for free or Premium account of SEMRUSH.

Search your Traffic analytics

Semrush will get related Keywords through api from SEMRUSH. Through SEMRUSH Plugin, WEBMASTER of Websites will get easy to rank keyword and its Affiliate for which website can be ranked easily.

Google SITE KIT:-

Google SiteKit
Google SiteKit

Google Kit is most advanced plugin focused and streamline the basic Raw data from SEARCH CONSOLE, ANALYTICS AND ADSENSE into a Single Interface hosted on your wordpress based website to get a rich snippet and get insight of basic Data.

Yoast SEO: Most Popular SEO Tools

Yoast SEO
Yoast Seo

Yoast Seo Plugin is the most famous plugin for SEO optimization based on wordpress. Yoast seeks approx 5M+ (50 Lakh) plugin download Every month.

Alternetive to Yoast Seo:

There are too Plugin for your WordPress website as a alternetive to the Yoast SEO. Some of them are listed below:

  • SEOPRESS: Seopress is best alternetive Plugin of Yoast Seo. WEBMASTER get Every required feature to optimize SEO OF your WORDPRESS based Website. These free feature came for PAID in the Yoast Seo.
  • RankMath: Rank math is the light weight wordpress Plugin, contains approx 450 statical files. This mean WEBMASTER will get rid of more than 700 surplus statistical plugin’s.
  • All in Seo Pack: This is said to be best labeled Seo Plugin alternative of Yoast Seo. This WordPress Plugin came with Best and least required techi for your Website.

Elementor: A Page customizer or Builder

Elementor Page Builder
Elementor Page Builder

Eleementor can let you customize your Page’s look. This WordPress Plugin help you you to built Pop-up for leads generation, conversation and awesome look to increase the traffic from social media.

Alternetive Page Builder(Elementor):-

Since Elementor is a Great Page Builder But Its must have some defects. So, We here with some alternative’s of Elementor, they are listed below:

  • SiteOrigin
  • Live Composer
  • DiVi Builder
  • Cloud Composer

Updraft: Plugin to Backup for WordPress

Updraft a Plugin to Backup
Updraft a Plugin to Backup

Updraft or UpdraftPlus is the most Popular WordPress plugin to Backup, Restore or Clone your WordPress Based Website. Updraft can you to migrate your Website from one server to the other server.

Contact Form 7:

Contact form 7
Contact form 7

PHP based WordPress Plugin Contact Form 7 is the leading Plugin to grab leads for sales, Sign-up many more. Contact form 7 offers a lot of coustmization to the Publisher or WEBMASTER. Such that other plugin does not offers.

JetPack: Must to go WordPress Plugin

Jetpack is cloud based services backed by wordpress.com. JetPack Provides every solution as like Performance, Security, Traffic Stats, SEO, centralized INSIGHTS and Many more. Most important JETPACK Provides CDN services to your Website.

Wordfence: A Security Plugin for WordPress

wordfence Security
wordfence Security

Wordfence is a Security Plugin for wordpress. Wordfence supports end point Security such as Malware scan, Security scan and Many more.

MonsterInsights: A Intelligent way for Matrix of Data

Interface of Monsterinsights
Interface of Monsterinsights

A WordPress Plugin that delivers best and Easy to understandable data output in simple user interface for Google Analytics. Monsterinsights come with paid and free version. WEBMASTER can get usefull insight from Monsterinsights.

Livechat: A Bot to Chat with Consumer

Livechat Bot
Livechat Bot

Livechat Bot is Must to have WordPress Plugin for wordpress. Through this WordPress Plugin wishmaster can chat with Consumer and get your product seller faster.

W3supercache:- A Cache plugin

W3supercache plugin
W3supercache plugin

W3super cache is also must to have Plugin for your WordPress Website. User should have this plugin to run your Website faster and increase your INSIGHTS ranking.

Broken Link Checker: Increase your SEO FAST

Broken Link Checks
Broken Link Checks

Broken Link Checker plugin Checks the Broken internal as well as external links of your Website. This will increase your SEO.

LazyLoad By WpRocket: Speedup Your website


LazyLoad will dramaticaly Increase your website loading speed and let your website Run more faster and Google will index your Website more and More faster.

International Money Transfer: Ways to transfer money online

International Money Transfer

What is International Money Transfer?

International Money Transfer is a term that stands for Transfer of Currencies between International boundaries. These international transfer done through SWIFT Code if these transfer done through Banks. One other medium for money transfer also exists as These money transfer are done through The Wallets (PayPal, Paxum, Vanmo and many more)

Money is usually transferred electronic now a day which ease the transfer. If a Person, the person can still move their funds in the old-fashioned(Checks or Cash) way, but the best way to do it is to let technology do all of the work of the Online Transfer. There are several ways to move money from one bank to another(International) electronically. These all money transfer have their Profit and Loss, but they all get the job done.

Bank-to-Bank Transfer

If both accounts belongs to same Person, a bank-to-bank transfer is a good option. You can set up the transfer with the sending or receiving bank, and the funds arrive at the destination after two or three business days (typically by ACH).Many banks allow you to make transfers for free – but it’s a good idea to check with both banks just to be safe.No transfer can be completed until the two accounts are linked. This process can take a week or so – be sure to establish the link before you need to send money.

How to link your accounts:

  1. Log into your respective account, you’ll send from and look for an option to “add an account,” “add external accounts,” or “link accounts” in the customer service area.
  2. Provide the other bank’s routing number and your account number at that bank. If you don’t have these information, see where to get those numbers (either on a check or from your bank’s Passbook).
  3. After submitting these information, user must need to verify that you own the external account. User can typically do this by inserting a username and password for that account or by confirming small “amount” transfers between respective two banks.
  4. Transfer to yourself or others: This method is easiest if both bank accounts are in your name. To transfer funds to somebody else, you’ll probably need to use a wire transfer or another service. Apps and Online Payment ToolsIf your bank doesn’t offer bank-to-bank transfers or you need to send money to somebody else, there are several P2P payment tools available. To get set up, you’ll link your account to the app or service using your checking account and routing numbers as described above. Then, you “send” funds to the recipient using their account (which might be linked to their email address or phone number).
  5. Popular apps: you’ve got numerous options here.
    • PayPal has been around forever, and most people have a PayPal account.
    • Most banks offer free or inexpensive P2P transfers through Zelle, Popmoney or a similar vendor. These services are usually added to your checking account automatically. Look for “personal payments” or similar while you’re logged in to your account.
    • Venmo is a popular tool that includes a social element along with payment functionality.
    • Square Cash is a free service for making payments with your debit card.
    •  account. You can typically do this by providing a username and password for that account or by confirming small “test” transfers between the two banks. For more details, read about linking bank accounts.Transfer to yourself or others? This method is easiest if both bank accounts are in your name. To transfer funds to somebody else, you’ll probably need to use a wire transfer or another service (see below).Apps and Online Payment ToolsIf your bank doesn’t offer bank-to-bank transfers or you need to send money to somebody else, there are several P2P payment tools available. To get set up, you’ll link your account to the app or service using your checking account and routing numbers as described above. Then, you “send” funds to the recipient using their account (which might be linked to their email address or phone number).
  6. Security: All type of transaction are fully verified and secured. If you do all input to true.